Carson Transgender This….

How about if Carson is a God believer not entertain the devils demands? Why have anything other than male and female as God created them?  Let the would be recreated figure out which room they choose to alleviate themselves in and let them deal with it. 

On a school level….let the one or three be damned in their requests and let the majority of kids who claim to be male and female have the bathrooms and showers.   This is crazy to even consider letting a minority few over rule an entire institution of people.  Crazy and evil.  Insane to consider such a point.  Let the transgender go to a special area to transgender all alone.  In sanctuary cities where there are more, let them raise funds to add the new additions for their wonderful newfound discoveries. That cost should never be added on to the majority.

They were born with a certain set of organs  let them use them.  Those that were born with both, of which there are those.  Allow them to choose.  That is the American way.  Choice. Free will.  Not mandates nor dictates.

That is my opinion.  Not fact…however not fiction either.  Simply my rationale.  Of which thank the Lord I still have in this crazy insane global governance leaning world. After all, separate bathrooms were never an answer to racial issues were they Carson?  It won’t be here either.  This battle is not about color of skin, we are way past that.  It is not about who you believe in as God, sadly, we are way past that.  It is not about what your political vote is, we are way past that.  It is not about social class, we are way past that.

It is about our kids and a few kids that don’t know who they are and what they were when they were claimed to be born something different.  The burden of that should fall upon those few who decided that.  Especially when they still don’t know who they are nor what they want to be.  (that used to be called discovering your inner self, not remaking it).  The burden of self discovery was never designed to fall upon a population of people who are functioning in lock step with the order of Horace Mann and the Prussian System of Education which in and of itself is an immoral and another terrible tragedy on America. (More on that in a later article…meanwhile buy my book “Sly Foxes, Wolves, and Men” or “Burning Whispers”, or just wait for the upcoming article).

So what exactly is taking place here?  Nothing more than destruction of America from within and starting with the children who have no clue who or what they are.  They mimic as do eagles their parent figure.  If that parent figure flies high so do they, if it does not…neither will they.  A few may find other role models and venture out of the nest into the sky….but few.  That is the story seen over and over again in the ghetto, in the south side, in all who never seem to spread their wings.  They stay earth bound not knowing who they are to model after.  So…sad as it is true…that is exactly what is taking place in the transgender lost in flight issue in America.  No one was there to tell them who they really were.  At least not convincingly.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.