Black Ops – How Far Have They Gone and How Far Will They Go?

The entire world of minions are playing the same demonic mind wash spell games at the same time. This is causing quite the stirring among the nations. When did Black Operations hatched by minds behind the curtains of Secret Organizations, become main stream business as usual?

They all have the same play book, with some having secret chapters and forbidden knowledge that only certain initiate eyes get to see. But because they are all so out in the open smacking us in the face and shouting, you smacked me – all in the light of day, we are watching and wondering why on earth are they telling all the obvious lies? Who do they think they are lying to? If it weren’t sheer evil that affected our lives it would be laughable. In fact, if we were watching this in a movie on the big screen, we would be shouting all sorts of things to wake up the idiots in the film who were buying into the lies. The lies would be so Saturday Night Live that we would be rolling our eyes and saying, “No body is that stupid to believe that.”

This is how they change history right in your face. This isn’t new. But it sure was an eye opener to watch this documentary I found from PBS on Trump and the stolen election. The lies are pouring off every frame.

The comments found by those who watched it really show how the lies and wrap up smears work on a public that is only watching the fake news and sucking on their dum dums.

It certainly isn’t aging well for the Dems either. How many of the corrupt ones are gone now and wearing their 2.0 one size fits all faces?  Let’s see now, do we really have to list all the lies? That would take too long…just watch the video if you can stomach it. As I watched it I couldn’t help but think of all the history that has been rewritten in the fake news, false reports and corrupt courts. 911 is one of those louder false reports and inside jobs that went down in history as terrorists on a plane that sailed through reinforced steel and brought the towers down. Even though the nose of a plane can easily be damaged by birds flying in the friendly sky. Let alone the wings are supposed to have burst through. Not to mention the explosions going off that brought it down like a controlled demolition. Not to be confused with building 7 which was an obvious controlled demolition even announced it was down while it was still standing in the background. But, hey… they stuck with the script.

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But they told you what you saw and they stuck to their script. How many other fake news reports can you recall? Trust me there are a slew of them. In fact, it might be easier to list the real events. That would take less time.

Pay close attention to all the ones bearing false witness in the PBS Propaganda Filled documentary. Their names will not age well. Some have already been exposed for their part in the crimes and many just aren’t around anymore except in C.G.I. snippets. Why is that? Where did these ones go? It’s just not like them to sit down and be quiet when they are needed so badly to fight for their democracy.  Maybe we’ll find out later at the end of the show and maybe we never will know where they went exactly?  Or when they went? There are many ideas on all of it, but the bottom line today is the ones who are yet doing their corruption.

Let us just go back to John Coleman and his reports of the Committee of 300 and a refresher on how this infiltration all works, specifically with Tavistock Institute.

Excerpts From: Coleman_John_-_The_Tavistock_Institute_of_Human_Relations1.pdf (

CHAPTER 23 The Tavistock Institute: Britain’s control of the United States

“The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is situated in London and on the grounds of Sussex University, Sussex, England, where most of its research facilities are located. Tavistock remains as important today as it was when I first revealed its existence early in 1969. I have been accused of having been a part of Tavistock because I worked in close proximity to Tavistock’s Sussex facility, and knew so much of its history. Most of Tavistock’s more recent activity has had, and is still having, a profound influence upon the way we live in America, and upon our political institutions.

“Tavistock is believed to be behind the pro-abortion publicity, the proliferation of drugs, sodomy and lesbianism, family traditions, and the fierce attack on the Constitution, our misconduct in foreign policy and our economic system, programmed to fail. Apart from John Rawlings Reese no two men made such a difference to world politics and world events as shaped at Tavistock than Edward Bernays (the double nephew of Sigmund Freud) and Kurt Lewin. A “third man” must be included here, although he was never on the faculty at Tavistock and I refer to Willi Munzenberg whose propaganda methods and applications so crucial to the modern age of mass communication earned him the title, “the greatest propagandist in the world.” Undoubtedly the most brilliant man of his era, (he began his work before WWI) Munzenberg was responsible for sanitizing the Bolsheviks after they overthrew the Romanov Dynasty.” 

