Believe God or Believe in The Mud Flood Theory…

Who knew that this would even be a thing to ponder?

These false interpretations have been formed from the Mud Flood Theories and the skewed thousand year reign concept from those who pushed their interpretations of Tartaria and the theories of the same ones who pushed their misinterpretations of the scriptures. I do NOT ENDORSE ANY OF THIS, but am only posting these so those who are asking who is saying this will see who is saying this. This post is a listing of the skewed versions of man made lies and mocking of God’s Word.

I may not keep this up long… because of the fact that this is so full of lies upon lies and skewed information that I do not want to seed in anyone’s thoughts. This is only to expose the lies being spread.

Before we begin with the false theory of mud flood and a thousand years come and gone… watch this video…which goes along with more truth to consider as these are the days of deception and he too considers the buildings of old are more likely to be remains of the days of Noah before the flood.

Now for the ones who are pushing mud flood thousand years and proclaim that it began in 70AD. Which is a lie.

It was the work of those who created the theory of mud flood and Tartaria that this concept has been birthed from. Do you really believe that the Lord in His Kingdom of God would place gargoyles and Roman and Greek gods and goddesses on all of his Kingdom Buildings? The same gods that glorify Poseidon? The aspects of Artemis? Baal worship? Not happening.

And many are without knowledge of the truth and pushing the lie…

The mud flood is being explored based on the works of those who are influenced by the mud flood theory of Anatoly Fomenko.

Believe these lost ones not.

This is all based on theory and false interpretation of the Word. In my humble opinion.

The minds of those who are not grounded in the Lord are easily swayed to believe a lie. It is written.

There are a lot of these new videos out there pushing the thousand year reign has come and gone as if electricity and energy were the key to the entire plan of God. It is all a lie. Be not deceived.

At this point… I will end the proof of what is being pushed to discredit God and bearing false witness to God’s Holy Word.

May you read the scriptures for yourself, guided by the Holy Spirit and be not deceived. Amen.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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