I KNOW…while we are in the middle of political chainsaw massacre part 8….the TPP deal is signed in New Zealand amidst the shouts of protestors who are against it. Signatures are all in place, even Cruz’s Canada. But, now they must get approval from their parliaments, and we from the house and senate.
If you are thinking…what the? You are right, we are screwed…as I don’t see our Ryan leading the way with Jeff Sessions against it. Pray that it does not pass in the house and senate…if it does we indeed are no longer a sovereign nation no matter what Cruz and establishment ilk might say. Oh, yea…Cruz is against it now…maybe he can poison pen it somehow? Do a filibuster or something? Or maybe even just miss the vote? After all, it is TPA he was for. That only led the way for TPP. (Are you seeing how he works yet?) When caught it is always, I was not for that, I was for this. Then when “this” is exposed, it’s “I was deceived McConnell (or someone else) lied to me!” That becomes this, this becomes that, then someone lied, blame, then this again and that. He is an angel.
Let me point out an excerpt from an article written in 2013 (link below):
“… to get the TPP passed, Obama needs “fast track” trade promotion authority (TPA) that he doesn’t have. Can he get it?”
Yes he got it, and remember Cruz was all for it and still is. I just hope folks are starting to see his sly moves?
Once TPP is going and foreign markets start placing their stakes in every state it is dibs on America…but first – we must pass a law and give all the land back to the states….this will lead the way for those interested in mining, minerals, and other resources they can now boldly step forward without all the trickster type hassles and merely make their deals outright or sue the government for breach of contract. I can hear it now…”Mine…NO MINE…I was here first, NO I WAS!” Then add to that the Cruz or Rubio Cuban presidency and it’s Ann Coulter’s “Audios America”.
Never the less, if we do get a Trump he can pull us out of the agreement with congress and the senate and hopefully out of the entire UN and their new world order and all of their sustainable development goals. We would then be America land of the free and proud owner of a constitution AGAIN that forbids the unthinkable predicament we are in now…because no one NOT EVEN OUR SO-CALLED CONSTITUTIONAL EXPERTS gave a dam when in office about stopping any of this.
Dianne Marshall
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By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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