Apple Eve Not Realized?

Are they talking about a car or something else?

Apple Eve Sports Car is a concept car that appears very real on paper and CGI, but they are saying it will never be realized. So even though we see it visually in their photos and videos, at this point it is an idea, a big idea. Just like the beast’s new world order concept. That being said… will humanity wake up and destroy their world order concept or will they allow it to be built?

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Strange name for a car… Apple Eve. What’s in a name? Is it a fact or an illussion?

Looks like they said it would not be realized. What are the great merchants saying by this?

Apple Eve

This Apple Eve Car, also known as Project Titan is the design of Alex Imnadze, an Italian rendering artist. The concept car is indeed breathtaking, but the name is what drew my curiosity closer to give it a second look. Names like Project Titan, Apple and Eve…trigger images of ancient times past in the land of the fallen angels where their evil deception led to mingling of seeds with earthly women having their own half heaven and half earth offspring who were later cursed to roam the earth as evil spirits.

The fact that the artist rendered clear lines, they say, by a single light bar on the front. Light bar? With a matching similar Tail light? The side panels have the Apple logo clearly embedded. And it is a two seater.

Apple Eve

They mention that Android Auto (the built in computer brain that talks to you and does everything for you) might not be supported, but, the Apple CarPlay is guaranteed. (That means you have to listen to Siri and her bla, bla, bla) Best Apple CarPlay apps: what are the best in-car iPhone choices? | TechRadarWhat could this possibly mean? Android Auto | Android Either way, you are led by a bot and everything you do is seen on some screen in some cloud by some many sets of eyes. And it is all stored up to decide your social status and whether or not you can participate in life, at least on what level you can join in and function.

Apple Eve

There is no information on what is under the hood? That is left to our imagination, so what could my imagination possibly guess about this interesting concept rolled out which is not to be realized?

Is it meant to go from zero to 1,000 in lightning speed? Does it run on ether of the air and fly from city to city in a flash? Will it levitate up, hover and shoot out like a falling star?

So far it’s merely tempting and teasing, with no real promise of anything good coming into fruition. But it does look all shiny and desirous. Which leaves the question – “Is anyone lusting for this? Willing to pay any price?” I suspect as long as there is a promise of it doing something very fantastic there will be buyers at large to invest in this and to attempt to create it. That appears to be the age old way those in the world are easily lured into presales to buy what appears to be grand, before they even check to see what it is that lies veiled, under the hood. That being said, is Apple Eve a properly given name for it? Yes or no?

But, the future of this world is always promised to be fantastic. Those in it, are drooling for the next new item to lust after. And many are ready to do anything to have it so. Be it jabbing, making themselves a 5G data mining memory base, a transhuman, or a cyborg experiment. Just say it’s cool and futuristic and tell them everyone will eventually be on board and those that aren’t on board are simply old fashioned and destined to fall by the wayside as technology reaches to the stars.

So what does the future hold? Where are we going? Will these concepts be obsolete by the time manufacturing begins? What will they discover to make this all change and become a reality? I mean if the future holds one and two seat vehicles, that’s an obvious hint the family unit is no longer in tact. Or at least, no longer a thing the average buyer has to consider when purchasing a vehicle. One seat or two is enough for the new you. All else can take a shuttle bus, or so, I guess? Or maybe they will be in reeducation camps used for spare bot parts?

But maybe God has another plan?

Once evil is put out to pasture, and the world is no longer controlled by the greedy great merchants of the earth things may manifest differently. When God’s people are free to build a Kingdom Everlasting, what will it look like? What will be the new marvels in it? I will press forward for that Kingdom to come on earth as it is in Heaven!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom and don’t get side tracked with fantastic promises that are never fulfilled. God’s Word is always true and sure. His seal is with the Holy Spirit and life everlasting…keep pressing forward we are almost there!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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