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Legendary Coach, Bobby Knight  Endorses Donald  J. Trump!
RedState is really desperate to attack individual bloggers for making a so-called mess supporting Trump on the internet.  Translated this means that Trump supporters are a threat to all the big shot establishment propaganda puppets.
I find it interesting that I do not exist as anything but a figment of Prntly’s imagination. More interesting that the Marshall Report is actually  a pro Bernie Sanders site?  I guess I am safe for a while as “imaginary” people don’t usually get placed on a hit list.   Guess Sundance may need to watch his back as they are allowing him full credit for his contributions to the Conservative Tree House.
I find it a complement to be associated as a threat among the likes of truth bearer Roger Stone. The writer of Prntly, however, is somehow out of Macedonia which is a real far stretch but makes it safer for him to be out of state, or is it a her?  Maybe the writer is a Russian spy and doing research for the next 007 flick? It makes about as much sense and truth as the RedState article in the link below.
All in all, thank God for independent writers and a bit of truth and honest opinions from people who support Trump. So far these writers have managed to level the playing field without the big pay that  all  the attackers are receiving. Now what will they say about Bobby Knight?  I’m sure they will try and smear the facts, but they will never fool Trump supporters.knight 2016-04-27T231522Z_1714266404_GF10000398075_RTRMADP_3_USA-ELECTION-TRUMP
TRUMP 2016!!
Dig in your heels the rest are losing!
Read propaganda report here:
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

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