Introducing Patty Cummings, Owner of P2 Personal Training and Creator of “ASTRO-DURANCE” total body bungee training that makes you feel “Super Human!”
Just when we thought we knew everything there was to know about a good gym workout, complete with every conceivable machine directed at select muscle groups, here comes Patty Cummings, owner of P2 Personal Training in Cape Coral, Florida, to rewrite one valuable element back into the equation!  That element is the golden “sedentary market”.  The market of potential gym goers that fitness experts clamor about but don’t seem to attract.  This market represents the other 80% of people who do not belong to a fitness center or program of any kind.  The question is….why is that?
“Many of my clients have physical issues that restrict their range of motion, like bad knees, hips, and back problems”, stated Patty Cummings. “While the traditional gym is focused on the 20-40 year-old market, boot camps and the 24/7 self-serve gym programs, at P2 I’ve focused on the exact opposite approach. My focus has been on specialized service and individual customized personal training with low impact exercise techniques that my clients can do.”

Pictured above: It’s hard to believe that this person just minutes before these photos were taken almost backed out of doing ASTRO-DURANCE training due to her chronic back problems. After watching how it was done, she feared it would make her back worse.  With a little encouragement she tried and if a picture speaks a thousand worlds…smile – She actually felt relief and is MAKING EXTREME MOVEMENTS AND STRETCHES WITH NO PAIN!

“I looked at many ways to help my clients  with bad knees and hip replacements rev up their cardio to get their metabolism going and achieve a good workout. In many cases, in order to take the pressure off their joints,  I became their hands on bungee. I began thinking of ways that would allow clients to perform moves on their own and stepped out of the traditional gym box.  After trial and error, I knew what was needed and went to work to have a bungee arena and equipment custom made for what I have named – “ASTRO-DURANCE TRAINING”.

This client has had knee surgeries, hip surgery, back surgery – watch her work out with no pressure on her joints!
ASTRO-DURANCE meets the gym training demands of athletes and those with  physical limitations! Its’ appeal is exciting to all age groups, shapes and sizes!

“It’s like going back in Bio-time and training like you were twenty years younger and at your ideal weight!” Patty stated, “For those with ideal weight and youth – ASTRO-DURANCE is the best workout to optimize their body’s peak performance – and it’s fun!”

In testing “ASTRO-DURANCE” principals and moves with athletic and fitness trainer test models, Cummings discovered that maximum cardio was reached in a minute and up to 4 minutes in test models who were out of shape. Traditionally in the fitness industry the first 30 minutes of a work out is spent on the treadmill, bike, stairs, or some machine to physically get ones cardio revved. With ASTRO-DURANCE, P2’S test models’ had their metabolism  well into fat burning mode within minutes!  Fitbit health tracker devices have compared clients who were burning 150 calories in 30 minutes in the traditional gym routine were now burning up to 940 in 20 minutes with ASTRO-DURANCE TRAINING!
ASTRO-DURANCE TRAINING is based on weightless total body bungee concepts that allow people to perform muscle movements they could not do unassisted. Muscles are stretched and exercised that would have been impossible before!   It is a phenomenal training program that offers extremely high cardio and reves metabolism to start burning fat immediately without putting stress on joints, knees, hips, and ankles!
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By Dianne Marshall

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