It’s time to pull back the curtain and take a look at who’s controlling all the buttons and yanking on all the levers! PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO EVERY WORD IN THIS 2 MINUTE VIDEO! Hold on and stay united as one – don’t let the talking heads make you choose a side! You know the…Continue readingKNOW THE REAL ENEMY

WEF Central Casting Lizard Academy of UNICORNS

This is not a drill… report to Tavistock Institute, London or your nearest black op instructor for instructions. OOPS! CUT! CUT! GET THAT GUYS CELL PHONE! So are they filming uninterrupted? Set the mood for the next set of “X” files by clicking on the sound here…. Up, up and away in my beautiful balloon……Continue readingWEF Central Casting Lizard Academy of UNICORNS

The Truth Is In There Somewhere… Your Job Is To Find It!

So Biden says, “If there was not an Israel, we would have to invent one?” Well, in retrospect that is what the Balford Act was all about… however… Joey is quite the bold one speaking about God’s Israel and how the United States could ever just go out an invent God’s people? And people wonder…Continue readingThe Truth Is In There Somewhere… Your Job Is To Find It!

Was Hollywood A Cult Mocking of Prophecy?

Or was it just a script written like a wish? Wishcraft? So now we have pro Israel Zionist groups versus pro Palestine groups in New York City, the home of crime and catch and release, and all the corrupt DOJ systems…  protesting against each other in the streets. Enter “Escape From New York”, scene ???? …Continue readingWas Hollywood A Cult Mocking of Prophecy?

Israel’s Most Intriguing War Photo?

The question was asked of the photo below, “What do you see? I Know what I saw right away, a soldier with no feet in the background. But there was something more about the photo that my gut said… keep looking. So I relaxed my eyes for it felt the thing needed to do. There…Continue readingIsrael’s Most Intriguing War Photo?

Truth, Lies, Secrets and Babylon The Great…

Babylon The Great is real and it has been building and building. The battle is ancient and we are now at a fork in the road. There is no more walking together, you must choose to go to the left with the world or to the right with God Almighty. The world is wide awake…Continue readingTruth, Lies, Secrets and Babylon The Great…

It’s A War, But Who Really Started It?

Israel is now competing with Zelensky for the world war dollars! Cough up more tax dollars folks, it’s time to play World War 3! Joey Avatar funded Iran and now they are happy. War happy? Zelensky’s war funding is over and now just like that… we have another war… one that surely will be funded?…Continue readingIt’s A War, But Who Really Started It?


LIZARDS, WIZARDS, LIARS AND THIEVES… ARE JUST A FEW OF THE THINGS LURKING IN THE DARK AND MURKY MUDDY SLUDGE TRUTH SEEKERS ARE WADING THROUGH… IT’S NOT SAFE, NOR IS IT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. Today we visit the swamp… it’s a dirty, muddy little place filled with dirty, muddy little puppets who believe…Continue readingSWAMP CREATURES ARE REAL…

Where is the man named Mr. Purple?

We hear his riddles, as he jeers at the games the enemy plays, but… who knows where he hides and from where he came? Who understands what he is saying unless you know the wavelength he is riding? Without the right frequency… you will just be hearing a vanishing set of words… a ghostly presence…Continue readingWhere is the man named Mr. Purple?

How To Be Your Own 2.0!

Shake things up a bit or a lot! Even Trump has some doubles out there! Well folks, hate to break it to you but that’s not Trump in the golf shirt and MAGA hat. That’s a double. So we are watching for the first time ever, a live theater event (military terminology for the show)…Continue readingHow To Be Your Own 2.0!