The new turn of events was quite a shock for those who have been in denial and at the mercy of main stream bias news outlets, let alone those whose lawlessness has gone unchecked for so many past administrations that they felt they were invincible.

Let’s see how to power point it – so much has transpired daily that it is now hard to keep up.

  • AG Barr has evidence Obama intelligence spied on Trump.
  • Political Dems respond by running around screaming for Trump’s tax returns (like that will do just what?)
  • Sanctuary cities don’t want the mass influx of illegals.
  • Julian Assange arrested and coming to America – Dems in panic mode.
  • President Trump urges investigation into attempted coup.
  • Omar’s “Something Happened” comment outrages Americans and tells Muslims it’s time to raise hell in America.  (Treason?)
  • Pelosi defends Omar as not understanding English, yet, she is in Congress?
  • Sudanese leader Omar al-Bashir ousted after 30 years in military coup.
  • Candace Owens congressional testimony on you tube censored (now on restricted list).
  • Evidence shows Russia scandal was a team Obama hoax.
  • Sally Yates helped push unfair proceedings against General Flynn.
  • Groping, kissing, hair sniffing Joe Biden loves to express himself and sees no wrong in it. Just like putting a target on seal team 6- no wrong in it.
  •  The Czech government tells its’ citizens  how to fight terrorists by shooting them!  (Yes they did!)
  • Hillary investigation is underway.
  • Dems replace POW/MIA flags with transgender pride flags in protest of Trump’s military ban.
  • Deep State losing ground and getting very sloppy.  Their socialism is drowning and they are drowning with it.
  • Microsoft and Google working with China to develop artificial intelligence, meanwhile Amazon’s Alexa spies on people and somehow they are surprised?
  • William Barr to Indict Comey, McCabe, Strzok Under 18 U.S. Code 371 After Trump Declassifies.
  • President Trump signs Executive Order stopping mandated Vaccines, meanwhile New York Mayor De Blasio says, “We own your body and we can force you to be injected with anything we want.”  Click here to read more on this treasonous remark! 
  • US Border facing massive migrant invasion – President Trump authorized troops to use lethal force if necessary. Read about border troops here.  
  • ADRENALIZED BLOOD DRINKING ADDICTION among the GLOBAL ELITE exposed It’s real people. Read about it here.

something happened 56770681_1535782496556885_103570615197237248_n
911 and Omar says, “Some people did something.” They sure did!


bernie copy
Even Saturday Night Live can’t make this kind of stuff up.

That is just some of what is taking place.

Q followers are now recognized as the real news.  Why?  Because all of the so called conspiracies are coming out smacking fake news in the face.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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