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In 2008 in the book, “Sly Foxes, Wolves and Men, Is Marxism Growing In America”, I wrote a test at the end of the book for readers to take to see how secretive they believed our government was or wasn’t. It was a truth in transparency questionaire. At the time, many thought a test score of “15 to 29” was not possible and never would be. Yet, I saw this is where we were heading if we continued to stay asleep. I’m curious how many people today will score in that range. I’d like to invite everyone to take the test, just based on what you see today.

When I wrote this test, almost no one was concerned about America being taken over by anyone and certainly not from within. Sure we had 911 and a couple stock market crashes along with the housing bubble…but, fake news explained all of that. Everyday life was a challenge all by itself, and people were too busy living to notice anything odd. Yet, all the signs were manifesting of a Totalitarian Government rising. There were a handful of people reporting all the things that were true and the word Illuminati had become laughable to the average person. TBN was huge and Joel Osteen was shouting, “Do what makes you feel good, God just wants you to be happy.”

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Where did Jesus say this? I can’t find it in my Bible??

So here is the test. For all that want to take it… please grab a pen and paper and jot your ratings down and see where America is right now, there is no right or wrong, it’s simply your opinion.

                          Truth in Transparency Test Instructions

Step One:  Review the evaluation test table. It is based on a scale of “one to Ten”.  (Ten) meaning:  the governmental truth and transparency that our founding fathers had intended is still in place; and (1) meaning:  Marxism has now taken over.  Answer each question as honestly as you can, based on your own personal views. 

Just number 1 through 15 on a piece of paper and place the number you rated the question next to it. When done add your numbers together. That will be your rating. Last, check the definition of your rating.  

Example:    1. Government Homeland and FEMA agendas- have they been open and


  1. 2

Look over the evaluation numbers. They are 10 to 1. 10 being the most truthful and transparent government and 1 being the least.

                Government Truth In Transparency Evaluation Scale

10.  Extremely truthful and transparent.

  9.  Highly truthful and transparent.

  8.  Mostly truthful and transparent.

  7.  Somewhat truthful and transparent.

  6.  On a need to know basis truthful and transparent.

  5.  Barely truthful and transparent.

  4.  Hidden agendas, government false explanations, and main stream media propaganda


  3.  Deceptive agendas, government offers no explanation or lies, main stream media

       totally replaces transparency.

  2.  Masses manipulated, no level of truth or transparency at all.

  1.  Marxism achieved, enslaved society.

Rate your government from the scale above on a level of 1 through 10.

_____     1. Government Homeland and FEMA agendas- have they been open and


_____     2. Government motives, have they been honestly revealed? 

_____     3. Government honesty and integrity, how has it been displayed? 

_____     4. Government protection of the constitutional rights of its’ people, have these

                  rights been transparently honored? 

_____    5. Government press release to the media and media reporting, has it been

                  truthful, objective, fair and balanced? 

_____     6. Government elected officials, have they been open and honest in their


_____     7. Government following founding father guidelines, have these guidelines been


_____     8. Government spending, has it been responsible and truthful in its decisions of

                   borrowing from its citizens and future generations, to stimulate the economy 

                   toward a sound recovery?

_____     9. Government taxation, has it been transparent in all of its future methods to

                   tax its citizens and redistribute the collected wealth?

_____   10. Government  laws and legislation, have new laws and legislation and their

                   effects been fully explained to its citizens?

_____   11. Government civilian army recruitment, has it been fully revealed to its intent

                   and purpose and effect on “we the people”.

_____   12. Government funding for scientific research on Global warming, has it been


_____   13. Government exotic weapons systems research and testing, such as chemtrails, 

                  and biochemical testing, have they been open and transparent?

_____  14. Government opinion and direction toward its’ citizens freedom of religion,

                  founding father patriots and military veterans is it truthful and transparent?

_____  15.  Government overview, overall your government appears to be at what level

                   as of today?

                                           Time To Total Your Score

Next add all of the numbers of your rating together to get your government score.  Place that number here_______.

Next read the Government Truth and Transparency score levels to view the overall score that your present opinions reflect.  This is how you presently perceive your government’s truth and transparency level,  according to the constitutional guidelines set forth by your founding fathers.

Government Truth and Transparency Score Levels

If your score was 150  (You are in the happy zone!)

Great!  You have nothing to be concerned about!  Your government is still as truthful and honest as it was in the days of our founding fathers.  Extremely transparent.

If your score was between 135 to 149  (You’re future still looks bright!)

You can relax, you are still in the happy zone!  Your government is right on track and doing exactly what the founding fathers have intended.  Play the stock market, and buy that winter property you’ve been wanting.

If your score was between 115 and 134  (You are in the comfort zone!)