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Putin’s plan to restore the Romanovs

Interesting read, especially considering there are Russian Ships off the coast of Miami near Cuba at the moment. Putin’s plan to restore the Romanovs | Nicholas II (

The question is…will we see the revenge of Mother Russia in the end of all of the show?

Back to Coleman’s “The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations”: Page 138  – Munzenberg definitely shaped the ideas and methods put into practice by Bernays and Lewin. His legendary exploits in handling Leon Tepper the Kappelmeister of the Rot Kappell (Conductor of the “Red Orchestra” spy ring) made Munzenberg the master spy of every intelligence agency in existence. Tepper was trained by Munzenberg and he never got caught. Tepper was able to obtain all of the secrets of Britain and the United States in WWII. There was hardly a single secret plan the “allies” launched that was not already known to Tepper, who passed the information to the KGB and the GRU in Moscow. In his field, Bernays was equally brilliant but I suspect that most of his ideas originated with his famous uncle Sigmund. As for his ideas on propaganda, there is little doubt that he “borrowed” from Munzenberg and this is reflected in the Bernays classic Propaganda that was published in 1928.

“The thesis of the book is that it is entirely proper and a natural right for government to organize public opinion to conform to official policies. We shall return to this subject later. Munzenberg was bold enough to put his basic tenets about propaganda into practice well before Bernays, or Joseph Goebbels, the German Minister of Popular Enlightenment (as the Ministry of Propaganda was called.) The propaganda specialist of the Nazi Party greatly admired Munzenberg’s work and modeled his own propaganda program closely upon Munzenberg’s methods. Goebbels always took care to credit Munzenberg as the “father” of propaganda even when few knew very little about him.

“Suffice to say that a spirit of unconstitutional lawlessness pertains in the Congress, which is why we are insulted by such measures as the “Brady” bill and the Feinstein “assault weapons” bill. “Assault weapons” and in 2003 the “Homeland Security Bill” and the “Patriot Act,” do not appear anywhere in the Constitution and all are, therefore, a prohibition. Feinstein’s “law” looks suspiciously like the work of the Tavistock Institute. The Constitution being the supreme law of the land, “gun control” laws are null and void. Guns are private property. Guns do not come under Interstate Commerce. Every U.S. citizen of sound mind, of legal age and not a felon has the right to keep and bear arms in any quantity and in any place. This was stated by the great St. George Tucker who declared: “The Congress of the United States possesses no power to regulate or interfere with the domestic concerns of any of the States, it belongs to them (the States) to establish any rules respecting the right of property, nor will the Constitution permit any prohibition of arms to the people or peaceful assembly by them for whatever purpose and in any number, whatsoever they may see the occasion.” (Blackstone’s Views on the Constitution, page 315)

Pause for a moment and ponder it all. Are you seeing their bag of tricks yet?

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Election interference is guided by Tavistock Propaganda Machine – Mind Control science of polling!

John Coleman states,“Any candidate who is not going to be easy to control or who does not fit the Tavistock profiles is ushered out. In this, the print and electronic media— under Tavistock’s direction—or one of its affiliates, plays a key role. Let the voter beware, let the public beware Our election process has become a farce, thanks to the work done by Tavistock in controlling the thoughts and ideas of the people of this nation by means of “inner directional conditioning” and “long distance penetration” of which the mind-control science of polling is an integral part.

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Is that why Trump always brings out the latest listing of poll numbers?  He always talks about the polls. I always see the lies in the polls. I mean there is just no way that Biden was ever leading Trump in the 2024 election like they said. These are so fake, and now we know they are the brain science of Tavistock Institute.

Think back at all the mind control propaganda gimmicks they use on us day in and day out. How many are now immune to the liar machines and have learned to make your own assessment? Trump was right they are fake news!  Do your own poll!

