Ask The Real Questions…


President Trump spoke at the Rally in Arizona and he told us how the deep state operatives work their propaganda by taking what they do and blaming him. He reminded everyone of Russia, Russia, Russia, and impeach, impeach, impeach and how they blame others for what they do. He pointed out that they keep this up with their fake news until people forget what really happened and believe the lies. He pointed out that innocent people were arrested while the ones who burned buildings are arrested, and released. He exposed the schemes and said not to let them get away with this. That being said…we need to expose the evil schemes at every turn. We need to ask them the real questions and expose their wicked lies!

Why did they scheme to allow ANTIFA into the Capitol to make this happen? Why did they allow things to be destroyed? Why did the Capitol police just stand there and let it get destroyed by those the same Police escorted inside the grounds? Why did the Capitol Police escort five white busloads of ANTIFA into DC and assist them into the Capitol grounds with all sorts of dangerous gear? Who told them to do this?

Who was behind the organizing of the thugs sent to the Capitol? It took cooperation of many people. Police, a Mayor, Capitol Police Organizers like Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell. This would be impossible to breech without inside help.

Who was behind the planned dress up to blame Trump supporters? Who was behind the false narrative to bus in thugs to do harm?

Why was President Trump denied national guard to help protect the capitol? Why did Pelosi not allow the Guard? Is Pelosi hosting a committee to hide her evil preplanned breech the Capitol and blame Trump Supporters scheme?

Can anyone connect the dots here? Is this the same as the burning of the Circus Maximus and Nero blaming Christians for their own evil? Sure looks like it.

Who is in charge of the Capitol Police? It is the speaker of the house and senate, which happen to be Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell. The Capitol Chief of Police stated in his report that he asked McConnell for back up and did not get help. We need to ask Pelosi and McConnell some questions. They need to be called out for their participation in allowing the busloads of ANTIFA and other bad actors into the Capitol.

Why are they blaming this on Trump supporters when the world watched the real event play out and it was ANTIFA and other thugs? What show are they playing out? Who wrote their script?

Remember, this was not the first time D.C. was attacked by the same organized thugs. Remember … don’t ever forget the organized crime that they allowed. Where’s the Mayor? What part did she play on all the crimes?

Is this all part of a preplanned coup against the American People?

Why did they steal the election and think Americans would just sit down? Why are they trying to blame all of their evil deeds on hard working people? Do they really believe people are that stupid that they can’t see they are being poisoned by toxic jabs, and attacked from within by officials who helped steal the election? Do they really believe just because someone has put on a mask to buy bread that they are stupid enough to do everything they are ordered to do?

Many in the D.C. Capitol are about to find out who the real “stupid” ones are and it is not the Patriots who love America.

Remember Trump followed the protocols to call the insurrection act. Did he follow through? Who knew? Pelosi sure knew. McConnell sure knew! Remember…you cannot have armed guard at the Capitol unless….something has been called….what could have been called?


Stay awake and keep on pressing forward. The truth shall prevail!

Stop the lies and end the plot to arrest PATRIOTS for a crime they did not do! The crime was plotted inside the Capitol and carried out by the ones who had the authority to guard it. They committed treason inside with their own powers of control. Expose the treason, expose the real crime!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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