With over 2,000,000 semi trucks on the road in the U.S., we can know one thing for sure, the American Convoy to DC will be sight to be seen and not easily forgotten.

The U.S.A. has over 350,000 owner operator truck drivers and that’s not counting small carriers and owner operator truckers!  Add to that the fact that there are over 500,000 trucking companies in the United States  and 80% of those represent small trucking businesses (the back bone of America) with fleet sizes of 6 trucks or less. That makes for over 2,000,000 semi trucks on U.S. roads!  

Get ready to see one amazing event as the American Convoy to DC hits the road heading to DC TRUCKING FOR FREEDOM!  This is historic and a sight to behold! Hold the line patriots as the Horns of Freedom blast across America!  


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The American Trucker Convoy to DC is supposed to start in California and go east from there all the way to Washington, DC and will likely take Interstate-40 since other routes may not be very practical depending on weather conditions.

Convoy to DC 2022 with over 130,000 members was unfortunately removed from Facebook. Recent news came out that the Biden Administration is doing everything it can to prevent this Freedom Convoy from happening. So what tactics will Go Biden try to employ? Does he realize that the Truckers CONVOY is leading the charge and there is an army of patriots and families at their left and at their right?

Maybe they will abandon the White House and the entire ten miles of corporate D.C. and leave behind $85 billion of equipment including Air Force 1, Air Force 2, vehicles, weapons and ammunition, night vision goggles, medical supplies, biometric devices and data of our allies like they did in Afghanistan? Could we be so lucky if they were to be so stupid again?

And now Trudeau will kill your pets! What’s next? Will he next threaten to kill the children or rape the women? Or will he just insist on jabs and have them die that way?

“Trudeau, Mandates are the way to less restrictions….”, really Trudeau? 

And the beast that you saw was stupid and it feared the people.

This is all a very serious matter. Citizens across the world are standing up for freedom as the Canadian Convoys have lit a match that has set a fire blazing against tyrannical dictates- the people are rising up shouting ENOUGH! Puppets of the RESET NEW WORLD ORDER BEAST are scratching their heads and sipping warm milk while idiots massage their feet as they whimper and wonder why no one is listening!

They are learning that just like it takes people to obey the law to have a constitution work, it also takes law abiding citizens who obey the illegal dictates in order for those to work. They forgot that in the people’s constitutions when laws are tyrannical they are not to be obeyed. They never thought they would take that literally and stick to their rights in their constitutions. Now those like Trudeau have shown they are not fit to lead a free people and they are breaking their oaths of office and must be removed.

Joey is another situation all together. He was never elected. He was placed and the people all know it. Around the world people want to get on with their lives, work, feed their families and decide what does and does not go into their bodies. Klaus Schwab and his gene altering therapies that take away free will and spirit of man are not wanted and go against all mankind. His world of robotic transhumanism shall not be built. When you look at Joe, it makes one wonder if this thing is an experiment of Schwab? He sure isn’t the same Joe…what is it?

The question is: How long will it take the Truckers and the people to flatten the curve of this sickness called world RESET Tyranny?

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God…Press, Press, Press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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