Sanders sold out leaving his supporters stunned and shocked.  After a year of exposing crooked Hillary’s  wall street ties, all of her corruption, and especially after having a gift of truth handed to him on a silver platter via WikiLeaks emails that could have put the DNC cabal behind bars…he backs down.  He does not stand fast and continue the good fight to win the presidency, instead he succumbs and asks his voters to vote for Hillary.
Imagine it.
Trump was hit with nuclear propaganda bombs and did not back down.  He went through the worst media blasting of lies in the history of any political candidacy.  He fought back with truth and exposing the liars.  He is still being attacked and lied about and he is still exposing the liars.  The ones that are lying are somehow all together in a globalist pot of glue.  They are all together.  What we are witnessing is an all out war against ‘we the people’ and ‘we the global elite’.  There are no parties.  What has emerged is a movement to save America.  I call it the ‘NEW AMERICAN PARTY’.
It is time for all Americans who do not want corruption and more of it to band together! The real movement is that of the silent majority.  The waking up of those who stood back and remained silent while evil reared its’ evil head.  Trump was the first to awaken a lot of democrats who changed their party lines to vote for the man of the people who would stand up for the people!  DONALD JOHN TRUMP is the VOICE OF AMERICA.  Trump threw out political correct speech and told it like it is.  He is for all Americans regardless of color or life style choice.  He is only against lawlessness and corruption!
BERNIE caption_3568199
Welcome to all of those who desire freedom and all whose heart is beating and eyes are wide opened! Welcome to all who demand the crooked Hillary not be allowed to sit in the White House doing more of the same underhanded betrayal she has done to America and to all who oppose her.  A Bernie supporter sad at the DNC email leaks said it best….”So what does that say about Hillary Clinton? When you’re a corrupt person she’s gonna promote you!”  The same person also shouted she was not a sheep for Bernie and will never vote for Hillary.  She said, “What I remember in this election is that by the thousands and thousands people were swept off the voter polls!”  Yes, she remembers all the fraud – the cheating – the lawlessness and noted that no one not even Obama did one thing to stop it!

From what I am watching as this debacle plays out is the exact same sabotage that Trump and his supporters have muddled through.  The difference is TRUMP DID NOT SELL OUT!  TRUMP STOOD AND FOUGHT BACK EXPOSING THE LIARS!  TODAY HE IS LEADING THE SILENT MAJORITY WITH A BIG VOICE!
Who are you for?  America or Hillary’s global dictatorship!  That is the bottom line!

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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