Clark is Going To Save America… We Are Waiting!!

Meanwhile the central banksters are in trouble and it’s all Putin and China’s fault and something, something… And Clark says they are teaming up to collapse the US dollar and something, something… oh my head hurts!

Why don’t these people tell the rest of the story? They finally at least discovered the BRICS and they tell part of the story so … is Clark gaslighting the audience to fear… and blame Russia and the BRICS for a FAKE ACCUSATION of them setting out to destroy our US dollar. NO ONE is talking about the central banks and the air dollar not worth anything or the rest of the story of how the central banks have taken our real property in return for paper. Nor do they mention how President Trump wanted to take us off the Fiat dollar and put us on a gold back dollar. Nor how RESET has their own new digital dollar they want to shove down our wallets.

Warning…you are going to hear some truths in this video and you are also going to hear some garble. Saudi Arabia did not side with Putin’s Gold backed rubel because of /and or the way we left Afghanistan…why would they? That had nothing to do with their oil and the petro dollar. And at that time Putin did not have a gold back rubel. I fact check that one as misinformation. Putin was on the petro dollar standard and it did well for him as his biggest export is oil and gas. And America purchased 672,000 barrels of oil a day from Russia before this proxy war in Ukraine started and Biden and the EU sanctioned them. They never told you that because it either doesn’t fit the bigger gaslight narrative to blame Putin and Russia, or they didn’t know. You decide. But the one out to save America should know these things if he’s going to save us. The wrong information could help those doing the RESET which happen to be the EU, NATO, UN, Joey Avatar, Pelosi et al, and WEF. Not just the WEF. All of them.

Due to someone not liking the content of this video…it was removed. Smile. Censorship? Yes…Smile.

The entire Clark show is now either faking things on a fast track to know and be smart or it is becoming clear that he is telling the truth just enough to leave room for the psyop, or he’s all over the place juggling to increase cash flows and in his own way out to save America??

He has a white board and everything on it is how his strategy sounds to me. All over the place. Just saying.

image 321

Clark said in a video that his purpose is to teach President Trump about Jesus. I guess the white board is the road to Jesus? Who knew?

But, maybe I’m not supposed to know what it means? I do know what it appears to look like to me. How about you? What do you see?

Back to the BRICS and their allegedly crashing the US fiat air dollar that is flying away like it is filled with hot air…. In this case, we are left with the accusation that Russia and China did this to us. Whatever “this” is defined to mean…I think it was crash the fiat central bank dollar… but they said the US dollar? When it was them who foolishly did it to themselves. Which goes along with their goals to crash and burn the economies…which is part of their RESET goals. Remember they want us on their social credit line cards. And that is not Putin’s fault… he sure doesn’t want on it and neither do the BRICS. Nor Saudi Arabia.

He fails to mention that Trump wanted to put us on the gold standard but the experts in finance told him that it would never work because the only way it could work is if the entire world did the same and they never would.

image 318

Well lookie here…. Russia just helped us overcome that hurdle!!!

It appears the only ones not on board to have a gold backed dollar is the west. The same west who wants to RESET and own everything. The same west that has given us air to trade in return for our actual resources.

They also fail to present the fact that it was the dummies in the EU, NATO and Joey Avatar that put the sanctions on Russia not to spend money and froze their air dollar deposits….. so Russia said… okay we have gold. We will require our trade to be paid in the Rubel which is gold backed. So now they blame Putin? Oh and China. It’s their fault.

Now let me ponder that phrase “IT’S PUTIN’S FAULT… who else uses that phrase?

image 320


Remember Trump said when he first ran for office after he came down the escalator and started campaigning that it sure would be nice to be back on the gold standard but it would be hard to do. He continued throughout his presidency to speak of the gold standard and even asked the crowds, “Should we go back on the gold standard?” Trump always had his sights on coming out from the Central banks and their fiat dollars and restoring a national bank and the gold backed dollar. I hope someone gives that message to the ONE self annointed to SAVE AMERICA.

