Beck’s Vision Versus Trump's!

Beck’s Gulch or Trump’s Make America Great Again?

glenn-beck-independence copyWell, if you haven’t heard this yet, Glenn Beck has another idea to push. He is building his own private utopia called Independence, USA.
We’ve all heard his Founding Fathers stories and watched the onion induced tears drip down his cheeks as he told them over and over again. We all became distracted from the Obama destruction and sat glued listening like sheep in a church revival that led to nowhere and it definitely didn’t make America great again. He told us of the evils of George Soros and cried clown tears as he told us there was no place to hide, then told us to buy his gold.
When all hope was gone, Glenn did not give up. He decided to build his own world within a world, modeled after the ideals behind Walt Disney’s “Celebration” project- a gated city under the total control of those who own it.
Beck’s project “Independence USA”, is his ultimate brain child. Glenn explains , “The model will be similar in many ways to that of Disneyland. It is walled, gated, private property with controlled access.”
Is this sounding good yet? Imagine a Glenn Beck world with controlled access. Beck, please continue you have my attention.
“ People pay to enter and agree to the rules because they see value in doing so. It is all based on a voluntary agreement between the owners of the property and those who want to come inside. Millions of people visit Disneyland and interact peacefully. It’s exceptionally rare to hear of any serious problems.
“The key is that those people want to be there and understand what is expected of them. Surprisingly similar to what we are doing.”
Okay Glenn so you want to build your own world and call it Independence USA, but without the United State thingy going on? After all, you will have your own private world withdrawn from the states in your own little sovereignty (at least that is what Disney World is- a sovereignty).  So is the term USA just a marketing brand to sell this little Utopia of yours?
Let me digest this a moment…. you want people to pay to enter and agree to your rules. What exactly are these rules? Will carnival rides be included? Will there be curfews?  This is a private community we’re talking about right? Not a FEMA type experiment, right? Is this a world within a world type of thing? Then there is the “see the value in doing so” part …that has me curious?
Well, Glenn believes his Independence, USA will revive the heart and spirit of the original ideas of Walt’s early Disneyland and bring Walt’s ideas into reality. He doesn’t seem to understand that Walt’s vision was achieved. All the mind control propaganda was perfectly instilled inside our heads, “Forever let us wave our banners high, high, high!”
Glenn, as always, seems to think he knows what was going on inside Disney’s head for he claims he will finally help to bring Walt’s true goals into reality. His Independence USA will not be about rides and merchandise it will be about community and freedom.
Glenn believes America has lost its’ moral compass and it is too late to make her great again. There is but one hope for a select remnant that want to give their lives over to Glenn’s utopia and follow his rules. For the right price, one can live in his new village based on the failed vision of Walt Disney and warnings of Ayn Rand. I’m sure Glenn will be the founding father.
After all it was Glenn’s new hero Galt (although fictional) that railed against the collectivist system and believed that only through freedom could people tap into their divine potential to become creators of their own: leaders, businessmen, artists, and so on. The Blaze reports that the community that was created in this spirit was called “Galt’s Gultch,” and it is that very ideal Beck strives to emulate in his own enterprises. In fact, that’s why he moved to Texas.

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze also reports: “ Drawing on this free market, limited-government model, Beck aspires to build an actual community based on just that. While the price tag of building an actual city-slash-theme park is steep at an estimated $2 billion, Beck said he feels compelled to move forward with his ultimate plan “one piece at a time.” Having toured “three possible sites in three different states” and having spoken to two governors already, Beck is serious in his goals.”
So with that being said, when Glenn tells us he is so out of his mind with Trump supporters, so angry to the point of even dropping out of society itself….I think what he is saying is, INDEPENDENCE USA is about to be built and you guys are ruining everything for me! After all, how will his private utopia be sought after if Trump and his voters help make America Great Again? There would be no reason for Beck to be the founding father god figure of his own controlled universe or rather village.
Beck has truly lost his mind and definitely his direction. He is indeed – all over the place.
By Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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