Belgium Shouts NO!


Protesters took part in demonstrations that started peacefully but later turned violent, some streets in the Belgian capital were soon filled with acrid tear gas.

But just move along, nothing here to see… news reports crowds of 30,000, some say 50,000, some say 100,000… so just move along and don’t ask any hard questions. It’s been told that protesters let off fireworks as police advanced in force with water cannons into a crowd in a nearby park where large groups of demonstrators had gathered. Protesters were quickly surrounded by officers wearing body armor, helmets and carrying riot shields.

You never know who starts these things that make a protest turn into a war fest…is it the real people or the infiltrated people?

It has to be obvious to the world governments by now, that their so called, efforts to save their people, have been proven to be a war to kill, steal, and destroy their own citizens lives and freedoms. By now they have to realize that this is not sustainable to any extent. Yet, they foolishly continue to mandate jabs that kill at random and force them into poverty whether they comply to jabs or not.

This is taking place throughout the earth and has been ever since the mandates were pushed. At what point does this message get sent to top governments? Or shall we have to wait until the last cabal member is removed from their power of influence?

Nothing is going away quickly, we are watching the aftermath of distractions while Europe pushes forward with war drums in Ukraine blaming it on Russia. But, hey – keep your eyes on the protesters.

The protest drew thousands of people, some traveling from France, Germany and other countries to take part. Protesters yelled “Liberty!” as they marched. Demonstrators also marched in Barcelona. The protests followed demonstrations in other European capitals on Saturday that also drew thousands of protesters against vaccine passports and other requirements that European governments have imposed as the omicron variant causes surging daily coronavirus infections and hospitalizations. Read more here: Anti-vaccine protesters in Belgium face tear gas, water cannons |



Margaret Brennan listens to Blinken as he gaffes as much as Biden, meanwhile Europe takes Russia aggression into their own hands leaving the pathetic fake presidency to yap at home. Why NATO countries can’t agree on how to respond to Russia-Ukraine conflict | PBS NewsHour

It is now obvious that Biden is not influential and neither are his puppets. But, who’s really running the show here? It has to be some pretty lame cabal members…or maybe someone’s puppet who wants to start a war in the middle east for some brotherhoods?

Someone on Twitter made a very good observation. Looking ahead at what they do, he asked this question: “We seen life insurance companies not pay out for the jabbed. So if someone collapses at the wheel and causes harm to others and property, are they gonna stop paying out? If that happens, that means jabbed drivers cannot get insurance?”

Does anyone have answers or did he nail it?

image 78

But this news flash has people wondering, even though the fake news won’t speak of it… at least not with any truth. They are stuck on jabs!

image 79

Iran – United Arab Emirates The Iranian newspaper Kihan, which is affiliated with Supreme Leader Khamenei, publishes on its front page a picture of trade towers in the UAE with the caption: “Evacuate the trade towers. The Houthi missiles are on their way”

“They are in shock, deep shock. They are not used to being attacked like this,” a senior Israeli security official told Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity, referring to the Jan. 17 drone attack on the Emirates claimed by Yemen’s Houthi rebels. “It was an amazing attack in terms of its daring, but they (the Emiratis) managed to intercept three of the five drones. One of them was supposed to hit the Louvre Museum (in Abu Dhabi) and the other one another strategic target.” Although three people were killed and several fuel tankers were destroyed, the Israeli official said “a heavier disaster was miraculously averted.”

Israel is amazed by the world’s indifference to the unprecedented strike. “Everyone knows who is behind this attack,” a senior government minister told Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity. “Everybody knows the Houthis could not have carried out such an attack on their own. Everybody knows that the weapons used were Iranian and the order was given by Tehran. And yet the Vienna negotiations are continuing as usual. You see everyone behaving normally, the Iranians are ignoring everyone and their daring is increasing by the day. It is inconceivable.”

Read more:

US THAAD air defense system’s first use was in Houthi attack on UAE – analysis

US THAAD air defense system’s first use was in Houthi attack on UAE – The Jerusalem Post (

There is much more taking place than what we are being told.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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