General McInerney stated that the president understands that America is in grave danger and the republics and nations around the world are in grave danger. Freedom and liberty around the world are in peril. We are in full and ready military operation now to remove threats, both people and issues that are a danger to the Republic.

Doug Billings of Rightside stated, The black outs will be caused by the good guys so don’t panic and be fearful. The white hats will cause the blackouts so they can get the bad guys. There may be mass arrests. Some we may see and some we may not. GITMO or Guantanamo Bay may be a busy place.

Doug Billings of Rightside has inside information that he states is accurate. Some of what he has been told are mentioned below. I am writing some key points out,  just in case the video is removed. It is all  mentioned in the video.

“The Democratic party does not exist anymore. They are no longer an American Political party. You are not an American party if you want to destruct America and make it socialism and communism.

“Many of the republican party joined in the path to destruct America and hand it over to the socialists and communists.

“Trump signed an executive order forbidding US companies to do business with China. China has considered that an act of war.

“General  McInerney  said if China crosses border they will be immediately eliminated for they are waiting at the borders. The visit to the wall was a signal to China that we take it serious about their troops and we know this is not a drill.

“The Mayor of Oklahoma City was notified that the insurrection act was activated and that arrests will begin in that city. That is the first of more cities in which arrests will take place. Why Oklahoma City? Because  there are enemies planning on planting ‘DIRTY BOMBS’ in cities across America and Oklahoma happens to be one of those cities. General McInerney made it clear to NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THAT YOU SEE IN THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA. It is optics or out right lies/disinformation.

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“Trump is using the Art of War and one of the tenets in that is to get the enemy to reveal himself. To demonstrate that, take a look at what has been going on over the last few weeks.  Take a look at all the traitors to the president. Take a look at all of the ones that are disloyal who have been revealed either by their actions or by a forced hand by President Trump or they simply came forward themselves and admitted they are no longer aligned with the President.  For example those who were once favorable with auditing the election changed their alliance such as Kelly Loeffler , Lindsey Graham, Marsha Blackburn, just to name a few.  “Yes we’re going to audit. Then the mob happens and they change their mind.”

Soring bill advocates blame Blackburn, McConnell for lack of action |  Tuesday's Horse

It is very sad to see their true colors, especially in Blackburn, as she knows the mob was not Trump supporters. They all know this. So why did they change their stance?  Were their lives threatened, the lives of their families? Perhaps, maybe someday we will know and it is difficult to say what we would do if someone was threatening our children? Either way, whether threats were made or not, they indeed were faint of heart and sold America’s valuable right to elect their leaders down the drain. Some were always on the side of so doing. Lyndsey Graham was involved in Ukraine and Isis misdoings, he is afraid of being found out for his real crimes. McConnell has gotten wealthy off of China we can go down the list and find as many deceivers on the right as there are on the left.

Xi Jinping, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein,  Cory Gardner, Dan Sullivan | |

If anyone believes that the same voting system that stole this election is left alone and remains in tact, that in so doing it will secure their right to any future free elections…they are most miserably brain washed and have no sense of critical thinking. They are lost to propaganda and very much in the dark.

All who opposed came forward and the world saw who the “self -revealed” traitors  were to the constitution and the president. Many of them we expected for they already had exposed themselves, but on the 6th of January, 2021 – we saw a new wave of weakness and those unfit to serve.

Remember the evidence of cyber warfare interference in the 2020 election did not go away. No matter how much they would like to dismiss it and act like the truth is within their corrupt halls…they can never make a lie become a truth. What they did was reveal their own willingness to partake in corruption and treason to the American people.  They failed to uphold the constitution and they went along with those who plotted a coup, making their own selves an accomplice to treasonous acts. That is what the world witnessed and there is no undoing what has been done.

tunnels underground

President Trump signed an executive order in 2018. All in congress and the senate partaking in the vote knew what was in the executive order, and for some strange reason, they all believed they would have no consequences by going against the constitution and making their own new set of laws as they went along with the charade. 

They have proof of China moving votes from Trump to Biden, they have proof of other nations also involved with the foreign interference. It is no longer a domestic issue, it is an attack by a foreign country and they who supported this committed a treasonous act.  How foolish they were to underestimate the power of One Nation Under God; We The People;  the president; the military; and true justice.  They will all reap what they have sown. For this is not just a US constitutional issue alone, this is a national and world-wide security issue.

