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Screw the front runner Donald J. Trump out of his elected by the people for the people position and it’s all over.  The GOP party will be very lonely….why?  Because on the day that you do the unthinkable and steal the votes from the people to anoint your fresh face there will be a voice so loud you will hear it.  That VOICE SHALL FOREVER RING IN YOUR EARS for on that day – THE NEW AMERICAN PARTY SHALL BE BORN and its’ FRONT RUNNER SHALL BE DONALD J. TRUMP!
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Guess what else….on the day that you boldly act to do such a despicable thing, that will be the day a party runs on a third ticket.  But, might I add, that THIRD TICKET PARTY WILL BE THE GOP!!  For from that day forth….THE AMERICAN PARTY shall burst forth throughout the land so loudly….the GOP shall be reduced to a handful of pompous puppets and an establishment full of  feeble puppet masters scratching their heads with very few followers left in their tent.
That is all that needs to be said.  Please take heed and proceed wisely.  The American party will make their own rules too and adjust them accordingly!
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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