Trudeau Blew It Again!

The Majority believe PM Trudeau “worsened” an already bad situation by invoking the Emergencies Act! PM Trudeau just used a last resort measure that over rides the Provinces…by declaring his national emergency. That is equal to telling your state you have to do what Joe Biden says, and not allow you to exercise the constitution…Continue readingTrudeau Blew It Again!

Truckers False Flag Coming?

Truckers and farmers who are protesting to restore their freedom to live their lives lawfully and not have their bodies, families, and children subject to toxic jabs, masks, and other restrictions that are unconstitutional that take away their freedom to buy food, shop, work, attend school, walk down the street, decide what goes into their…Continue readingTruckers False Flag Coming?

Politics, Religion Versus Freedom

Just a Tuesday update and a few things to ponder. As the battle fronts rage in this spiritual warfare, many are waking up to truth, and many continue to think those that shout spiritual warfare are crazy zealots. Yet, they wring their hands and stand in line to get a jab and wonder why they…Continue readingPolitics, Religion Versus Freedom


Censored But Not Stopped! Canadian Trucker’s Freedom Convoy 2022 places lawsuit and changes donation site to GiveSendGo! After raising over $10 million dollars to support the Freedom Convoy, from worldwide donations, the Canadian Government first tried to confiscate the proceeds to use in their own social programs but were met with legal issues involving that…Continue readingFREEDOM CONVOY 2022

Leigh Dundas Talks Truckers!

International Human Rights Lawyer Leigh Dundas gives you the facts with Michael Jaco on the TRUTH the NEWS DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW, NOR HEAR! How do you arrest Canadian truckers who are polishing statues and saying prayers before they eat their meals? This can be quite a challenge for the tyrants, especially when the…Continue readingLeigh Dundas Talks Truckers!

Forfeit Your Property To The Crown?

The threat of military force to squash independent people protesting is real and taking place! Yet, as of today, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Norway, Finland, Ireland, and Switzerland have removed all Covid mandates and restrictions! Why aren’t we hearing this? President Trump has come out in support of the truckers along with “We The People”!…Continue readingForfeit Your Property To The Crown?

Canada Trucker’s 4 Freedom 2022 Update…

THE “FRINGE”, AS TRUDEAU CALLS IT, IS SPREADING FASTER THAN COVID. THE PEOPLE HAVE ALL TESTED POSITIVE FOR FRINGE! The only remedy appears to be to end the tyrannical covid mandates and all restrictions and have Trudeau step down from his office. Presently, there is no vax for THE FRINGE! Trudeau is called out in…Continue readingCanada Trucker’s 4 Freedom 2022 Update…