The beauty of the way the evil doers have ran their “never Trump” campaign is that today…all are immuned to the anti-Trump ads.  It’s simply the same old trash talk and no body cares. They yawn. Even the  Trump supporters  either yawn or giggle…they no longer get mad.  Most laugh and say, “I hope that cost them a bundle!”  The fact is almost every anti Trump ad has turned out to work in Trump’s favor.  Who writes those things anyway? 
Trump supporters are now immune to the liberal liars and as deplorables go, they are too busy looking at the new stuff Trump is proposing and getting excited about having a real leader in the White House. Even Trump smiles as he shows off telling crowds at rallies how much money they spend in lies only to keep losing!
Face it people, the Hillary campaign is dead, she looks like she’s on her last leg, and her V.P. pick,  Tim  Kaine, is definitely not cutting it on the campaign trail.  To be completely honest, he’d be better off taking naps with Hillary until the debate because he is making a complete ass (donkey) of himself on cable news. If this is any indicator of what he would do if he were to be the V.P.  I can see it now…. imagine it…
There is a national emergency.  Kaine receives a 3 A.M. phone call. He  lifts his head from the pillow and through half opened eyes finds the phone. He answers, “Yea?” He listens with eyes closed as a White House staffer explains the situation. Kaine then asks, “Where’s Hillary?”  White House staffer answers, “She took heavy meds and is still sleeping”.  Kaine will yawn, smack his lips, then answer, as he scratches down below….”Gee…let me know what she wants me to do after she gets up and is briefed.”  He ends the call before White House staffer can answer, then fumbles in the dark to put the phone back on the night stand.  He rolls over (alone in his big bed) and falls back to sleep.  (Alone because his wife will be out having her open relationship that he is all okay with.)
Senate Luncheons
America if you think I am kidding, think again. This is what we are watching now. Hillary on her meds in bed and Kaine wandering around cable news like a loose cannon.  Then he disappears until they need him as a prop somewhere else. He does nothing on his own….he is at Hillary’s command.  He sits in a corner until she gives him a barking order.
Tim Kaine getting pointers from Biden on how to be an idiot  on and off the campaign trail.
 Hillary is done – you can stick a fork in her!  If you don’t have a fork, a dazepam pen will do. It’s all over folks.  The liars who own the media and cable news will never admit it.  They want the last dollar of advertising the ‘never Trumpers’ will spend with them. So until then, they will keep Hill propped up until they get it.
But, then again, who is still watching cable news any way?  They are merely singing to the establishment who pays them.
The next big thing to get anyone’s attention will be the debate. The world will be watching the Humpty Dumpty crew put Hillary back together again  and hoist her onto the debate stage.(hopefully with clean hair and not just a sponge bath).  I hear bets are being taken to see if she arrives with a walker or enters on a hover round? 

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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