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Who will be next?

Throwing Sidney Under The Bus… Yep? We know from Lin Wood that Byrne, the guy that believes Christians who believe in God and Jesus are just Kooky and proclaims to believe in a more eastern philosophy of worship, or religion … he bla, bla, bla’d all that and also in his phone raving to Lin Wood, we can recall he said (after much blaming and bearing what appeared to be false witness) that it was he, himself, who turned Sidney’s Foundation into the government to be picked at and flagged….and all she had to do was let him fix her foundation papers up a bit and it would all go away. The same “all” that he created for her. He also stated that Sidney would not allow him to have “all” her foundation information and he was really mad about that. So mad, he and Mike Flynn removed themselves from her foundation. In the same conversation, Patrick bore all manner of false witness against Sidney as to her efforts to seduce him in a drunken state. Of which, even in my most wild imagination that just can’t be visualized…especially looking at the entire image of Patrick…can’t even imagine it. See article: Florida cracks down on Sidney Powell and Michael Flynn’s “deceptive” fundraising with Defending the Republic Inc. (UPDATED) (

And today, as though just like it was planned to be, fake news is having a hay day with the report of Cyber Ninja shutting down. See article: Arizona Republican Slams Cyber Ninjas After It Shuts Down, Refuses to Release Documents (

Eye witness to the Arizona Audits speak out….

Take a look at the Cyber Ninja Report that didn’t go down well:Cyber Ninjas Report | azsenategopcaucus (

That being said…much of the backstory on these things were already written in full in past blogs…so there is no need to rehash all of that. Some of the links are listed below if you need to catch up. So, moving past that, we see these things are once again in the forefront of conversations. Thus, we can officially say… Sidney has been thrown under the big bad bus. Which brings us to the question….why?

Lin Wood Speaks Out! Part 1 – The Marshall Report (

Lin Wood Speaks Out Part II – The Marshall Report (

When The Show Wobbles… – The Marshall Report (

Lin Asks Who Is Flynn? – The Marshall Report (

Now all of this squabble in the show preceeded the audit surrender by Cyber Ninja (which many have said they were never qualified to do the audit in the first place), and yet, the General that was selected to be the National Security Advisor for the Trump Administration secured them. Not only that, he partnered in a foundation with the same ones who later threw Sidney under the bus as a scorned woman. These are the same ones raising moneys to do more of the same.

We have a network of others helping to raise money with these people for their foundations through various email campaigns and road shows believing the money is going where they say it is. Of which … we are now left to wonder with the audits as they are…which turned out to be what many expected…that is to say that the ones taking care of it…or shall we say taking it out from Sidney’s hands…remember it was Gen. Mike Flynn, Joe Flynn and Patrick’s foundation “America Project” that funded it and hired Cyber Ninja….and they were the ones controlling it.

That being said, we now get to hear another person named Staci who also was thrown under the bus by the same bunch, early on in the audit process.

Lin Wood presents exhibit A.

Someone sent me this recording below of an alleged phone call between an individual named Staci Burk and Joe Flynn.

The call references a missing cell phone, Mike Flynn, and the 1st Amendment Praetorian.

Does anyone know what this is all about? Seems linked to the Arizona audit???

Do the research.
Connect the dots.
Draw your own conclusions.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

image 19

Click to hear:

Every time we get a nugget like this one, where we can hear for ourselves how these Foundation Fund Raisers communicate with lay people…it is eye opening.  Clearly these are not doing unto others as they would have others do unto them…and surely these are not nice people. So, they should leave “We The People” alone and continue their deep underground work without our dimes and certainly without our volunteer compliance to their schemes.  Just say no applies to more than drugs.  I have more respect for Pelosi than schemers who say they have come to help the people, shouting “do not comply to mandates” while at the same time leaving people under the big bad bus and could care less. At least with Pelosi, you know up front what she is out to do.

Now where have we heard about people being sent to peoples homes? Oh yes, Lin Wood had that happen to him too. We covered that in past blogs.

So now Lin wood tells us today to look into a few more things.

Reply To Lin Wood, [1/9/2022 12:00 PM] [Forwarded from Lin Wood]

Why would Mike Flynn and Tracy Beanz seek to profit off QAnon shirts given his statement to me that QAnon was nonsense and likely a CIA psychological operation (Mike said he taught the CIA how to to these types of operations)?

So many questions.

Do the research.

Connect the dots.

Draw your own conclusions.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

image 20

So now we see in the headlines that Cyber Ninja is shutting down and dispersing the entire company. Why? I mean what’s the real reason?

So, we see many people shouting…oh get over it..we must not divide our camp. Few look at the camp as being infiltrated by deep state and its’ share of grifters. Why is that? Because why? We know the wheat and the tares grow together, until the harvest so why throw a cog into the wheel on the big bus that is traveling to a town near you? Ignore the man behind the curtain and come one come all. And so they did as they were commanded by men.

And just like that… the big bus pulls up stakes and Cyber Ninja goes down along with over a year of messy audits and thrive time rallys of various other experts coming forth to save the day.

To me…it smells and has been stinking for a long time. Ever since Wood was told to sit in the back of the big bad bus, and decided he didn’t like that view and wasn’t going to be one to shut up about 1776. He wasn’t going to comply with the “thrive dive”, he’s not that kinda guy. Lin Wood did what any patriot would do…he got off the bus! I’m sure he descerned those big bad wheels.

School bus crash: 2 dead in Salem County, New Jersey crash; 2 students  injured - 6abc Philadelphia

We can look at the audits for what they tell us or we can look under the bus and see who else is laying under it. There just may be a lot more of the same type of “Staci’s and Sidney” squashed together and piled up. Remember it is a big swamp!

What I want to know is why did Gen. Mike Flynn buddy up with a guy accused of Bitcoin manipulation charges that just suddenly disappeared, who brags of working with the CIA, getting a guy killed, and has a Council on Foreign Relations past that he is still loyal too, as his foundation partner? Why does he continue to stand by Patrick as he shouts all over the place saying strange and damaging things about the lawyer Sidney Powell, who got him off the hook for his own allegedly caving in and admitting to doing something he did not do? Or did he do it? We may never know, but we do know at the time, Flynn resigned, the Trump administration said at a press release that Flynn’s ability to be trusted had reached a critical mass and he proved to not be trustworthy and they fired him, asking for his resignation of which he gave to them.

Therefore, we can guess at this in many ways… it was all a ruse? A coup? A Russia, Russia, Russia dodge? A plea bargain deal we were not told of? It was all a part of the show to keep American’s eyes on an audit in hopes of reinstating the duly elected by a landslide president…..? Or Space Force taking care of the matter behind the scenes, (for they already had everything and even confiscated the servers in Germany, remember they performed an audit in real time and this state by state show was not necessary to do for they had it all. They already went about the task of arresting the key treasonous players and doing their work on a global scale… so was the entire audit to keep We The People calm waiting for justice to be served? Or it was it allowed by the white hats to take place in a huge maneuver to flush out bad players and the only way we the people would believe it was to see it all for what it is?

We can guess at many things… but, for now… nothing is as it appears and time will tell what exactly has, is and will be transpiring.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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