BREAKING NEWS – Syrian Refugees Are Mostly Jihadists!

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Aida Bolevar experienced first hand what the migration of refugees coming out of Syria is all about.  Once again Trump and his supporters are right.  These able-bodied men want nothing more that to continue their Jihad and wipe the infidel off the face of the earth.

Aida was traveling from Budapest, Hungary to Vienna, Austria by train.  At the station the crowd was foul mouthed and uncivilized in their actions, even defecating on the streets as they waited for the train.  Pushing and shoving and even grabbing little children to gain access to entering the train first, these men that our establishment puppets would like us to believe are refugees are nothing more than tomorrows nightmare.

Aida is fluent in the Arabic language and understood every word they spewed out of their Jihadist’s mouths.  Even mocking to rape her and rob the people on the train in the name of Allah.  Imagine for a moment what that entire experience must have been like for a single woman alone on the train with these savages boldly threatening such things with no conscience. (see link below)

These terrorists have now flooded into European nations creating chaos.  The Obama administration and candidates like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and others want to bring these war mongering savages here to America.  What part of Jihad do they not understand?

GOP Frontrunner, Donald Trump, is speaking out against sending these so-called refugees to America and is now being lashed at by the media for being racist. Good Grief! It is not about race it is about protecting the citizens from potential terrorists and preventing the insane Jihad chaos that  is now exploding throughout Europe.

In addition to the violence, the so-called refugees are arriving in such vast numbers the nations receiving them can not accommodate their basic needs.  “Send them back” is the shout from the people in the nations that have accepted this crazy mandate.  Islamic states and Mexico have refused to accept any of the so-called refugees.

The media is silent on the terrible state of affairs taking place over seas and has not mentioned the terrible backlash leaders like Germany’s Prime Minister Angela Merkle are receiving from their people.  Merkle was publicly booed by the people of Germany and in one case it was a miracle the people didn’t rush at her to drag her through the streets.  She can thank God for Germany being a Christian nation or she would have been.

America  can not allow this travesty to enter its borders as President Obama and the United Nations New World Order establishment  have planned.  Any nation leader that stands for this is blatantly agreeing to a treasonous act!

Americans must continue to speak out and not allow a usurped government to sneak these mercenaries inside their borders  in the light of day, nor in the dark of  night!  This is now a major European crises that must be addressed and exposed.

People must all face the reality that what is being unleashed into the western world is nothing more than potential Jihad and the results of war are already being seen.  (See video below).   It is treason to accept this.  Listen to the Germans, the people of Hungary and Austria.  Do not listen to the establishment and for God’s sake don’t listen to the politically correct liar media!  America is already under attack from within.  America does not need to willingly bring terrorists  to its door steps who openly denounce them as infidels.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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