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All it takes is to look at the people who show up to hear Trump and the tiny few that show up to hear Biden to know something is not right with the fake news predicting a tight race? Or a ridiculous Biden lead?  The polls are nothing more than an A.I. joke about as funny as Karl Rove and his magic white board predictions.  I didn’t even know he was still around? He looks different these days. Maybe his polls are catching up with him? 

Karl Rove the shady past advisor to George W. Bush on this magic white voodoo board as he explains why Trump won’t be re-elected?  Good grief.

image 23 8

They call the mind programmers, strategists. See how they do it? They are the smart ones. You are as dumb sheep that they can herd and cull? Brought to you by the great minds of Tavistock Institute Program division. Republican strategist Karl Rove suggested former President Donald Trump damaged his re-election chances with his performance at Wednesday’s CNN town hall. ‘He’s got a problem’: Karl Rove pulls out the whiteboard to list reasons Trump can’t win – Raw Story

Back to Coleman: “Tavistock serves the Black Nobility in all of its elements, working to rob us of the victory of the American Revolution of 1776. If the reader is unfamiliar with the Black Nobility, of course, the term does not refer to black people. It refers to a group of extremely wealthy people, dynasties, whose history dates back for more than five hundred years and who make up the backbone of the Committee of 300.

“On the international front, as well as in areas of those institutions in the U.S. who decide foreign policy, Tavistock does psychological profiling at all levels of government, as well as intruding into private life, on a truly vast scale. Tavistock developed profiles and programs for the Club of Rome, the Cini Foundation, the German Marshall fund, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bilderbergers, the CFR and the Trilateral Commission, the Ditchley Foundation, the Bank of International Settlements, the I.M.F. the United Nations and the World Bank, Microsoft, Citibank, the New York Stock Exchange and so on. This is by no means a complete list of institutions in the hands of Tavistock planners.

image 23 10
Black Nobility – Elite Oligarch Families of extreme wealth. Babylon the Great?

“The propaganda barrage that preceded the 1991 Bush Gulf War was based around a psychological profile of huge population groups in the U.S. prepared by Tavistock. The results were passed on to the opinion makers, also known as “advertising agencies” on Madison Avenue. 142 So effective was this propaganda, that within two weeks, people who didn’t even know where Iraq was on the map, let alone who its leaders were, began to shout and clamor for war against “a dictator who threatens America’s interests.” Frightening? YES, but unfortunately 100 percent true! The very words “gulf crisis” were crafted by Tavistock Institute to arouse maximum support for the Bush war on behalf of a Committee of 300-flagship company, British Petroleum (BP).

(This is the machine Trump and the Patriots are Fighting folks! Inside infiltration and outside forces. Guided by the crafty dark forces.)

“Pg 159 How many people would believe that for the past 56 years, Tavistock has been sending an invisible army of shock troops, into every hamlet, village, town and city across this nation? The task of the invisible army is to infiltrate, tamper with, and modify collective social behavior, by means of “inner directional conditioning.” The Reese “invisible army” is made up of real professionals who know their job and are dedicated to the task they were commissioned to do. They are found today in the halls of justice, police, churches, school boards, sports bodies, newspapers, television studios, government advisory boards, town councils, state legislatures, and are legion in Washington.

“They run for every office from county councilor to sheriff to judge, from school board member to city councilman, and even, for the office of the President of the United States of America. How this works was explained by John Rawlings Reese, back in 1954: “Their job is to apply the advanced techniques of psychological warfare as we know them to whole population groups that will grow ever larger, so that whole populations may be more easily controlled. In a world driven completely mad, groups of Tavistock psychologists linked to each other, capable of influencing the political and governmental field must be arbiters, the power cabal.” Will this frank confession convince conspiracy skeptics? Probably not, as it is doubtful whether such closed minds could have any real knowledge of these things. Such information is wasted on radio “talking heads.”

“A director of the Reese invisible army was Ronald Lippert, whose specialty was tinkering with the minds of children.  Dr. Fred Emery was another of Tavistock’s “linked psychologists” who was on the board of President Johnson’s Kerner Commission. Emery was what Tavistock called a “social environmental turbulence” specialist, the bottom line of which is that when a whole population group is subjected to social crises, it breaks down into synoptic idealism and finally fragments; that is to say, it just gives up trying to cope with the problem or problems.”