Go get a latte’, you can still enjoy all of the amenities of your country.   In the comfort zone, you have little to worry about and your confidence in the government to protect you is all American.  You are still in the pre- 911 mindset and that will give you peace of mind.  You still believe conspiracy theorists are blowing things way out of proportion.  No valium required.

If your score was between 90 and 114  (You have just entered the danger zone!)

You have been starting to wonder about things, but just a little.  You aren’t quite sure if we even need to know what the government is doing at this point.  You still believe that they have our best interest at heart and there are a lot of things that are just none of our business.  Running a government is very complicated. You view some of the news from conservatives as fear tactics.  Nothing more than sour grapes because they didn’t win the election.  You believe everything will be fine if people just quit being so negative.

If your score was between 75 and 89 (You have just reached the critical point!) You are beginning to wake up and pay attention. You are still waiting with the benefit of the doubt.  However, you are beginning to feel things are reaching a critical point.  If you have failed to vote in the past, you may be feeling you should have voted, and might be planning to do so in the next election cycle.  Overall, you are still choosing to watch

American Idol, rather than the depressing news.  You believe the government is as transparent as it needs to be, and just to be safe, you are waiting for the next flu vaccine.

If your score was between 60-74  (Your government has become very sick.)

You have begun to see gross discrepancies between mainstream media reporting and what you are actually seeing and hearing in real life.  You have woken up and are now trying to figure out what is really going on. You have probably attended a tea party or supported the cause in some other fashion.  You are now listening to conservative talk radio and Fox News, either for the first time, or,  more than you ever have in your life.  You are becoming an internet surfer.  You keep trying to disprove Fox News and are failing to do so.  You don’t know how we got to this point.  It seems to have come out from nowhere all of a sudden.   You are wondering if and when this will all blow over.

If your score was between 45 and 59  (Your government is now terminally ill.)

You have grave concerns.  You are definitely clinging to your guns and religion.  You have now become a conservative talk show radio junkie and tune into Fox News on a nightly basis.  You have given a new respect to Alex Jones, and now know what Ron Paul has been talking about.  Mark Levine and Rush Limbaugh have become your new best advocates.  You have a post 911 mentality and are proud to be a member of the 912 club.  You are now on a mission to “wake up” Americans that are sleeping.  You have offended many of your democratic friends, unintentionally.  You had their best interest at heart.  Really you did.  Your Pastor has already advised you not to worry about what the government is doing, for they have everything under control, as he/she reminds you of Romans 13, and reminds you to tithe (even though you may now be unemployed).  If you haven’t already, you now believe that Bible Prophecy is real and you believe it is being fulfilled.  You will stand firm by your beliefs and be there to help others when they wake up.

If your score was between 30 and 44  (Your government is on its death bed.)

You have now realized that you must prepare for whatever is coming your way, and undoubtedly already have.  You have strong faith and have your “Armor of God”  on.  You will not take a vaccine, and you have vowed not to be rounded up.  You don’t know who can be trusted, yet, you still warn others.  You have back up plans and trust in the Lord to bring you through this fire and tribulation.  You are ready to serve alongside your fellow founding father countrymen that have drawn the line in the sand.  You pray to rather stand and die for freedom than live in tyranny and holocaust.  You are a brave soul and love your God, your family, your fellow founding father patriots, your military veterans, and the true good old red, white, and blue.   If you had your choice you would rather be minding your own business, pursuing your life’s’ work, concentrating toward being a good Christian example,  planning for your retirement (so you are not a government burden) and enjoying  your children, and grand children.  But, it is because of all the things you would rather be doing, that you have taken your stand behind the line that has been drawn in the sand.  God bless you.

If your score was 15 to 29 ( Your free capitalistic government is now dead.)

Marxist population enslavement has been achieved.

Your new lot is that of the Hebrews under the pharaoh who knew not Joseph.  Hang in there and keep your faith, for just as the Lord sent Moses to deliver the Hebrew from the wicked pharaoh, he has promised to send someone to stand in the gap for a repentative people. It is written by the prophets he will bring his people through the fire and avenge his children from their oppressors and all the evil they devise.  But, you will have to wake up to see your Moses and not fall for another Pharaoh. While you are waiting, cling to the words of the Lord and his promises, they can not take that from you.  No not ever. 

Listen Jacob, and all of you gentiles who have been grafted into the tree of Israel,  for the Lord will not leave you, nor forsake you.

Moses and the Exodus | NOVA | PBS

Let me know what your scores are! Thanks and stay strong!


P.S. Just so you all know…I predicted the vaccines as the end game back in 2008 from the warnings of Bergermeister who actually stood in the Gap and stopped the deadly Swine Flu Vaccines that would have killed people. And Dr. TenPenny who also warned of the genocidal plans of these vaccines for the new world order pushers. We were ALL WARNED FOR YEARS AND YEARS…AND HERE WE ARE. If any want me to…I will put the pages from the book on these vaccines and these doctors who warned us then. It’s so prophetic.

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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