Casting Central Needs New Green Screens!

Joey Avatar applauds Ukraines gaslighting efforts as resourceful, but still needs billions to crush Russia!

Now that is meant to be satire… but is it? That is exactly what the news has been sounding like to the world and quite frankly… that just isn’t working at all any more.

So often, the mistake we, as Americans, make is looking at the world as though we were the center of everything taking place. And if we suffer, it is the end of the world as we know it…but as long as the USA and the wicked of the West are hammering down on other nations… everything is normal and not much is said about it unless you have family members in active duty, then you pay attention and check the news a lot. Otherwise we go about our busy day. Because all of the war mongering had over the years become normal. Because there was always a war going on that the USA was involved in or brewing.

Most people never knew exactly what it was that got us into most of these side wars… other than all the nation leaders were #1. Evil Dictators, #2. Out to destroy our democracy, and #3. A threat to the free world. With an option of #4. They had weapons of mass destruction.

We now know… this was all a bunch of gaslighting propaganda, designed to keep people from connecting the dots to the real issues taking place.

Did you ever stop to consider that some of the same ones who were protesting against war in the sixties ended up being the same ones who war mongered and pushed Arab Spring and all the nation toppling? For example Hillary Clinton and John Kerry?

Do we even know what is actually taking place in Ukraine? We are not being told the truth of any of this on fake news. We need to rely on investigative reporters and oversees eyes with boots on the ground.

Meanwhile, the US refuses to supply longer-range weapons to Ukraine due to unwillingness to further escalate hostilities – White House.

And then there is Ursula, the appointed head of the EU headless monster for the KM Oligarchs. The very same Western boil on the worlds behind that festers and irritates any nation who is trying to mind its’ own business. The same ones busy placing unfair mandates and rules on small nations that were decided around tables of thieves and idiots. And poking super powers while they believe they have the battle ax USA incorporated among their 3 tiers of arsenal. (London, Inc. finances, Vatican, Inc. religion, and USA, Inc. military). What could possibly go wrong?

This right here is the type of bla, bla, bla that stirs up world wars and she is digging her claws into it. Wasn’t she being investigated for doing dirty deals? How’s that working out?

We all know that the war is being fought by NATO and Ukraine is losing big time. That is because Joey Avatar does not have full command of the Military. That being said… we are at war at home and abroad and the military has been fighting and we are in the live theater show!

Meanwhile we have US to Ukraine weapon donations appearing on black markets in South America!

US NLAW anti-tank systems delivered to Ukraine, appear on sale in Latin America Venezuelan resources publish photos of the NLAW anti-tank systems delivered to Ukraine, which have already appeared on sale in Latin America.

image 433

These samples were seized on the border between Colombia and Venezuela.

So US and NATO Keeps supplying Zelensky and Zelensky supplies other nations that are not approved by congress but approved by the KM Oligarchs to cause chaos. This is what they do to save their democracy which is actually a tyrannical one world rule and communism.

image 434

Ukraine is the hub for funneling dark market resources and lining pockets of Oligarchs and politicols with their hands out. Best known in the show is Zelensky and his NAZI mercenaries for blowing up their own infrastructure, killing their own citizens and blaming it all on Russia and shouting Ukraine is winning so people keep giving weapons and money to their laundromat to fuel their regime toppling around the world? Or whatever chaos they are fueling at the time.

Intel Slava Z reported that Poland is not going to give Ukraine its Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems, said Prime Minister Morawiecki.

They also reported that Subscribers from Ukraine received letters in the mail that say: “The satellite Internet provider Starlink has increased the cost of services for Ukrainians from $60 to $75 per month.”

Meanwhile Elon Musk announced the cost of Starlink service will increase starting December 29 of the current year. It also says that the terminal and antenna now cost $700 instead of $500.

image 435

It appears that casting central and script writers this season have Elon not coddling Zelensky in upcoming episode. Starlink is Ukraines present military communications. The people of Kiev are without power…so this may lead up to another green screen central as we cut away for a commercial where Joey misses his meds and the Miami Vice Zelenksy demands one trillion dollars to restore Ukraine.

image 436

Seriously, the comedian demands one trillion dollars to restore Ukraine. Not gonna happen. Especially since the most damage to infrastructure was self inflicted.

Maybe he will settle for a trillion in Chucky Cheese tokens and he can use them like Bitcoin? Or maybe we can give him monopoly money? Works about the same as anything else operating on air. No gold, no silver… how about giving him a boot? Or give him a pile of cardboard and let him cut it up in shapes and make a new currency to match the way he governs.

What we have learned for sure …

We are in the show and we are not enjoying the show! Not at all! We are seeking truth in a world of lies and those who are finding peace are finding it in the Lord. Not in any man, nor any number of men. There is no comfort in following man. Man does not have any gifts of peace to impart on anyone. Not even for themselves. Man has sorrow, deceit, and woe. Without God leading…man is on his own and that ends up in self and mutual destruction.

Remnant hold on… God has you in His mighty hands. Pray for our leaders to fear God and do his commands. That is our most powerful weapon to win this war for it is a war between good and evil and we are in it because we are the children of God! Satan hates God and hates all of God’s children and all of God’s creation.

That being said….