(If I can pause and interject a thought here…. In short, it appears to be Hillary’s “It takes a Village”.)

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Back to Coleman: “The word “environmental” has nothing to do with ecology issues, but has to do with the particular environment into which the specialist has injected himself with the specific intent of making trouble—”turbulences” or “stress patterns.” This has already happened with rock and roll, drugs, free love (abortion), sodomy, lesbianism, pornography, street gangs, a constant attack on family life, on the institution of marriage, on social order, on the Constitution and especially on the 2nd and 10th Amendment. Where this has happened, we find communities powerless to cope with a broken-down justice system, school boards teaching evolution, minors being encouraged to buy condoms and even “children’s rights” being pushed. “Children’s rights”, usually mean children should be allowed to disobey their parents, a key issue in every Socialist’s “child care” program.

 “Members of the Reese Invisible Army are entrenched in the House and Senate, in the military, the police, and in virtually every government office in the land After studying the State of California, I came to the conclusion that it has the largest contingent of “Invisible Army” shock troops in the country, which has made California something very close to a socialist, police state. I believe California will be the “role model” for the rest of the nation.

“At present there are no laws on the books that make this type of conditioning illegal. Reese and Lewin researched the laws of England and the United States and concluded that it was legal to “condition” a person without his or her consent or knowledge. We need to change this. Polling is an integral part of “conditioning.”

“Tavistock’s “Invisible Army” of shock troops has changed the way America thinks about rock, premarital sex, drug taking, children born out of wedlock, promiscuity, marriage, divorce, family life, abortion, homosexuality and lesbianism, the Constitution and yes, even murder, not to mention that lack of morals is fine as long as one does a good job. In the early years of Tavistock, the “Leaderless Group Concept” was used to lay the America we once knew, in the dust. In charge of the project was W.R. Bion, who ran the Wharton School of Economics for years, where such nonsense as free trade and Keynesian economics are taught.

We, the People, have been and are being endlessly studied at Tavistock’s Institutions. We are dissected, profiled, thought-read, and the data entered into computer data banks for the purposes of shaping and planning how we will react to planned future shocks and stressful situations.

image 24 3

“All this is done without our consent and in gross violation of our constitutional right to privacy. These profiling results and prognostications are entered into data bases in computers at the National Security Agency, the FBI, the Department of Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency to name but a few places where such data is stored. The lines between internal and external spying are being blurred as the American people are conditioned for the coming One World Government wherein surveillance of individuals will reach unprecedented levels. It was this kind of information which allowed the FBI to get away with burning David Koresh and his Branch Davidians, while the nation watched it happening on national television, without hardly a whimper of protest 179 from the people and, an astonishing lack of protest from Congress. In one move, the States rights of Texas were destroyed. Waco was meant as a test case to see how the population would react to witnessing the 10th Amendment being destroyed before their very eyes, and, as profiled, the people of Texas and the United States acted precisely in the manner of the Tavistock profile; they acted like sheep peacefully grazing on grass as the Judas goat that would lead them to the  slaughterhouse circled the flock.

But something tells me the Tavistock Psyops has been met with interference. It’s when you see things like this…

image 23

And you just know the 1.0 became 2.0 and then a 3.0 and you know something happened and they aren’t coming back. Especially when Trump announced her name among the Lizard people going to their Lizard meeting in Davos. Do you remember the name of the other Lizard Trump named? I do. Smile.

Which bring us to Coleman’s Tavistock cults

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“The executive conferences and training sessions at Tarrytown House proved that Reese’s brainwashing techniques were flawless. Here was a forum attended by the captains of industry, the elite of America’s corporate world, quite happy to be participating in the demise of America’s steel industry, sacrificing its unique domestic market that had made America a great industrial nation, tearing up the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and embracing genocidal programs calling for the culling of half of the world’s population; substituting Eastern mysticism and the 208 Kabala for Christianity; applauding programs that would result in a breakdown of the morals of the nation and destruction of family life; a future Balkanized America. No one could deny, looking at the state of America today in 2005, that Reese and his Tavistock methods did an astonishing job in brainwashing the leaders of our corporate world, our political and religious leaders, our judges and our educators, and the guardians of the morals of the nation, not to mention the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate.