General McInerney also stated that COVID was used to shut down economies and wreck them and to incite economic fear and instability. COVID was rolled out by China to help push the mail in ballot debacle that allowed the corrupt election.  It was a man-made virus that was purposely released upon the entire world by China.  The entire citizenry of the world has been affected by this.  They had to increase the death counts for there weren’t enough, and that is why we saw every death as a COVID death.

This certainly appears to have all the hallmark makings of an act of war directed at all of humanity world wide.  And who was with China in this attack?

US Capitol Police officer dies from injuries in riot by Trump supporters |  World News,The Indian Express

Nancy Pelosi Orchestrated The Riot At The Capitol …

Doug Billings stated the attack on the capitol was pre-planned and the attackers were ANTIFA, BLM, and those who planned it were from both parties. Both Democrats and Republicans were involved with the planning of it and the execution of it. He said that he had just heard that Nancy Pelosi orchestrated the riot at the capitol along with her colleagues and that is what the conference call discussed and he was just sharing information. Billings added , “All you haters and trolls shouting that’s just conspiracy theory….I’m just sharing information. If you are intellectually mature enough, you can do more research on your own of that topic. Do your research with multiple competing sources of your information and draw your own adult conclusions. Don’t rail on my channels, and on my youtube, and my pages that I won’t believe it until I see it. The same is true for me, I’m simply sharing information.”

Nancy Pelosi’s laptop is telling a big juicy story.  She now has female US Marshalls escorting her every where she goes inside the capitol building. You tell me why? It sure does appear she is under house arrest.

There are executive orders for state of emergency in the following states: Georgia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Utah and Louisiana declaring them states of emergency and possible disaster.

This gave them permission to move into these states. The situation may become hot around the 18th or 19th of January 2021.

Billings added, “I’m going to say four words, don’t let them freak you out. THIS IS A WAR. And you need to be comfortable saying that. Now it’s an information war, a freedom of speech war. If you have been censored on social media you are a part of that war. As Lin Wood said, all lies will be revealed and it will be glorious.”

20 Eccentric Images From The Rothschild Surrealist Ball
From The Rothschilds Surrealist Ball 1972 They seem to hold a lot of them. Why?
Lessons We Can Learn From The Rothschild Surrealist Ball | AnOther
From the 2015 Rothschilds Surrealist Ball.

In regards to finances around the world, Billings stated that the General said this is also about going back to the gold standard to get our financial house back in order. To remove the Rothschilds and others in power who have monopolized for decades the world banks and finances around this planet. This is not just a United States issue.

The Rothschild Surrealist Ball is filled with strange delicacies. I ask you why would a table be set to dine among such elite dignataries that run the world with such themes? Why would they partake in such things? Are they really that bored?

How many are aware of human and child trafficking?

image 55
Cynthia von Buhler: The Surrealist Behind "The Illuminati Ball"
Cynthia von Buhler Invites You to The Illuminati Ball - WWAC
I’ve heard of giving thanks before a meal…but this ???
image 56
Elite Spirit Cooking Dinners are all just normal…right?Kirby Sommers author, feminist, sex slave survivor on Twitter: "#Epstein  #Maxwell #Wexner #Rothschild #Surrealists #CIA #Illuminati 1972 Rothschild  Surrealist Ball.… "

This is another serious issue that will be coming out, so brace yourselves. These things are not mere fun for bored elite. These are serious celebrations and not to God almighty. They follow another most foul. These are the ones who own the swamp and these are the ones who the White Hats are standing up against. These are the ones that are fighting for their very existance and you will learn why real soon.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tested the satellite emergency broadcast system last Monday during a speech that he made at the Voice of America Symposium.  When his speech was delivered to all 209 members of that organization, it was sent out and translated into all of those native country languages. It had never been done before in that way. He did it to see how many of those member nations would broadcast his speech. And not one of them did.  (You heard it here same day on the Marshall Report, smile).  So now he knows that the emergency broadcast has to be used.

Bill ended with a final statement, “When you see God’s divine providence working through your life amidst adversity, amidst tragedy, in the challenges and in the joy and the wonder and the meaning and the victories in your life, you become grateful and grateful people are the happiest people on the planet. That’s the difference between you and me and the commie socialists in the world. We see the individuality that we possess and developed it and that’s how we make our countries, our neighborhoods, our churches our synagogues better. Because we develop our individuality, we become the best version of ourselves. The commie socialists and those folks would thrust their politics upon us because that’s how they think they improve the world, but they’re wrong and we know it so continue to pray and I ask that you pray for me and the show.”

Pray for America and the World for the sea of humanity cries out and their voices have reached into the heavens. Let your voice be among them!

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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