In an article written in 2017, the author ended with, “If Donald Trump is to succeed in making America great again he will check in with his very good brain, discover that restoring the gold standard would not, after all, be so very hard to do, and propel America and the world into a new Golden Age. Restoring the gold standard would be, in some ways, as easy as an apple falling from a tree.” Read the article here: Why Donald Trump Should Celebrate Today, The 300th Birthday Of The Gold Standard (

OOPs. Another one bites the dust. Guess I hit a nerve. Sorry if the truth sends some into a tizzy.

So while the one self annointed to make white boards and SAVE AMERICA says… look how Putin and China are evily crashing the US dollar… that struck me as odd for them to even look at getting out of the clutches of the Central Bank as a bad thing. And on top of that… it was a survival issue for Russia. As he was sanctioned … it just didn’t work the way the EU and WEF thought it would. It actually backfired on them. So to accuse them of surviving is rather like shooting someone and getting mad because they lived and now they are healthier than ever. This is a sick show to begin with, but having people tell pieces of the story all lopsided who is supposed to be the one called to save the world because he claimed the prophecy! That’s right he claimed to be the one who fulfilled the prophecy of KIim Clement…even though he didn’t quite hug a flag…. and even though he still can’t believe it… well neither can I. But I can believe he is claiming it. That is easy to see.

Meanwhile… before the great one was annointed to save America, in April of 2018, Legislation had been introduced to put the United States on a new gold standard by defining the dollar in terms of gold.

image 319

H.R. 5404 was introduced by U.S. Rep. Alex X. Mooney, R-W.Va., on March 22 and immediately referred to the House Committee on Financial Services. Read: Legislation seeks new gold standard by defining U.S. dollar in terms of gold (

So when you have the “self annointed one out to save America” pointing fingers at all the bad guys who happen to be the good guys. We have to wonder what is up? Especially when the BRICS helped the small nations so they could have loans to build their infrastructure without IMF red tape for climate change and other ridiculous WEF bad political ideas. The BRICS have had their own gold backed bank for a while now and they are the ones who are self sufficient and are not at the mercy of the west to live a good life. It is the west who can’t have nothing of the BRICS nations and be happy.

I am waiting for Clark to tell the facts about what Joey Avatar and the west has done to the innocent people in Russia, Ukraine, and the entire middle east. I am waiting for him to say… look what we did to the nations. We went in and set up mercenaries and created jihads so we could have them topple nations for us. And we go in and do the rest of it … because it won’t end. We even used weapons of mass destruction and broke international laws. It is the same trick of create a problem, lie through your teeth with the press backing you up and then out from the smokey ashes, like magic, you have a solution. The only ones who know the truth are the ones they raped and pillaged that happened to survive.

So I am waiting for the one self-annointed to SAVE AMERICA to call out the UN for their part in the RESET and the European Union for their part in all the world chaos. I am waiting for him to call out NATO for their part in all the Arab nation toppling and the messes those groups fanned in other parts of the world. I am waiting for him …the annointed one out to save America, to point out what the USA, Inc. and all the western nations did to the third world countries stealing their resources and giving them democracy in return! Instead of rattling off WEF and RESET did this and that bla, bla…I am waiting for him to SAVE AMERICA FROM THESE WICKED ONES. We already know who they are… he’s supposed to be self-annointed to save America and I am anxious for Clark to do just that!

I will be the first to humbly say thank you Clay Clark for SAVING AMERICA!!!!

Since he wanted the annointing to save America then I am waiting for him to save it by joining forces with the ones who are doing just that which happen to be the BRICS nations who now Saudi Arabia has asked to join and be a part of them. Putin is doing all the things for Russia that Trump wants to do in America. I’m waiting for Clark to shout that out.

How does it feel people to know that the one who is going to save America is Clay Clark? He would be of better use if he would quit bragging about it and just do it. All of the arrogant boasting for the last year makes my head hurt.

He is on every podcast program telling the world that he is annointed to save America… he better get his big britches on and save it. I am waiting. Ask him when he’s going to save America and ask him what his plans are to save it. Tell him you are asking for a friend.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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