Bill Who? Oh The Sexist, That Bill.

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“Bill Clinton has lost his luster.” that was the statement a talking head made on Fox news this morning.  It was really fun to watch them show the small room of bored Hillary fans listening to Billy boy and then switch to the YUGE crowd of excited – fully charged Trump supporters!
Equally as fun was watching a reporter dare to question Billy boy on his sex scandals and watching Billy try to blow it off.  Talking heads couldn’t help but say how they felt kind of sorry for Billy because – here he is looking pretty bad and Trump is soaring with electrified crowds throwing the “sexist” remark right back at Hillary. They even made the comparison that Bill and Trump were close to the same age and Bill looked old and out of touch where Trump was energized and had the crowds favor.  Well, they are both 69 and this just goes to show the toll living lies and scandals can have on a person.
It is clear that Trump is the one who will take Hillary on head first and bring her own past to the forefront to haunt her!  The worst thing Bill could have done is try to stump for her! I am so glad he did!

Clinton will wish she never attacked the Donald.  It seems that many sexually assaulted female victims of Billy Clinton have come out of the woodwork to take their last stand for justice against the wicked things Bill did to them against their desires.
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Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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