Joey is finding out that you just don’t steal an election with a fraction of real supporters against a nation that came out in overwhelming numbers to vote for his opponent. Namely Donald J. Trump. Joey and his handlers are finding out the hard way that patriots who are also “WE THE PEOPLE” won’t sit down and allow the theft of their vote, the theft of their constitution, Bill of Rights, their nation, their livelihoods, their freedom and their very health over to globalists who have proven and shown their evil, wicked ways and were so foolish to share the evil they will do to the 80% of Americans that resist and never voted for their pawn Biden and the other imaginary elect Harris who we have recently learned is Hunters China contact.

Joe was never good at keeping his mouth shut and never good at telling the truth. For decades his comrades covered up for him calling his mis-speaking “gaffs”. Innocent gaffs. Well, there’s nothing innocent about it and it was not a gaff it was his personality and stupidity to always want to be the “Big Guy” and tell everything first. He’s been told to shut up and memorize this and that so much that he stammers in long drawn out words as though he is being very careful what he is repeating and he totally forgets half of it most of the time, and the other part of the time he gets it jumbled up into half of one thing and half of the other. So fake news calls it a “Biden Gaff”. Truth is Joey isn’t a good memorizer and he can’t say the same LONG story twice so they have him speaking sound bytes. And those go lame very fast.

VP Joe Biden's former Cadillac can be yours
biden not getting his imaginary elect status as easy as he thought

So as the Biden campaign self destructs…what will happen to D.C.? Who else is going down with him and just how disgracefully will they go?

The clock is ticking and the people are antsy because they are seeing their lives being destroyed one COVID mandate after the other and the ANTIFA street thugs shouting defund the police while burning cities and threatening suburbs as police stand down is pushing law abiding citizens backs against the wall. Something will give real soon if this continues. It is NOT SUSTAINABLE.

President Trump has a plan and he will continue on with it. This I know. I also believe there will be divine intervention and that will be a sight to behold. Pray unceasing and have faith.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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