It is now smack in our faces that the Obama administration, the media, the Hillary henchmen democrats, and the entire establishment elite are out to kill America and the freedoms we hold dear.  They hide nothing right now as they lie and spew their hate in speeches and anti-American testimonials.
Then they scratch their heads and wonder why Trumps poll numbers are up.  They have no idea how horrid they look, nor do they have any idea how apostate their words are.
They shout out to love all Islam and all Muslims who follow Islam in one breath, then they shout out to kill all Iraq Syria Islamic State (ISIS) in the next.  We are at war with the Islamic State in the middle east and the likes of Graham, Rubio, Fiorina, Hillary, etc. have shouted to kill them all!  Kill the evil ISIS.
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They can’t have it both ways.  There either is a war against terror which is based on radical Islam or as Hillary calls it radical Jihadist (which means the exact same thing) and when we say it out loud, they attack us from all angles.  When we dare to stop Syrian refugees who have known radical Jihadists among them we are told to shut up.  We are called islamaphobes and haters.  So …..they run guns, train and finance ISIS, partake in oil smuggling, praise Erdogan and his ideals of a neo-Ottoman Empire, hire the Muslim Brotherhood to fill government positions and dare any American to question any of it.
Does anyone see that we are at war and that war is domestic?  That war is in the Whitehouse, and fueled by establishment elite donor dollars.
America if you cannot see the dismantling of your rights, and the setting up of a radical Islamist home invasion… never will. Why would the establishment elite allow this?  To bring about world war III and from the ashes usher in their one world order.  The uprising is paid for and funded by your tax payer hidden dollars and big donations from the establishment western world and Saudi nationals.
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One man is standing against this evil.  Donald J. Trump.  Those that stand with him are being condemned, losing their jobs, positions, name called, lied about, and threatened.   Muslim Trump defenders are being threatened and blasphemed in the same manner.  All who defend  the people and stand by what is right  with common sense are being blasted by those who want to overrun America and turn her over to the United Nations new world order. The constitution is in the paper shredder and the usurpers finger is on the start button.
This is the last stand for America.  War is here.  We are in the middle of it and it is getting nasty.  Those who have declared it are in our faces and they are not hiding at all.
God bless Trump and keep him protected and strong.  These are perilous times and I pray that the good people in power will impeach those who have betrayed this nation.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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