“In the early 1930s, the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation Fund also contributed heavily to Tavistock. pg 224 The fact that so many of the chief practitioners of mind control and behavioral modifications were, and are, closely associated with the secret societies that embrace cults of many different ideas and beliefs, notably Isis-Orsiris, Kabala, Sufi, Cathari, Bogomil and Bahai (Manichean) mysticism should be noted. For the uninitiated, the very idea that prestigious institutions, and their scientists would be involved in cults and even with Satanism and Illuminists would be a very difficult thing to believe. But the connection is very real. We can see just why Tavistock was so interested in these subjects.

“Random school shootings by young people subjected to prolonged bouts of stress, and under the influence of habit-forming drugs, are remarkable in that in a large number of these tragic happenings, the perpetrators nearly always claim that they were directed “by voices” to do their deadly work. There can be no doubt that mind control was very much at work in these tragic instances. Unfortunately, we shall see many more such tragic episodes before the public realizes what is going on.

“Cultism, mind control, psychological stress application and behavioral modifications are very much a part of what is taught by Tavistock’s scientists. In fact, alarmed by leaks showing its connection with Tavistock scientists, the British House of Commons passed a law making it legal for places like Tavistock to conduct what the bill called, “physical research.” Now, the term, “physical research” is so ambiguous as to give rise to serious doubts about what it truly means, or whether, as some critics contended, is merely a term used to cover what really goes on. In any event, Tavistock was not about to take the public into its confidence. But I can say with absolute certainty that British intelligence MI6 and CIA operatives receive training at Tavistock in metaphysics, mind control, behavior modifications, ESP, hypnotism, the occult, Satanism and Illuminists and the Manichean cults.

“These are not just beliefs based on relics from the Middle Ages. This is evil force being taught in a way that will make a difference to the level of mind control, such as would not have been thought possible a few short years ago. I will make this prediction without fear of contradiction: In later years we are going to discover that all of the random shootings at schools, post offices, shopping malls, were not random shootings at all. They were carried out by conditioned, mind controlled subjects who were carefully sought out and put on dangerous, mood-altering drugs like Prozac, AZT and Ritalin. The common denominator between several of the random shootings, starting with David Berkowitz, the so-called “Son of Sam” murderer; all without exception, told investigators that they “heard voices” telling them to shoot people.

“The case of Klip Kinkel, the Oregon youth who shot his mother and father, before shooting up his high school is his confession to investigators who interviewed him. Asked why he shot his father and his mother, Kinkel replied that he heard “voices” telling him to shoot them. Nobody will ever be able to prove that Kinkel and the others were victims of mind control experiments carried out by the CIA or that they did indeed “hear voices” induced by through transference carried out by DARPA computer programmers. 226 The responsible House Oversight Committee must call for the CIA’s documents covering mind control and search them for a connection with the school shootings.

“I believe it is imperative that such an order be sent out to the CIA without any further loss of time. Apart from my own research into the subject of “physical research,” Victor Marachetti, who was with the CIA for 14 years, revealed the existence of a Tavistock-designed physical research program, where CIA operatives tried to contact the spirits of former agents who had died. As I said in my above mentioned monograph, I have had a great deal of personal experience in the “metaphysical” realms and know for a fact, that a large number of British and American intelligence agents are indoctrinated in it. Tavistock calls it “behavioral science,” and it has advanced so rapidly in the last ten years that it has become one of the most important types of training agents can undergo.

“In Tavistock’s ESP programs, each participant is a “volunteer”, who agrees to have his personality “correlated” with ESP; that is to say, they have agreed to help Tavistock find an answer as to why certain people are psychic and others are gifted with ESP.

