Super bowl halftime enchantment, Luciferin – New World Order RESET, transhumanism in your face and red jackets symbolizing what? Someone was going to be blue pilled and masked to obey if they had their way. I say ‘WAS’ because I know how this ends. It won’t end in their favor for it is written that God’s people win in the end. That is not to say there won’t be a shaking and a battle, the battle has been raging and we have not even recognized it until it became so lawless that we are now facing extinction as a nation.

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Therefore, I rebuke their evil in the name of Yeshua! I couldn’t even watch it all for it was so evil. So those who think this is art….go spirit cook somewhere else. It is in our face and the reason why we are in such a state of destruction. And those who say…then why did you watch it you hypocrite? My answer to you is – I watched to see what it is they do. To see the evil for myself and use discernment. I am giving my discernment of what I saw. Each can decide on their own what they saw. I know there are a lot of hidden things in this, but, I could not stomach to watch it. So, someone will dissect it and bring all the illuminati Baal things out soon. They aways do.

The “i” in this year’s Super Bowl logo “LIV” reminds me of an Obelisk with an Alien head attached. L for Lucifer and V for 5 G. Together you have the Lucifer Alien 5G invasion where everyone gets robotized. That is, if they had their way.

 Are they at halftime…halfway mark? Of course it’s all a show. Then we have Pepsi’s symbol that Obama all but borrowed in his campaign logo. In fact it was said by the Boston Globe quoting Peter Krivkovich, CEO of Cramer-Krasseltadvertising agency in Chicago, “The ever-present rising sun logo has the feeling of a hot new Internet company. It begins to break with tradition while also rooting itself in tradition.” How about the 5G that is needed to robotize those who get their RNA altered? Mind and body control at the pinnacle of tyranny.

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I’m not sure about what it means…I’m sure everyone has their own opinion. Remember Pepsi uses aborted fetal tissue as a beverage enhancer so….trust them and drink up. Aborted Babies In Pepsi, Kraft, And Nestle – Shocking Report | Genuine Christianity Now For those who want another source there are plenty of them, just google it.

Aborted fetal cells are also involved with the COVID VACCINE. How cells taken from decades-old fetal tissue are used in Covid-19 drug research (

Remember Obama is behind the Biden puppet. And Jarrett is behind the Obama puppet. And the Cabal is their puppet master. Also remember who owns Pepsi….the great merchants of the earth who direct the Cabal. And the same great merchants in the 1% club who own Pepsi – 5 Top Shareholders of PepsiCo (PEP) ( So understand who is presenting you this magnificent array of Super Bowl half time shows that we have been watching in recent years past, they always reveal their coming agenda. Then look a little closer to what they are really saying to you.

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This CBS tag line says it all, “Next Season is Our Season”, whatever do they mean by that? Ratings season? Football season? What are they saying in secret here? It sure makes little sense without knowing what they are speaking of. Who knows numerology? The 2.7.21 must mean something. All I know is that when combined they reduce down to the number 3. Which is a key number of the triangle, and the number of harmony, wisdom and understanding. Why are there cracks in the words? Someone skilled in that area will figure it out. They always do.
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On the other side of the spiritual warfare where God and his mighty Arch Angels are watching, trust me they are holding back the demonic curses. Michael is always standing guard over God’s people! It is a sad and grievious thing to behold so many good people lost in the midst of this. Especially knowing how many good people, teens and children will watch this and applaud it as a wonderful thing. Pray for all of them. I mean that sincerely.

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Always counter the evil with good, here are a few other videos that will touch the soul and keep your eyes from the mesmerizing darts that may have pierced through.

God bless and pray unceasing.

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Dianne Marshall

president trump speaks out

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