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Kerry met with a group to call a cease fire in Syria.  But the cease fire does not apply to the terrorists?  Is that what I just heard?  And this cease fire will allow the rebels in Syria to call a new election for their government officials?  Is that what I just heard?

If that is what I just heard this is the same goal Obama, Hillary, McCain and Kerry have had all along.  Topple Assad.  Get him out of office and let their own idea of government take hold of the state.

I do not think that Assad, nor Putin will agree to this United Nations idea.  Especially when a cease fire will result in a rush of ISIS to regain their stronghold.  This is not about Syria, this is about Islam wanting a Caliphate.

It will be interesting to hear from Assad and Putin on this new chess move.  For that is exactly what it is.  A chess move and a lousy deal for Assad and the world.   Just as bad as the Iran deal and TTIP act.

Kerry blames all the Syrian Islamist mess on Assad.  He failed to mention the U.S. involvement in wanting to topple Assad and their creation of ISIS to do this.  He fails to mention the U.S. involvement in Iraq, in Egypt, In Libya, in Palestine, and In Ukraine.  He failed to mention the global governance goals to take over the middle east and devise new borders.

He failed to mention that U.S. has been creating ISIS and arming them via a failed foreign policy. He also failed to mention the U.S. dropping supplies and military equipment to ISIS.

He failed to mention the able bodied mercenaries being shipped throughout the entire world. He failed to mention the chaos the world has seen based on United Nations mandate to send these Islamist mercenaries to civilized nations.  He failed to mention the breaking news that Islamist refugees were behind the attacks in France yesterday.

This is beginning to look like the WWIII scenario of the western world against Islam.  Just the way they have planned it for a very long time.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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