So he jokes about it while giving facts about it, and now we are supposed to joke about it too? Not. What do you believe? Enjoy the programming or look behind the curtain.

The object of the exercise is to make each and every MI6 and CIA agent highly psychic with sharply developed ESP. Because a number of years have passed since I was directly involved in such matters, I consulted a colleague who is still in the “service”, to find out how successful Tavistock has been with its experiments? He told me that Tavistock has indeed perfected its techniques and that it was now possible to make selected MI6 and CIA operatives “ESP-Perfect.”

“Here it is necessary to explain that the CIA and MI6 maintain a very high degree of secrecy about such matters. pg227 The majority of intelligence agents who are in the programs are for the most part members of the Illuminati and or Freemasonry, or both.

“In short, the “long range penetration” technique applied with such success to the normal world is now being applied to the spirit world! Tavistock’s “Long Range Penetration and Inner Directional Conditioning”, developed by Dr. Kurt Lewin, whom we have already met a few times, is primarily a program where thought control is practiced on mass groups. What gave rise to the program was the British Army Psychological Warfare Bureau’s all-pervasive use of propaganda in WWI. The extensive propaganda it ran was intended to convince the British workingman that war was necessary. Another part of it was to convince the British public that Germany was an enemy, and its leader a veritable demon. This massive effort had to be launched between 1912 and 1914 because the British working class did not believe that Germany wanted war, anymore than the British people wanted it, and did not even dislike the Germans.

All that public perception had to be changed. A secondary, though no less important task for the bureau was to get America into the war. A key element in that plan was to provoke Germany into sinking the “Lusitania” a large trans-Atlantic liner built along the lines of the doomed Titanic. In spite of warnings in press advertisements in a New York newspaper that the ship had been converted into an Armed Merchant Cruiser (AMC) and was therefore fair game in accordance with the Geneva Conventions, the Lusitania sailed for Liverpool carrying a full compliment of passengers, among them many hundreds of American passengers.

“CHAPTER 34 The cults of the East India Company

“For centuries the British oligarchy has been the home of occultism, the metaphysical, mysticism and mind control. Bulwer Lytton wrote “The Secrets of the Egyptian Book of the Dead”, and so many of Annie Besant’s adherents of the Theosophist Society came from British upper classes, which even today is popular with them. The descendants of the Catharists and Albigensians of Southern France and Northern Italy had migrated to England and adopted the name “Savoyard.” Before them came the Bogomils of the Balkans and Pelicans of Asia Minor. All these sects had originated from the Babylonian Manicheans. Inroads were made into this type of occultism by the Tavistock Institute, using some of its mind control techniques developed by Kurt Lewin and his team of researchers. (See “The Committee of 300” for details.) The East India Company (EIC) and later, the British East India Company (BEIC) was the original “300,” whose descendants rule the world today. Opium and the drug trade was the stock in trade then, and remained so. From this highly organized, complex structure, grew Socialism, Marxism, Communism and National Socialism and Fascism.

Beginning in 1914, extensive mind control experiments were carried out at Cold Spring Harbor in New York, the race eugenics center sponsored by Mrs. E.E, Harriman, mother of Averill Harriman, governor of New York State at the time, who became a prominent public and political figure in the U.S. and Europe The grand lady poured millions of dollars of her money into the project and invited German scientists to share the forum. A great many of Tavistock’s mind control techniques especially “reverse psychology” technique taught by Reese, originated at Tavistock, which today, forms the basis of mind-controlling exercises to implant the notion in the minds of the American public that the black and colored races are superior to the white race, “racism” in reverse. German scientists were invited to attend Cold Harbor indoctrinations by Mrs. Harriman and her group, comprised of some of the leading citizens of the period (1915).

