Beck Why Are You Foaming At The Mouth Over Trump and Trump Supporters?

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Just what is it with Beck’s vendetta against the Donald?  What is his beef with Americans who support him?  For that matter, what is his motivation for crushing any person who questions what is said and what has been done?

Beck is trying as hard as he can to get some news time during the Trump media blitz and he keeps striking out, even when the soft balls are cozied right over the plate.  He will either swing early or stand their holding the bat while the umpire calls strike.  Beck just can’t figure out why the people love Trump nor can he figure out how to make Santa Claus into a Jesus story.  The man has lost his mind.

So now he wants to host a GOP debate and give them some hard Clown questions?  Or will he just throw the clown shoes at them?  Will he use a chalk board and point to the questions and lecture each one on Saul Alinsky?

Or will he wave a copy of his latest book in the air – probably titled “I Told Ya So” and tell the audience he predicted this day in 19 something but no one was listening?

Will someone please tell him to be quiet and sit down.  He should just go back to his Mercury arts rat pack consisting of liberal experts and concentrate on writing for his Beck TV Land where all is created by imagination for those who lack it.

Alas, these days, Beck seems to be in love with self abuse.  I for one am tired of watching him pop up here and there with nothing but vile rhetoric about Trump and his hell in a hand basket supporters.  Is anyone else?

Meanwhile….GO TRUMP GO!  What on earth is Beck really afraid of here?  Is it his New Global Governance media pay check? After all Mercury is a pagan god of finance, thieves, merchants, and commerce.  And Beck has secured his lions share of all of it at the cost of innocent well meaning sheep.

Let’s see Mercury in Glenn’s life, let me count the ways…Mercury Arts Radio, Mercury Studios, Mercury Ink, Mercury One, Mercury Arts…..did I forget any?  Oh yea, Mercury is also the guiding light behind the Blaze, and we can’t forget Beck’s American Dream Labs.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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