Did you ever wonder what would happen if the tables were turned? Meaning what if there were sheep in wolves clothing sneaking in to see what the bad guys were up to? What if they played along and acted like they were one of them to find out what they were up to? What would that look like and how might that play out? You know like Project Veritas when they act like one of the bunch they are finding out about… or a covert spy operation? That kind of thing. Now why is that so hard to grasp that perhaps a lot of that type of undercover technique is also taking place as well as the wolf in sheeps clothes? And of course some have already been removed and now we have a lot of rubber masks, doubles and C.G.I. video interviews.

image 432

In this show, did you ever wonder how much of this under cover might be taking place? If it is, will we know it later and will they get a bad wrap or a thumbs up? Will some of the perceived bad guys take off their masks and say… “It had to be this way in order to catch them all.” Or is that even a thing?

Isn’t that how infiltration works? Spying? Psyops? CIA sort of stuff?

It isn’t simply in the war zones between nations. Pysops and wolves in sheeps clothing are every where in everything this world has and it is infiltrated inside everything! This show can use a few scenes of heroes achieving something?

Matthew 7:15 KJV

15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

And now we know that the wolves must be aware of sheep in wolves clothing… and as citizens who are maneuvering through this show… we are learning that there are both, and sometimes you have to act like a wolf in order to stop the wolves at their own game. That is what we are all praying that President Trump is doing with his sometimes odd and peculiar back and forth comments.

We who are with the Lord are blessed beyond anything this world can ever give us. Even though all hell is breaking loose around us… in all of this there is a remnant and blessed are all of those who are found standing with God at the helm in the storm.

In the flesh… there has always been a struggle to not be shaken by the devil and his miseries he dishes out to the left and to the right. This is a time of great tribulation and it started with the first followers of the way. Having your skin ripped off in an arena of onlookers for sport because you believed in the one True God and His Son… was great tribulation and we follow this example of Satan’s pouring out of evil on God’s people throughout history and know it has not stopped.

We have seen falsehoods and lies from those leading nations. Shouts of destruction to bring about a false peace where there is no peace using democracy as some sort of magic thing that will bring the world together while instead it is used to tear it apart.

image 437

We have seen no seasons of easing, the only easing has been within the hearts of those who follow the Lord and pray unceasing. The world is what we were born into, and our goal is to come out of her my people and return unto the ways of the Lord and follow the commandments of God our Father.

In so doing there is inner peace in knowing that if God be for us who then can be against us? For our goal on earth is to find our way home to the Father and be a light for others in the darkness to also see the way home to the Father.

It has been said that the number of years the USA has been without a war during our entire time as a nation combined has been 15 years. That’s it. And even during those 15 years there was inner wars and struggles in cities, towns and families. There has been no real peace and no time without cunning plots to steal, kill and destroy someone or something.

According to Will and Ariel Durant, in their Lessons of History, there has been approximately 268 scattered years without war over the past 3,421 years. That’s it!

The most violent time in world history are the years 1939-1945 as this was the time of World War II. The exact number of deaths that happened as a direct result of this conflict cannot be known, but the best estimates put the number around 75 million people.

So, during all of this… and our time here on earth… we navigate with the Holy Spirit guiding and teaching us what the Words of the scripture mean, what we need is within each one and we find what we need when we open up the book and read it with the Lord guiding our hearts. When out in the waking day we find the Lord in the beauty of His creation and in the laughter of children. We find his grace in the harmony of nature and receive love when we give it to others in genuine ways.

This is our great mission and our preparation to rise up and stand, for without love for God, and God’s commandments which we are to love God with all of our heart, mind and soul and to love our neighbors as ourselves… to do good and be a light to others of good works. Without God’s people, His children, His remnant, without them there is no light on the earth.

And now the demonic ones that have infiltrated in American institutions have claimed Jesus was transgender. Good grief this is demonic wickedness. We are fighting demonic possessed people. That is exactly what we are fighting and it is time to rebuke these in the name of Jesus!

We truly are the light and we must let that shine. Without the children of God there is nothing but darkness and hopelessness and evil so vile it destroys nature, and little children, let alone all ages of humanity.

Glenn Beck explores the battle of good versus evil and how this evil attacks innocent people and destroy their very lives in vicious attacks by bearing false witness and fake news wrap up smears. Corrupt federal agencies who do the evil bidding for those in high places. Glenn discusses what we do to unite against the evil forces that are attacking all people.

God has a plan for this nation… it is the one nation all the western world has coveted and fought hard to control and usurp. I believe it will be God’s battle ax to slay the giants… and the wicked giants know this, therefore they seek to destroy her from within… and we are hanging by a thread…

God will raise up an army from that thread… in this I believe for the remnant shall not be shaken when the shaking is through…there shall be victory for all of God’s people in the world. On earth as it is in heaven. His kingdom is coming. Amen. Hold on to what you have until he comes…that is what he told us to do. Smile. Grab on and hold tight.

Matthew 7: 24-27 KJV

24 Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock: 25 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.

26 And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand: 27 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.

One more thing… with the reinstalling of the President Trump Twitter account… the J-6 Nonselect committee goes up in smoke as the tweets show the real message that President Trump sent to the people… now the house of cards is starting to fold.


It sure looks like this has been orchestrated… what else will fall into place real fast? I bet a lot of erased and censored memories will resurface!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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