COP27 Trek Sinai, Write New Commandments, While Bush and Obama Hold Disinformation Conferences…

What could possibly go wrong?

So we have two disinformation conferences one with Bush and one with Obama and a bunch of UN nations going to Egypt to do a new Climate Change set of ten commandments… COP27 it’s called. Not much being said about any of it, and it really doesn’t look like anyone is talking a lot about it. Who went? It’s hard to find anything written on any of it. The question is… does anybody care? I think it’s best if we stay focused on taking back America? But for what it’s worth, the main thing is these are distractions and they aren’t very affective. Unless you can connect the dots.

At least the Bush and Obama distractions have become more like annoying gnats and yawns than anything real or concerning. The fake stuff doesn’t work anymore. It is now viewed as an intermission in the Show…time to go to the bathroom, and get some snack refills at the concession stand. But, that may change when we see the method to their madness.

We’ll start with Georgie Bush…

George W. Bush says U.S. should continue supporting Ukraine in democracy fight… guess he didn’t get the memo about the money laundering from Congress to Ukraine to FTX to Dem Campaigns to Campaign Finance Fraud and serious investigation?

image 253

It’s pitiful really how the worse liars and deceivers of Americans can even have the gall to talk on the subject of disinformation… It’s more sick than laughable. Very sad. Read: George W. Bush says U.S. should continue supporting Ukraine in democracy fight (

Oh dear…I forgot why I loathed hearing this guy speak… all it took was half a sentence to send me back to why I couldn’t stand to listen to him…lie after lie and the delivery that is like fingernails going down a chalkboard. Remember 911 inside job, the Patriot Act and war on terror! Some Disinformation memory jogging just for starters.

I wonder if Bush even gives a hoot about any thing he’s saying? Is he under house arrest? At GITMO? Or does he just look scared to death these days when he holds disinformation conferences?

image 254

And Obama’s event … I can find that he is having one…but nothing on the result yet. But the promo is really, really weird…like it’s in orbit or something….

Do you see that this might be? A psyop or an admission of something? What do you think?

image 255

Obama Foundation Event On ‘Disinformation’ Features Serial Spreaders Of Disinformation

  • The Obama Foundation is hosting a forum Thursday where “disinformation” will be discussed by a group with alleged ties to spreading disinformation.
  • The forum will be moderated by Renee DiResta, who advised a company that allegedly helped sway elections through the use of bots and also advised a company connected to the censorship of stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop.
  • Nikole Hannah-Jones, one of the panelists for the forum, is the author of the “1619 Project” which claims slavery was the primary cause of the American Revolution, a claim rebuked by historians and a group of college professors in a New York Times article.

So while we wait to hear how that went, in April 2022, the New York Post gave Obama’s Conference on Misinformation a laughable thumbs down….

image 256

They weren’t impressed when Obama called on Big Tech to “redesign” itself to face the dangers disinformation allegedly poses to the nation.

The NYP said, “Hilariously, he cited his own “failure to fully appreciate . . . just how susceptible we had become to lies and conspiracy theories” during his time in office. 

“Hah! That susceptibility was key to his success.

“Obama, after all, won PolitiFact’s “Lie of the Year” Award in 2013 for his endlessly repeated claim that under ObamaCare, “if you like your health plan, you can keep it.” This year…isn’t much better…

So it appears that we have the most infamous misinformation gurus teaching others how to spread disinformation. Kinda like Obama’s community organizing. He does that real good. So this is like that? It sure appears to be. With one update. People just aren’t into Obama any more. At least not in public. Only in staged events and mindwashed groups who need extra credits at Universities.

Bush and Obama look very out of place…I wonder if this is all part of a plea bargain deal or just extra clues for the show??

And now the other big event… buzzing around is the COP27.

Guess who was there???

image 258

Joey pledged Sh18 billion for adaption efforts in Africa14. Who knows what else he pledged? Will he even remember? Read:COP 27: US pledges Sh18 billion for adaption efforts in Africa (


Biden said the climate crisis is about human, economic, environmental and NASA security and the very life of the planet. (NASA is partners now with ESA European Space Agency. Next July, NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) are launching rovers to Mars that will search for signs of past microbial life, and to find them, the scientists with NASA’s Mars 2020 mission and ESA’s ExoMars will need to examine different kinds of rocks that lend compelling insights into the environment in which they were made – all from 100 million miles away. Now we have a clue as to what Trump was talking about with a flag on Mars. So Space Force is having a bit of a torrent in the storm on space…or so it appears.)

According to the World Meteorological Organization, the past eight years have been the warmest on record. (And Rothschilds now owns the weather channels.)

He said they are seeing historic drought, wildfires in the West of the US, and devastating hurricanes and storms in the East of the US. (Gee I wonder why that is? I smell weather modification and am sniffing out some space programs. Are you?)

Meanwhile, as Joey is giving away billions, and helping bust up old commandments and make new ones, the senate republicans …12 RINOS helped to pass a new amendment making religious beliefs invalid to that of lawlessness. This includes all the services they offer like adoption, and  foster care placement. It’s far from just about marriage. It reeks of human child trafficking. Why? Because we now know that the DCFS is involved with removing children from their parents and adoption and foster care and is notorious for child trafficking.

So what is this bill really in support of?  It appears the church needs to take a stand or have their candle snuffed out. Perhaps this is a prophetic snuffing out… for many of the churches have become lukewarm and politically correct… some are neither hot not cold, just complacent. Many are in support of one world globalism and have supported RESET concepts.

image 259

Back to Mt. Sinai….So while we were busy with the mess at home, the religious one world pushers went to Mt. Sinai.

image 257

CFACT Attended, or tried to and wrote an article on the events.

COP 27 events showcase Green spirituality, new Ten Commandments

Excerpts: Meanwhile, as reported on CFACT’s Climate Depot, an outfit known as the multi-faith initiative held an event at nearby Mount Sinai to bring the world a new set of Ten Commandments of sort.  The outfit – which is a consortium of Left-leaning religious organizations including the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development (ICSD), The Elijah Interfaith Institute, and the Peace Department – conducted on the sacred mountain “Climate Repentance Ceremonies” and “put forth a prophetic inter-religious call to action” to help heal the planet.

They smashed some stones on Sinai, in a fashion like Moses did in the Bible, to dramatize how the world needs to repent of its ecological sins.  Their new “Ten Principles for Climate Repentance” include:

  1. We are stewards of this world
  2. Creation manifests divinity
  3. Everything in life is interconnected
  4. Do no harm
  5. Look after tomorrow
  6. Rise above ego for our world
  7. Change our inner climate
  8. Repent and return
  9. Every action matters
  10.  Use mind, open heart

CFACT did try to attend this event, but information was scant at the conference as to how precisely to do so. All they do know is when CFACT’s Peter Murphy asked for details at the first side event (mentioned above), he was simply told “we don’t know any details…but we think a new Ten Commandments is a great idea!”

Murphy said, “One would have to think Moses would beg to differ on that.”  Read: COP 27 events showcase Green spirituality, new Ten Commandments – CFACT

I say… God is not mocked and nothing good shall come from this!

How this all ends?  God knows and we have the ending written in our Bibles but the details are to be lived out and those are in God’s hands. We are to trust that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. The Lord said…”Follow me.” 

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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