U.S. Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson attends a 'Building the New Puerto Rico' event in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, November 8, 2015. Carson said he supports Puerto Rico becoming the 51st U.S. state in Fajardo on Sunday. REUTERS/Alvin Baez - RTS61WA
U.S. Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson out of touch with Americans.

Carson what America are you wanting to help here?  Where are you living?  Are you out of touch with the working class and how the mortgage system works?  Your tax plan plainly isn’t for the working guy who is trying to make it through the mortgage mess and make a living. In short, it sucks.

So why does the mortgage deduction matter? Of the 133 million or so homes and property  in America, approximately 86 percent are mortgaged to the banking system and the interest payments (of which the average person pays over 2 times at 5 % interest over the original price of the loan) is a significant amount of their income.  Get out a 30 year loan mortgage calculator.   Those with lower credit scores pay higher interest rates and can pay up to three times or more for the price of their home over their mortgage lifetime.  Not to mention all homeowners pay for property taxes, home repairs, and property insurance. It is the largest investment a person will ever make in their life, even if the property is not fancy.  It is their home and a necessity.

The same people who are struggling to pay their mortgages are the ones paying taxes and pay for those who are assisted by the government for section 8 housing and other government assisted programs.  These  people receiving free and assisted housing don’t care about interest tax deductions, for they are not paying such things.  They are receiving lots of free stuff and a rebate at the end of the year based on how many children they have with extra rebate money if they are going to school which is also paid by a tax fed program. Most are also receiving Medicaid, food stamps, free day care and other goodies, paid by for by state and federal tax dollars.  Did I mention these same programs and tax dollars go to illegals?

To eliminate the mortgage deduction would crush the working middle class for the one deduction they have that helps them in this struggling economy.  To not see this as important to the majority of Americans shows a slant for those who don’t need it.  Mainly those who live in government assisted housing programs or pays on their own to live in someone else’s property complex and do not pay property taxes to sustain their municipalities and school systems.  The elderly who own their property continue to pay for those who do not pay in through property taxes even after their home is paid for, and on a limited income.  Those old geezers (as Carson calls them) pay dearly for those who don’t pay in at all.

It is obvious to me that Carson is not in touch with the working class and his ideals and policies stem from a perspective of the constituents he truly represents and that is the individuals that need a hand out that he calls a hand up.

Carson’s tax plan will hurt the middle class.

Another failure in Carson’s Biblical idea is his understanding or lack of understanding in the Biblical tithe.  The tithe is a holy commitment to the Lord’s house to support the temple and in Christianity the church.  Biblically, the Levites of the priestly line were excempt from the tithe for they were not given land to till.  Their responsibility was to care for the needs of the Temple and the Godly duties of it.  Those given lands paid a tithe to the Temple which was a tenth of their crops to support those who performed the priestly duties and were not given land to support their families with.  Anything else given to the Temple was an offering.  The tithe was Holy, it belonged to the Lord to feed his house.  The city itself, ran on forms of taxation. Remember Solomon collected taxes from all the lands he governed yearly. 

The Bible is clear as to the difference between a tax and a tithe. When challenged on who to give their money too and should they need to pay taxes, the Lord asked for a coin.  He asked whose face was on it.  They answered unto him it was Caesar’s.  The Lord said, render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and to God that which is Gods.

Carson’s ideology is getting old to me.  Especially the way he is using his religion to enter into all aspects of his candidacy.  There is a separation of church and state and as a Christian I see very  clearly where he is using his faith as the greatest campaign weapon to avoid taking a stand on hard issues and separating the two.

When asked about gay marriage rights, he is clear that he believes marriage is between a man and a woman, yet, his stance is that as a Christian he will not judge these things.  He claims to be pro life, yet those who support abortion because of his religion have the right to choose in certain cases.  He is against fetal tissue research, but if the baby is dead he sees no problem in fetal tissue research. He loves people and is a physician to save lives, yet he laughs when he tells the story of how operating on old geezers is not rewarding because they will only live  5 more years or so.  This could explain why he also wants to end Medicare?  He is for mandatory vaccines and claims there is no research on proof of any negative side affects, yet there are many research papers showing there are.  I could go on and on especially on his amnesty and TTP ideals but I will stop here.  It actually sickens my heart and I find no joy in repeating these things.  I only feel a fear in the blindness of others who can not see what is taking place in front of their faces in broad daylight.

So, for America that I love.  I support a leader who will do what is right and look down the road at the future of his decisions and not an ideology.  That one is Trump.  He is grounded and sure.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

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