Come Out Of Who, How?

I keep getting blasted when I use a song by Hillsong. Even though it is inspiring. So I am responding.

Since Hillsong Church had bad leaders who sinned greatly, we are to cast out all those who ever attended? All who ever sang a song at Hillsong? Some think so. But, where do we begin at casting out the sinners? Are we to cast out every person who was a victim of false shepherds? If that is the case, my goodness where shall we begin?

I guess when we are done we will have no one left standing… but, isn’t that the goal here by those who love to cast the babys out with the bath water? Now I am not condoning sin here, not at all, but I am rather fed up with all those who have to point out every persons sins and want us all to throw out all the good with all the bad. Now God shows us he separates the wheat from the chaff in a winnowing process and winnow he does. He never lets the good grains of wheat get tossed out with the chaff and the tares he yanks at the harvest for they both grow together until then.

So some have made a dedication to such a hard task at a time when all things are being revealed and that hard task is to get EVERYONE IN THE WORLD to see ALL THE SINS OF OTHERS and CHANT HOW EVIL THESE PEOPLE ARE over and over and over again. Whereas many have committed great acts of evil things, that does not make the innocent among them evil. But, those shouting look how evil all of them are….sadly do not realize that their sins of including the innocent with the guilty are bearing false witness which is a sin no greater or less than the evils of the ones they are shouting about.

But, in all of this… anyone who looks at the good in any of it…. are deemed evil as well. So, how do we begin to clear up this great problem? I guess one way would be to have all those who have no sin and are perfect to step out from the world and point their fingers at the sinners? Or put a halo on their heads so we can all see their perfection?

And while we are at it…let us all follow these perfected ones daily and watch to see if they sin? And when they do…if they ever do…let us shout it on the roof tops and point our fingers at them forever and ever like it says in their book of rules…. for it isn’t in the Bible that I read…but it must be written down somewhere for so many are doing it.

So, all music by Hillsong is now evil and the innocent singers who believed they were praising the Lord in their song, and leading others to the Lord in their music ministries are nothing more than evil sirenes luring people into evil? Or something like that? Now, again….I am not condoning the sins of those organizers…but I also am not condemning all who were deceived as evil people.

The issue at hand is one that has impact on all the mega churches, not just one. All the churches who even small have taught lies, and focused on their church as a business and their 501c3’s and paid money to learn how to run their church.orgs like big businesses. Now this concerns and affects millions of people who were duped by this process… and so now… the call is to come out from her MY PEOPLE. Both are of Babylon the Great. So….these people coming out…are good people. But, if we are to condemn them now…because they were once a part of it all….we have no mercy, no forgiveness, no Christ Blood shed for all….only finger pointers have this blessing. Now I am trying very hard to find the scriptures to support the finger pointers…but I cannot find them.

I do find the scriptures to come out from her my people. And that is what we are finding and hopefully helping them to do. What I see in the finger pointing beyond that of correction…but going directly into no forgiveness….pulling none out of the fire, even hating the garment upon them, is a confusion builder that feeds right into the hands of the enemy who wants no relationship with our Lord, but only a one world religion that leads to totalitarian control. So what ought we be doing in these cases of exposing big church business and coming out from her my people as Jesus said in his letter to the churches?

There is a lot to be done, that is true. But, let us address the leaders…of the MANY CHURCHES IN LEAGUE WITH THE SAME EVILS…..NOT JUST THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN CAUGHT….AND LET US REMEMBER THEIR CONGREGATIONS WERE NOT ALL EVIL…THEY WERE DECEIVED. The same as the deception cast over the finger pointers…which is different than saying come out from her my people.

Which brings us to the famous first exposures to these mega monstrosities doing the very same thing…..Remember the evils pointed out by Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Alexandra Pelosi in her documentary of 2006. I sure do…because of that documentary, I signed up for HBO just to watch it. And when I did, I saw it didn’t sound well for the churches but it aligned with what my discernment had showed me in what the evangelical churches had done and had become. Which was BIG BUSINESS and POLITICAL.

The walk of shame and being exposed had begun a few years prior and their glass houses were falling down. They actually began to crumble in the 1980’s…but by the time the Olsteen “do what you want God just wants you to be happy” began to resound…. and all the telethons to send money or God will not bless you thundered like hell itself accross the prince of the power of the air’s media wireless…. my eyes were well opened and now I was just like Jonah, sitting waiting for God to take them all down….but, just as Jonah learned…. God had plans to have them come out of her my people. The lesson I learned is that when God is doing his work… time is not counted in the way that man counts time. We are seeing that Babylon the Great is big business and all things are controlled by the purse holders at the top. These are participants of the World Council of Churches and out of the United Nations Global Unity things….. and big 501c3 business .orgs.

