It is no longer about being nice, it is about being right.  If you are tired of hearing the lies from the little candidates owned by big donor money – stand up and speak out. Vote for the only one who isn’t playing games. Vote for the one who wants to really make America great again.
I for one am not for North American Union, nor am I for sustainable development goals that will and are leading America into a new world order.
If you are not wanting to be a North American Union and a unit of a global order, then you need to get out and vote for Donald J. Trump and help him make YOUR AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
America there is a bottom line. If you want a Kasich to cut your social security and go along with a global agenda then give him your vote.
If you want a liar and Canadian shill who thinks if you do not vote for him you are a Nazi, vote for Cruz.
If you want another Bush to have his mommy push more of the global new world order ideals through a presidency along with a dad who is the father of New World Order, vote for Jeb.
If you want a boy who is trying to figure out what job he wants to be when he grows up and is trying to find out where he fits in government – a guy trying  to find a job where he preferably don’t have to show up to do anything, then vote for Rubio.
If you want to vote for a guy who needs a Trump to make him look good after major fails, vote for Carson.
If you want to make America great again vote for TRUMP!
You can listen to lies or listen to truth.  It is your call.  I smile for I know that God is separating the wheat from the shaft right now.  Where will you be found?  Among the wheat or the shaft?  No skin off my back….I am with the wheat.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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