Beck Loses RADIO HOST STATIONS AND LOOKS FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO BLAME! Says Nevada Caucus Was Like Walking Into Ferguson?

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Really Glenn?  The Nevada Caucus and Trump supporters was like walking into Ferguson?  Really?  That was one of the remarks that you seem to make that is causing your RADIO STATIONS TO DUMP YOU!
You see Glenn, you just can’t keep going around saying stupid prejudicial things that hold no truth or weight and think you can get away with it because your name is Glenn Beck.  It was each person you insulted that paid your salary.  Without an audience you are just Glenn Beck the average guy.  Well welcome back to the real world where people don’t want to hear your junk!  You are back to the days at the barbeque where family members said, “Oh here comes Glenn.  I hope he isn’t drunk!”  Why?  Because of your insulting mouth that loves to fabricate opinions that are very distasteful and one sided to the extreme that the only way you can make a point is to compare a good person to one of the worst dictators in history.  And you don’t stop there.  You go on to make all the good people into fascist pigs while you are at it.  People who once watched you.
It doesn’t take long before those who once watched or listened to you realize you are either back on the bottle or totally out of your mind.  So sit there Glenn…ponder it.  I doubt if you will ever figure it out….but while you may have some free time on your hands….please sit there and understand that the donor establishment who paid you are the ones who encouraged you and you may as well have been drunk – at least then you could have blamed it on the booze!
Meanwhile….listen to the ones who fired you – TRUMP WILL BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT SO SHUT UP!
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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