Babylon The Great Wants You!

Come out from her my people! Choose you this day who you are going to serve…God or man?

This is not about politics and presidents, it is about the spirit of God.

Another revelation of truth that is sounding like the blast of the shofar from Mark Taylor.

“The spiritual exposures will parallel the political exposures. What we have going on now in a political system is people being controlled through politics. The people are waking up to the politics right now.  That train is on a track right now, nothing is going to stop that train.” Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor Continued: “The politics are over that is why people are protesting world wide. What they haven’t woken up to are the roots of politics which is RELIGION.  And what they are going to find out is what God gave them in the warning in here that he sees what’s going on in the inner chambers, what they are doing to these little kids, what the sacrifices are making – these Satanists, these Luciferians that are posing, these witches and warlocks that are posing as pastors and prophets. He sees it all and it’s done.

“What people don’t understand – stop with the politics, if you don’t have discernment right now …  and this is why the church is in such bad shape – the reason you don’t have discernment is that you’re drunk from what this system has to offer. Whether it’s a 501c3, money, whether it’s a platform, whether it’s the glory for you as man, those are all fruits of a spirit that comes from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  And that’s what the system is under – they’re getting their information from this system, and that’s why you are seeing so many prophets, so called prophesying … they’re not prophesying, they are predicting.  Predicting, okay?  They’re predicting current events because they have no revelations.

“They’re not pulling from the tree of life which is the remnant of God, which is the ecclesia of God, which is the revelation of God. That is the tree of life.

“Anything that is listed under the category of the tree of knowledge of good and evil- the 501c3, Satan’s triune…what is Satan’s triune? Satan, Baal, and kundalini. What is the whore of Babylon?  The Babylonian system, the Baal Babylonian system. The 501c3 simply took that system to a whole new level, and so many people who came before me I gave warning too.”


What does God do when man puts their faith in men?  Does he not sit quietly and observe?  Does he not allow man to use his own free will in whom he shall serve? Has God ever decided to make a Kingdom of robots?  No he has not. But Satan sure has that plan on his horizon. Why is that? It is because he cannot win the hearts of God’s remnant who choose to call on the name of the Lord and serve God with all their heart, mind and soul. The only way he can stop this awakening of the returning to the Lord is to kill, steal and destroy – depopulate the earth of God’s creation and replace it with a transhuman bot that he can control and have his way with.

I have long thought (and these are merely thoughts), that the experiments at area 51 had to do with genetic cloning, altering, and transhumanism experiments. Experiments to create their own man. Experiments to create soulless hosts to house evil spirits. The same demonic spirits who have been cursed to roam the earth in spirit form as told in the book of Enoch.  Other thoughts were they sought to create a man-made creation that would obey the commands programed into it by telecommunications and call them aliens because they are not of this natural world. Today it appears they are calling these experiments transhumanism. This all began with the same technologies that birthed many things the scientists had desired to achieve with their perfect Aryan race. None of it is of God, it is all evil workings of those who practice and worship the tree of Knowledge in the Satanic groves of Baal. Whatever they have done and are still doing at Area 51, it is not good and not of God.

God is calling all of His people to come out of her and to return to Him. Will you return or will you stay in Babylon the Great and call his Word rubbish? It is His Word, not the messengers. His Word is true, it is just, it is merciful… the consequences are that of your own free will to think, feel and choose.

God did not make us robots…it is Satan that is trying hard to do all of that.

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God….press, press, press and pray unceasing for all humanity to find their way out of Babylon the Great!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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