“After a year or two at Cold Spring Harbor, the German contingent returned to Germany, and under Hitler, put race eugenics learned at Cold Spring Harbor, into practice. All this information lay hidden from the American people until it was exposed in my book “Codeword Cardinal” and in my several monographs, which preceded the book and subsequently in my work “Aids-The Full Disclosure.” Tavistock and the White House. Tavistock mind conditioning techniques have been consistently in use in the United States by some of the highest and most important political figures in our history, beginning with Woodrow Wilson and continuing with Pres. Roosevelt. Every U.S. President after Roosevelt has been under the control of the “300” and the Tavistock Institute.

“Carter, programmed by Tavistock graduate Dr. Peter Bourne, had been through the hands of another Tavistock psychologist, Admiral Hymen Rickover, during Carter’s stint at Annapolis. 236 Carter was pre-selected by the Rothschilds as being admirably suitable for special training, and one who would be “adaptable to changing circumstances”, willing to depart from principles. John Foster Dulles was another Tavistock indoctrinated figure of note that was close to the White House, holding the position of Secretary of State.

“Dulles blatantly lied to a U.S. Senate Committee during the United Nations (UN) hearings, brazenly testifying under oath about the constitutionality of the U.S. belonging to this world body. Dulles dazzled and deceived the senators as to the constitutionality of the U.S. joining the U.N. and swayed enough senators to vote in favor if the so-called treaty, which is not a treaty, but an ambiguous agreement.

“The U.S. Constitution does not recognize “agreements”, only treaties signed by the nations concerned. However the problem Dulles had was that the U.N. is not a country, so Tavistock got around the impediment by advising the State Department to call the document, an “agreement.” Dulles was a Satanist, Illuminist, and a member of a number of occult societies.

“George Herbert Walker Bush is another “product trained” certified graduate of Tavistock’s mind control system. The actions of this 33rd Degree Mason, in Panama and Iraq, speak volumes. In Panama, acting under the orders of the RIIA and the CFR, Bush, the elder, moved to protect drug money in the Rockefeller owned banks in Panama, after General Noriega had exposed two of them as money laundering facilities in the drug trade chain. 237 Bush ordered U.S. Armed forces to invade Panama without having the authority expressed in the only constitutional way, a joint declaration of war by the U.S. House and Senate of the Congress, and in gross violation of his constitutional powers as President. The office of the president is expresssly forbidden war-making powers by the Founding Fathers. But notwithstanding the lack of empowerment, Bush repeated his gross violations of the U.S. Constitution in ordering the U.S. Armed forces to invade Iraq, again without a the mandated declaration of war and in excess of his powers. The “inner conditioned” American public, the shell-shocked victims of Tavistock’s war on them, did not turn a hair as they watched the Constitution being ripped to shreds.

“Tavistock’s massive brainwashing of the America turned the public against Koresh and the Davidians, setting the stage for the destruction of lives and property at Waco, in utter defiance of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 239 The wanton destruction of innocent lives and property by agents of the Federal Government who had no jurisdiction in the State of Texas (or any other State for that matter) and consequently, no authority to do what they did—violated the 10th Amendment, the citizen’ protection against excesses by the Federal Government. The State of Texas did not step in and stop the violation of the 10th Amendment that was in progress at Waco as it was the Governor’s duty to do under the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Texas. Tavistock had come a long way since Ramsey McDonald was sent to the United States in 1895 to “spy out the land for Socialism.” Ramsey reported back to the Fabians that for the U.S. to become a Socialist state, the State and Federal constitutions (in that order) had to be destroyed; Waco was the embodiment of that goal.

Time Warner. Annual revenues $23.7 billion (1996 figures).

Today the new Time Warner Center tells it all – in your face!

“Its music publishing business owns one million songs through its subsidiary, Warner, Chappell. These include songs by Madonna, and Michael Jackson. It prints and publishes sheet music. Time Warner “Rap” and “Pop” labels include Amphetamine Reptile, Asylum Sire, Rhino, Maverick, Revolution, Luka Bop, Big Head Todd and The Monsters marketed through Warner REM. Time Warner also distributes alternative music labels through its subsidiary. Alternative Distribution Alliance, which covers the greater part of Europe, and which is particularly strong in England and Germany. It is not by accident that these two countries have been targeted by the manipulators at Tavistock. 246 The mostly subliminal, but increasingly open incitement to violence, unrestrained sex, anarchism and Satanism, is found in abundance among the songs owned by Time Warner. This almost cult-like dominance of the youth of Western Europe (and since the fall of the USSR, it is creeping into Russia and Japan also) is menacing civilization in Europe that has taken thousands of years to build up and mature. The huge following of youth and its seemingly insatiable appetite for this kind of utter junk “music” is frightening to behold, as is Tavistock’s grip on the minds of those who listen to it.

