Convoy to DC 2022!

American Truckers say enough! They are hitting the road and headed to D.C., starting in California!

They say they will stay in D.C. until all the RESET MANDATES and restrictions are ended. They are giving everyone a heads up to prepare. From what I gathered this isn’t just about the vax mandates, this is about all the RESET games on our rights, freedoms and nation. They aren’t going to let the deep state rob America of its constitutional right to govern ourselves anymore. They are out to end the tyrannical hammer that is pounding down upon our lives and the lives of our children and families

Now that the men have stepped up to the road… people are choking wondering why the truckers are doing this? Many think the issue is just over a vax and a job? That is where they have no idea what is taking place in the world. This is a war for our very lives and way of living.

It’s time to say ENOUGH OF THIS MADNESS and halt the greedy merchants from their evil puppets they have placed in power to implement their wicked plans to control the people. It is time to stop the mass genocide and malpractice medical chaos and stop the damage they are doing to our children, our jobs, livelihoods, price gouging, their man-made shortages and inflation.

A Bug's Life - 8 Ants and Bug circus Victory

It is like the story of the grasshoppers and the ants. And it all stops when the little people stop working for the chain stores and great merchants who control everything from our toothbrush, to what we will believe, based on their lies and propaganda! Put that in your Wallstreet investor package Mr. Broker!

Our lives and families are not for sale! We are God’s people and not food for the Fourth Reich.

Meanwhile… this is making the rounds in social media….

I rather got a kick out of it.

image 108

So, get prepared and pray unceasing for the nations are being shaken. Pray this ends as fast as it begins. Rumor has it via an Israeli source that Canada’s Trudeau is in the USA hiding while the truckers sit in front of the capitol in Ottawa. Looks like Joey will be playing checkers with him, or coloring on the basement walls or something? Maybe they will count their toes? Who knows?

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Keep pressing into the Kingdom….press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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