Wake up and take a look at what they are doing. They being the elite cabal who want to control all things and lord over the masses. They are among the ones that President Trump has labeled the “swamp”.

They are marching forward with their Wildland Act, the bio diversity agenda for the 21st century. This includes doing all types of destruction to the echo system and real property so people will leave the homes in the communities they have built and love. They are set out to destroy the water ways, create fires, manipulate the weather to destroy through hurricanes, monster tornadoes and unleashed storms, create tectonic plate shifting (earth quakes), trigger volcanic eruptions, poison us from the sky, land and waterways so people will have no choice but to leave their homes. Depending on the type of damage done, regions will be declared unsafe zones, toxic waste zones, emergency disaster zones etc. and property owners will be forced to leave. That is the plan. We saw the test run during Hurricane Katrina.


Watch for more destruction upon destruction. It is coming to your state. It is taking place across the nation. Look at Cali, New York, Louisiana, Texas, Michigan and Florida to start. All have water problems making the news. As long as the cabal has the weather and space based laser toys, and are in control of emergency response….President Trump is fighting a hard battle. We the people need to wake up and expose the evil for what it truly is – Evil! Congress and the Senate knows of the evil, don’t let them lie to you for they have passed the legislation to condone it. Ignorantly or knowingly, they have passed it and it is out of control. Municipalities have agreed to most all of it. Look it up.

It is time to take a hard look at what they are doing and understand that they have been doing this for a very long time.

It is all part of Sustainable Development for the 21st Century, also known as Agenda 21. This plan of destruction is a bio diversity horror program that was thought up by Maurice Strong the creator of the entire plans of how to depopulate the earth to around 550 million people to serve as a sustainable number of people to serve an elite cabal and their idea of utopia. This means that a world with a present population of a little over 7 billion will have to be culled like cattle to meet the 550 million capacity they have decided on.


The only way to stop the agenda elite cabal is to expose their evil acts and create awareness so the people will wake up. The evil has reached epic proportions and now property owners are being hit hard. So hard they are now taking a good hard look at what is happening to them. Sadly, it had to reach a point where it hit them in the head with no way out in order to look at the truth! And even now, with the truth laughing in their devastated faces, many still deny that the powers that be are anything but there to help them and tell them the truth. Yes, many still believe propaganda media. Others pick and choose which parts they want to believe and which parts they will call bull. Many still believe the lame excuses, lies, and plain non- answers of the government officials who are nothing more than troops for the cabal

President Trump has been telling people of these things and many have not listened. Many more have. Q is getting people to investigate areas that they slept through (all part of the plan) and now they are getting very aware, very informed, and their resolve to stop the cabal is very strong. Thank you to each warrior out there who knows how the battle strategies have been played and are still coming at us like rapid fire. We are all at war, and one the elite cabal who created it call a “silent war” because the people will not know, nor believe what is happening to them,  and will be easily led and culled.

Today, with the full force of toxic waste dumped in Florida waterways people are waking up.  Residents are rethinking what they have been told about “red tide” and are now questioning why the government is continuing to allow the  killing of thousands if not millions of sea life, year after year. Especially since it has now landed on their property. Dead sea life and toxic water is a real eye opener, especially when it is at your own back door. Complete with a foul stench and airborne toxic spores that causes respiratory, flesh eating bacteria, liver failure and other illnesses. We are witness to the worst and most cruel acts to God’s creation and humanity. What will you do about it?

Move and let them win? Where will you move to? This is going on in all the states. Look at the agenda 21 Wildlands Project map. The yellow and red zones on it (the dots that cover most all the nation) are areas that people will not be allowed to live.  The light blue areas are where they plan to put all the people.  Those who survive this silent war will be herded like cattle into designated smart living zones.  They are making smart apartments for their smart idiots right now. It is a shame to have any space,  you only need a smart amount so get ready for your tiny apartments in high-rises made for their smart colonies of dumbed down people who they will allow to serve them in their utopia.  Their new world disorder.  Or so they plan to have it that way.
Will you resolve to allow this? Or will you say – NO!
Are you going to allow the cabal to make you weaker, sicker, lame, broke, depressed? If so, then what will you do? What will you do when the toxic advances cause loss of mobility or painful nerve damage? How about dementia? Memory loss or down right crazy thinking? The only bliss will be that you won’t have to remember you had a time when you could have stood up and shouted with others – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH to expose and stop this destiny they have planned for you.

Know the war is real and lack of knowledge on your part is exactly how the enemy wins. When you are so devastated or brain dead that all you do is go where they tell you to go and are one step away from your last breath,  you are done, finished. At that point, you have lost hope, because you have lost everything you worked for, and you have no future in sight but gloom and poverty.

You lost your health because they fed you and sprayed you with poisons long enough and diagnosed you as having some type of autoimmune disease. You believed it and took their medicine that never cured you. Instead it complicated your illness by adding side affects of its own. You allowed all the silent war to kill you and your environment. You followed along doing the next thing they told you to do and calling articles like this one stupid and fake.

Eventually, your mind will finally go and you will be useless to yourself let alone others. Is that how you want to play it out? NOT ME! I will keep shouting and informing until they take me out. That is just what it is with me.

I know God’s kingdom comes, his will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven and he shall give his people their daily bread and forgive them their trespasses as they have forgiven their brothers. You don’t have to forgive the devil…you need to wise up and know that is who your enemy is. God does not want you to be unequally yoked. All he said was “revenge is mine”. He will avenge you. We just have to shout out the truth and expose the evil that they do. Unite and expose. His kingdom comes, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Are you ready to do just that? I am!


Let’s stand up dry bones and come together a great and powerful army for God! President Trump has held the enemy at bay. We have a window of time and it is up to us to do our part so together we can complete the task ahead! Our task is to EXPOSE THE EVIL ACTS!!

Who is ready to buy a megaphone and take to the streets to warn the people? Don’t laugh, it works and when they pull the cyber plug, that is what we’ll all be doing! Why wait start now!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.