CIA’s Cern Tunnels Quake!

Christmas Eve while we were doing our own things….the earth quaked in France and CERN was hit…why does this mean anything to us? Look and see…..

5 seconds before the end of Christmas Eve, an earthquake rocked the earth and sealed the demonic portal at CERN. Or so…this is what is told.

In 2015 it was made known by a whistleblower that CERN was the headquarters for the CIA. And why not? It is the home of the world’s largest supercomputer…which is run by the CIA to conduct 24/7 electronic espionage and surveillance. But, let’s just do some wierd skits and act foolish in front of world dignataries and celebrate a tunnel opening….yea…let’s just do that publicly and call all the poor schmucks who point a finger at it conspiracy nuts. Let’s do that! And so they did.

While many were searching for “Alice” in the rabbit holes…she was always where she was supposed to be. Do you see her now?

Do you now see what they were seeing? Do you now hear what they laughed at because you were deaf? It was never funny.

CIA Terminal

 The LHC Optical Private Network
Secret communication from CIA Headquarters via CERN’s supercomputer, which is known as “Tier 0” of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG), is evidently conducted via the LHC Optical Private Network (LHCOPN). Data is reportedly sent out from CERN via the LHCOPN to 11 “Tier 1” academic institutions in Asia, Europe and North America via dedicated 10 Gbit/s links. Translation: orders are sent out from CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva to 11 CIA substations around the world, one of which is located in Langley, Virginia. More than 150 “Tier 2” institutions are subsequently connected to the CIA’s 11 “Tier 1” institutions, creating a network of CIA sub-stations that double as Research and Education Network (NREN) centers. Although NRENs are allegedly dedicated to supporting the needs of research and education within a given community, they actually serve as the CIA’s secret sub-station which conducts assassinations, espionage, and terror attacks. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE: BABYLON FALLING: CERN Identified as Secret Entrance to Subterranean CIA Headquarters Beneath Lake Geneva in Switzerland | ☮ (

Oh how the world leaders are so imaginative. What is it that we missed by not sharing on the inside information? These same nation leaders are in league to mandate the mRNA toxic jabs. LOCKSTEP RESET… MOVE ALONG…NOTHING HERE TO SEE.

But, hey… let’s just blame Trump for all of this. Let’s say it’s all his fault that we have a vax and he did all of this??? Ignorance can be bliss and it can also be dangerous. Especially when the truth of the matter lays down at the end of a dark tunnel and no one dares to look there. Open your eyes and take a peak and do not cower back … look and see it for all that it is. Then ask yourself… how long would it take to drain this swamp?


Below is the whistle blower article and some key excerpts:

CERN Whistleblower Reveals CIA beneath Lake Geneva in Switzerland

Posted on September 21, 2015 by fromthefirstorder

CIA Headquarters is evidently known as the “North Area”, one of CERN’s so-called experimental sites. The North Area is reportedly the largest of the experimental sites within thePrévessin site which is allegedly the target station for non-collider experiments on the SPS accelerator.
While the North Area evidently serves as cover for CIA Headquarters, CERN is home to the world’s largest supercomputer which is used by the CIA to conduct 24/7 electronic espionage and surveillance, as well as control the underworld (e.g., deflate/inflate currencies, manipulate global markets, execute drone attacks, etc.).
CERN is coincidentally located adjacent to Geneva, Switzerland which was previously home to the League of Nations. Today, Geneva is home to the highest number of international organizations in the world, including the International Red Cross and the United Nations.
Therefore, it makes perfect sense that Geneva, the de facto capital of the underworld, is also home to the infamous Central Intelligence Agency. Since Geneva essentially runs the underworld at the behest of the CIA, it has been given the nickname of “The Global City”.
The notion that CERN is the secret entrance to CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva is corroborated by the fact that as of 2013, CERN had 2,513 staff members and 12,313 fellows, associates and apprentices, a majority of which are likely CIA personal.
Considering that approximately 15,000 people commute to CERN and/or CIA Headquarters on a daily basis, they must do so via secret underground trains as there are no major parking lots at CERN as seen in the aerial view of CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia.


In short, CERN serves as the secret entrance to CIA Headquarters which is located in the underwater Alpine canyons of Lake Geneva, a lake so deep it had to be explored by Mir 1and Mir 2, Russian submarines which are known for their ability to dive up to 6,000 meters (19,685 feet).
Consequently, CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva is only accessible via underground trains from CERN, and via submarines which travel through a 275 kilometer (170 mile) subterranean tunnel which evidently begins in Genova, Italy, and ends in Lake Geneva.
Although only conjecture, it appears that Sub-Biosphere 2 is modeled after CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva. This notion is based on the fact that the Sub-Biosphere 2 mimics the Big European Bubble Chamber (BEBC) which evidently serves as the central command center.
CERN’s LEP Tunnel, which is 26.659 kilometers (16.6 miles) in length, admittedly passes through Switzerland and France, likely en route to CIA Headquarters. Coincidentally, CERN is roughly 27 kilometers from the center of Lake Geneva (i.e., 46°27’19.8″N 6°36’01.9″E) where CIA Headquarters is evidently located.
Therefore, it appears that CERN’s LEP Tunnel is political cover for the subterranean tunnel through which daily commuter trains shuttle CIA personal from the suburbs of Geneva, Switzerland, to CIA Headquarters deep beneath Lake Geneva. Read full article here: CERN Whistleblower Reveals CIA beneath Lake Geneva in Switzerland | saintandrewstwinflame


The god(s) of their one world disorder are not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Not the God who is the Father of Jesus. Not the one who has sent all who believe the Holy Spirit.

These people are a cult that do great wickedness….

This is spiritual warfare and we wrestle not with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers in high places. We are in the same ancient war that all flesh has been in. We have been in a deep sleep and blinded to the facts and the truth. The systems they have put in place legally have made their modern day evil a billion dollar business. It must be stopped and put to an end.


And now, once again…let us ask the real questions…WHERE IS HUNTER AND IS THAT REALLY, REALLY JOE?

image 100

The first of many laptop pictures that are coming out. Human and child trafficking must be put to an end forever!


Keep on pressing into the Kingdom…press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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