Birdies are Chirping…

Kazakhstan has opened Pandora’s “Crypto Mining” Box and a few other things!

Many a tweet, tweet, tweet are chirping tired of the grifting and now demanding some truth. They are not happy with what they are finding…but, then again, nothing is as it appears.

image 22
image 23
image 24

Whatever is being unveiled…comes with a lot of Questions that must be answered. You can’t get away any longer by saying…”It’s none of your dang business” or sending people to your house and taking your cell phone or whatever devices that they deem you use too much. Seems like when over the half the nation lights up and starts to call them all out…then you have to rethink your methods. That will make for an interesting climax in the show.

image 25
image 26

Who is who? And who is under the veil? Who is telling the truth? And who will get caught with their hands in the cookie jar and a half eaten cookie in their mouth and garble out the words, “It wasn’t me.”?

Looks like a bunch already are already doing their own research that Lin Wood suggested for all to do ….

image 27
image 28

People did follow the stars….and then the sun came out and BOOM!!! DAYLIGHT HIT THEM IN THE FACE!

image 29

Now, we are to find the truth in the middle of the propaganda…and that is where it gets downright tricky. Especially when infiltrators know how to become your best friend before they stab you in the back. So, that being said, who is being framed, and who are the deep fakes?

image 30
image 31

Digest this….more to come…but this needs to be presented first in order to understand the birdies and why they are all singing loud today.

Keep on Pressing into the kingdom, press, press, press…every lie shall be revealed.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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