Animal-Kingdom-RhinoIt is appearing more and more evident that Dr. Ben Carson is a  low energy RINO. The kind that just can’t keep too much inside before he starts to get very passive aggressive.  Be sure and pay attention to his interviews.  He is getting testier and testier at the hard questions.  He is starting to mess up and his real policy is starting to fall out here and there.

Sooner or later he is going to have to quit back tracking and stop philosophizing every statement he makes.  Unlike Trump where they use sound bytes, cut off sentences, and fill in the blanks saying he said things that he did not say, Carson is having his own videos played at him by the interviewers and he is saying that was taken out of context.  Well so far EVERYTHING IS BEING TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT according to Carson.

From day-to-day there seems to be new ideas to replace his old ideas that were just a few days old.  He speaks the street lingo at Sharpton meetings and talks like a professor on the cable news.  Haven’t we had enough of that type of deception?  He is going to have to decide sooner or later what he is.  He was a progressive in Baltimore speaking the speak and relating to the kids in the street.  He was on board for agenda 21 until he announced his presidential run and then it took months for him to get his speech on guns corrected to please conservatives and just as long to get his new pro-life stance down where he could repeat that clearly.  (I think?) Anyway it is always the other person’s hearing that is at fault.  Never what he said.

He went side ways on vaccines…agreeing with Trump on not to give baby’s so much all at once, and that it was better to space it out,  but he did not back down that it was all needed. Then he mentioned some are not necessary, but they were necessary and no reports were done stating otherwise.  Listen to this man people….he answers every question that he is not for in the same manner.  He rides the fence. He’s for it- against it, then for it again….no one knows for sure where he stands.  Sheeple just pick the part they liked when they heard it and hang on to that.  Oh is anyone else seeing all this?

If you are recreating your core values as you go along just to get votes….it will sooner or later be revealed.  Carson is about to self destruct.  Each day he gets more and more passive aggressive.  I used to call it sly.  Now I call it what it is.  A troubled man about to explode.

How long does he have?  I saw between 1 and no longer than 3 months and he will expose himself totally.  He will have an arrogant moment where he believes he is all that and come out with some big mistakes.  He is not sly, he is a very loose cannon.  Watch and see.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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