But, hey- we have many who have profited on helping these little churches become mega churches and become a part of big business. And now we have spilled this concept of big business over into Big Patriot movements….and big foundations to push the causes. Come one come all….donate, donate, donate….God will bless your donations. He wants you to save America….and of course all of this is a God movement….??? I am hearing come out of her my people…which is a different message. I am hearing come out of her lest you will share in her plagues. Many good finger pointers are going to be very disappointed and very surprised.

Clay Clark house of merchandise par excellence. If ever God needed help to turn his church into a thrive time business it must have been then, and continued unto this day as he has sent us men such as the Clark. Clark is all about showing pastors how to turn their sheep into a giving flock with the best methods of fleecing known to the 501c3 shepherd.  So if your sheep are grazing and not being fleeced enough, or perhaps just not proper….Clark will show you how to fleece the flock and they won’t even stop grazing while you do it.

Now there is nothing wrong with motivating people into running their businesses better and showing them how. That is not the issue here….the issue here is showing pastors how to turn God’s house of worship into smooth running, profitable businesses and using God as a motivator and accomplice in his endeavor to do it.

Now as Clay shows us his character and all of its’ flaws and we see what a… well, what a jerk off he has been in his past work history.  Now, I have to say, when he speaks like this about the thrive show, I thought it was an act. Now I see he tells us the truth and what we see is exactly what we get.

So he calls himself a DJ and tells us he’s like a carnie…so I guess my nick name for him was correct, which is “carnival barker”.  Whereas if you are with a circus you need a good carnival barker, but, when you are in WWIII and people are trying to save America….do we really need a Carnie?  Does the church need  fleeced by a carnie during the last days trials?  I guess the devil believes so.

I have a difficult time in hearing someone mock God and use His Word to sell  like a carnie to christians. So in this video he is teaching pastors how to fleece or is it how to run their business?  Which happens to be a church?  For people coming out of Babylon….this is very disturbing. 

Clay mocks and immidates a guy saying, “So here’s what I do, I wake up way after all of you…. I live in a van down by the river, and I want to share with you about my Christ.” (laughter from audience).  He stands up and states loudly, “No one cares.” Then he goes into selling his systems some more and expresses how that in America we put false emphasis on people who succeed.

This is the guy who is promoting himself as the man God chose to save America and carnival barking during an apparent WWIII, all while America sinks into Biden destruction. And now spends time with others pointing fingers at the likes of Lin Wood. Now as you listen to the video…you will see how he buddies himself up with God to do his idea of whatever he does.  This is what is appalling to me and why I don’t associate with his Thrive Time…it is sad to see him next to many good people carnival barking at such a time as this.

Here is your leader to lead you as you wade through the  bull crap covering your shoes as you muck your way through his  swamp to  the outskirts of Babylon. It appears he already got kicked out of the greater part.
He’ll eat all your pretzels and lie to your face and feel it’s all okay because he’s a carnie and that’s what they do…they sell, sell, sell….and you poor schmucks are the buyers. 

But, the question is are we to condemn all the innocent people who have been duped by such leadership to organize or do we leave the duped alone and place the blame at the top where it belongs? I am simply comparing what Hillsongs sins, versus any mega church organizing sins … to grifter.orgs, who are all leading down a wide path that does not lead to the Kingdom taught by the Lord. The Kingdom of God is within each one of us…and the power of the Holy Spirit is free for all of those who believe on the Lord and sadly, this is not emphasized….this is the greatest untold message. The message of the big business mega church and of all those pushing to be one….is MONEY, MONEY, MONEY…DONATE, DONATE, DONATE….AND GIVE UNTIL IT HURTS….. COME ONE COME ALL AND STEP RIGHT UP WE STILL HAVE A FEW TICKETS TO SELL! (Now that is not to be confused with donating to good causes to be able to help others. That is not the message I am sending. We do need to support worthy ministries and worthy causes. We must discern the differences.)

So, that being said….how ought we to be and what ought we be doing? Seek the Lord first and He will lead you. The Lord will dwell in you and you shall dwell in Him and the Holy Spirit shall teach you, discern all things for you and guide you and comfort you. Amen.

Keep pressing into the Kingdom and as it says in Jude

Jude:17-25 “But, beloved, remember ye the words which were spoken before of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ; how that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts. These be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the Spirit. But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost, keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life. And of some have compassion, making a difference: and others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh. Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, to the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.

We are not called to condemn the innocent who have believed lies and been deceived and cast out any good works… any more than we are to cast out the Holy Bible that they have used as a weapon to trick and deceive. All things shall be shaken and that which is good shall remain.

That, my friends is how I see it…in my discernment.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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