“Time Warner distributes music through music clubs, which it owns outright, or else is in partnership with others. Columbia House is one example. Sony has a 50 % share in Columbia House. Time Warner’s manufacturing division, WEA, makes CDs; CD-ROMS, Audios, Videos, digital versatile discs, while another subsidiary, Ivy Hill, prints CD covers and inserts. American Family Enterprises, another subsidiary, markets music, books and magazines in a 50% holding with Heartland Music. Time Warner Motion Pictures has studios and production companies comprising, Warner Bros; Castle Rock Entertainments; New Line Cinemas. Time Warner Motion Pictures owns 467 screens in the U.S. and 464 screens in Europe. (1989 figures: The numbers are much greater today in 2005.) Its broadcasting network includes WB Network, Prime Star; Cinemax, Comedy; Central Court TV; SEGA Channel; Turner Classic Movies (Ted Turner owns 10% of the stock in Time Warner It broadcasts to China, Japan, New Zealand, France and Hungary. Its Cable Franchise lists 12.3 million subscribers. TV/Production/Distribution includes Warner Bros Television; HBO Independent Productions, Warner Bros. Television Animations; Telepictures Productions; Castle Rock Television; New Line Television, Citadel Entertainment; Hanna Barbara Cartoons; World Championship Wrestling; Turner Original Productions; Time Warner Sports; Turner Learning; Warner Home Videos and in its library it has 28,500 television titles and animated shorts.

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“Time Warner owns CNN Radio, which acquired from Ted Turner. It also owns 161 retail outlet stores, Warner Books, Littel, Brown, Sunset Books, Oxmoor House and the Book of the Month Club. Time Warner owns the following magazines: People; Sports Illustrated; Time; Fortune; Life; Money; Entertainment; Weekly; Progressive Farmer; Southern Accents; Parenting; Health; Hippocrates; Asia week; Weight Watchers; Mad Magazine; D.C. Comics; American Express Travel and Leisure; Food and Wine. Time Warner also owns a number of Theme Parks: Six Flags; Warner Bros; Movie World; Sea World of Australia. I hope that at this point the reader will pause to reflect upon the enormous power for good or evil which rests in the hands of Time Warner. Obviously, this giant could make or break anybody. And then, remember, it is a client of the Tavistock Institute. It is frightening to contemplate what this mighty machine could do to public opinion and shaping the minds of the young, as we have seen with “Gay Days” at Disney World. We’ll stop here. For the rest of the history of Tavistock propaganda in the music and entertainment industry, READ: Coleman_John_-_The_Tavistock_Institute_of_Human_Relations1.pdf (

All in all, in the belly of the beast of this world of Mammon…it is all rinse and repeat and repeat, repeat, repeat until the people can’t give a bleep! It takes prayer unceasing and strong faith in God to resist this dark machine of spiritual warfare. To all of those who are resisting and turning to God for discernment and direction – you are the ones who have been blessed beyond anything you can imagine. Stay the course – God is within you. You know it, for without His presence you would have succumbed and been swept away. And without the trials, many would have never fallen to their knees in sorrow with a repentive heart and turned away from the destructive path they were on. For no sin is greater than another, it’s just that some people had things much more complicated than others. We are each growing stronger and stronger every day with the Lord guiding us.

There are days we are weak, but the Lord is strong. It is then that he lifts us up. The Holy Spirit is always there within you to guide, teach and comfort you. Seek the truth in the scriptures and the Holy Spirit will give you discernment and shower you with wisdom.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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