Around The World In 24/7 and Then A Few More Hours…

World headlines are exploding and all eyes are on the FIAT money. Follow it to the tippy top and see where it’s going or is it evaporating? Awe… just throw a brick or a few BRICS at it!

Here we go, but first … if you want to make sense of any of this… start here:

Grab the popcorn, rumor has it the masks are not working anymore!

And if you are confused, remember this… everyone is confused except for those who are looking at all things for themselves using critical thinking skills. They are like playing a “Living” board game of Clue and high fiving when they called it right!

image 13

Leave it to Central Casting to have selected all the stars that make you want to throw a beverage at the computer screen.

But isn’t emotional response what Hollywood and Tavistock Institute say really makes a good movie? It appears that’s what they’ve been striving for with all their scripts and characters.

image 13 1

This gal has been getting some serious script parts lately. How’s she doing on a scale of 1 to 10?

Press Briefing Gets Heated Over Neurologist Visiting White House

“Monday’s White House briefing devolved into an angry back-and-forth between reporters and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre after visitor logs reviewed by The New York Times found that renowned medical expert specializing in movement disorders and the treatment of Parkinson’s disease visited the White House eight times in the last eight months.

“Dr. Kevin Cannard, a neurologist at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, made the visits to the White House between July of last year and this March. More recent visitor logs are not yet available to the public.

See full article at


Whoever made this meme did an outstanding job in creative performance!

image 13 3

People are finally catching on!

image 14

So, Doc said everything Biden does day in and day out as it relates to the deliverance to the American people is a cognitive test. Okay American people, I ask you – Has he passed it?

So, if Joe goes, what is next in the show? Kamala Walla Kabballah… is she on deck or does she get a cognitive test too?

Exactly, but it was deep state… not the other generation of mind controlled A.I. bots. Just saying.

They want you to blame the generation that preceded you. That is how they do their mind control and create more division. When we realize who is behind the destruction and ban together, then we will save the Republic. Not until.

Meanwhile, Musk shares this…

What’s up with the Federal Reserve in DC? Why the wall? The wall isn’t new, it just changes in color, materials and from time to time it gets talked about. This is one of those times.

Are you ready for the SMART city eyes on you?

So did this take place or is this a script in the show?

And one more time… just so you can see how the script will eventually play out. It is a strategic plan to restore the Republic and to end the deep state plot to hand us all over to a beastly global system run by … well, let’s just say people who hate us.

A China bank is bankrupt… some say it’s not so, others say it is. Meanwhile, the question is who owns the Jiangxi Bank of China?

It appears the Jiangxi Bank of China has 70 branches and its target countries and regions of agency of overseas accounts are UK, U.S., Canada, and Australia. Below is a partial listing … click on the link to see all branches: Bank of China Outlets Offer Overseas Account Opening Witness Service (

If true, what does this closure mean? Does it have to do with construction? Or does it have to do with something else? Does BRICS play a part in this? Is this just a piece of misinformation?

Meanwhile, the monkeys are still playing with human lives in Ukraine. The question is… who are the monkeys? It isn’t Russia.

And last but most interesting…

Trump’s Saving America Movie Release!

image 15 1

Click to see film preview: Trump’s Rescue Mission: Saving America – Be The First To Watch The Exclusive Film (

image 15 2
image 15 3

This just might make for a very interesting film. Preorder now and get ready. Something tells me that this movie is one big SHOW that requires lots of popcorn! It’s an interesting cast of characters. Wonder what parts they played? Or is this just another marketing money maker using Trump? We shall see.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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