Or perhaps it was 5-G and those who said so were told they were wrong, and conspiracy, but now we know it was! It always was and then they had to roll out their COVID-19 earlier than planned to cover that all up!

I had this figured out from the onset of COVID-19 in March and now the proof is here. We all watched in January (or those on social media did) when they showed videos of China and their mysterious people having seisures in the street and dropping dead. We were told it was COVID-19. At the same time Huawei was releasing their 5-G network in European Nations and on the Princess Ships as a perk! The same nations that were hit with Covid-19 were those introducing the new 5-G, as were the ones getting sick on cruise ships were that of the Princess Cruise line. At the same time Huawei 5G was a dud in Hawaii. It didn’t work there any better than 3-G. Why? Because the Hawaian Islands are built on volcanic ash and basically it is one GIANT CRYSTAL land base. And chrystal energy thwarts off radiation. Of which 5-G gives off radiation at unsafe levels for any life form. It kills birds, sea life, mammals including humans, and plants! ANY LIVING THING that needs cells to multiply and divide to exist! Huawei 5G could only work in Hawaii by using drones to transmit signals, as land based towers were not able to transmit the frequencies properly. (That is my nutshell version of it there is a scientific one to substantiate what I am saying.)

Switzerland halts the 5G roll out due to safety fears

So, I watched as a man in China who was not looking sick, then all of a sudden shook and convulsed like something was flooding through his body…like sticking his finger in a light socket. Then he fell to the ground dead. Many were convulsing out of their minds like crazy people, which is another side affect of 5-G. Others looked like they were suffering radiation sickness which has flu like symptoms. Weakened and or depleted immune systems are hit hard and fast. In some cases internal bleeding sets in fast. That is what has been happening to our birds and much wildlife and sealife. The entire Covid-19 Lockstep/RESET is from the Bilderberg Rockefeller think tank.

Skype Picture 2020 12 04T06 00 53 780Z

5-G sucks the oxygen out of the body and you can’t breath! You gasp and gasp while your lungs slowly start to collapse and the oxygen in your blood decreases and eventually you die rapidly. Well, that sure sounds like the first COVID-19 DEADLY REAL DEATHS! WHY? BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT IT WAS!

Wuhan China is where Huawei 5-G has its mass layout of over 10,0000 bass stations. It is also where the alleged virus hit without warning. It is also the same sick bed that the people were all cured without a vaccine. Why?

Perhaps because it was not a virus but 5-G radiation sickness and microwave deaths? An article from 2019 stated, “Wuhan City, the capital of Hubei, is expected to have 10,000 5G base stations by the end of 2019, said Song Qizhu, head of Hubei Provincial Communication Administration.” Read it here: Wuhan was the province where 5G was rolled out, now the center of deadly virus | 5G EMF Dangers (

covid 19 next step is add 5 g and people get sick and die
Huawei 5-G bass stations in Wuhan.
How Race to 5G in U.S. Hit Speed Bump Called C-Band
covid 19 next step is add 5 g and people get sick and die

President Trump is fully aware of this and even more, I am certain. That is one BIG REASON, ALONG WITH OTHERS,why he did not ALLOW Huawei 5G in to our nation. He also did not want China to have access to our cyber security and we see how the traitors of this nation gave them free access for a buck! Read Lockstep here: Rockefeller Foundation.pdf (

It is another reason why he took this mess seriously. How many people would have respiratory failure due to this evil 5-G. Or was it COVID? Look at the proof and look at those that were censored from the start. If you wanted to have any social media at all…you had to shut up about what you knew. Or so that is how they had conditioned us…but there comes a time when you try to speak the truth and then Karens and other types shut you down for fact checkers. It has been a very thankless job of sharing the truth. Just ask any who are doing so. That being said….pray for America and pray for all who are calling out the truth against the evil cabal and blue state/RINO Governors and Mayors! The same censoring they are now addressing at the senate hearing on Crossfire Hurricane. Video below.

Also read articles from March 2020: Lockstep Pandemic, Coronavirus Preplanned says Pastor Browne! – THE MARSHALL REPORT (

The Coronavirus: A Global Pandemonium & 2nd American Revolution – THE MARSHALL REPORT (


Many patriots knew this was a devious plan to depopulate the masses accross the globe, but few dared to say much on this. The Karens of the world helped create that along with fear of arrests if you said anything against Fauci, Gates, and the Governors like Brown, Pritzker, Cuomo, Whitmer, etc. All blue states. The same ones that continue to slam hammers at small businesses and deem every one non essential except themselves, and those in their chain of approval and of course the big box chain stores.

Little by little the globalists have enacted their evil plans. And thank God of the Brave leaders who are taking charge and bringing the biggest case in the history of the world to the courts and if need be…where ever it needs to go!

The evil slammed on innocent citizens is unheard of and there are no words to describe what they WILLFULLY AND GLADLY AND 100% IN ALLEGIANCE TOGETHER ARE DOING TO YOU!!!!!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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