Everything is in constant motion. Much of it we cannot see with our naked eye. Does it mean it is not there? Even science answers this question with a no. Science has faith that neurons, electrons and protons exist, even though they cannot be seen. At CERN they are colliding the unseen things and watching the reactions and trying to figure out how all was created. How do we get into other dimensions? The dimensions unseen that must be there according to their thoughts of it being there. Yet, science will not see God in the creation even though it is seen in all he created.

ESA - ESA team blasts Intel's new AI chip with radiation at CERN

Which leads us to the real differences of opinion between those who believe in God and those who believe in only what they can see, which is hypocritical in itself, as much that science believes exists cannot be seen. Yet it is these factors that they labor night and day to figure out how to use, duplicate, and discover, and how to move about and travel through space and time as these invisible things travel. They call it Quantum physics. They have become the so called creators, yet what they are doing is discovering what has already been created, so they can become the creator of something with it.

CERN scientists get antimatter ready for its first road trip

They are more excited about having a theory and more concerned in what they have discovered, and less concerned in finding who created it all. They are consumed with the modern day tower of babel. Even planning what they will do when they enter through the wormhole, or portal to the dimension they believe exists but cannot see.

CERN investigating fake human sacrifice video filmed at HQ

All the while keeping secret the many things they have discovered, and proclaiming things that never transpired as having been done, all the while supporting it with fiction and not fact. With an idea and not proof. Announcing that things are billions of years old and all creation began with a big bang and clusters of micro objects unseen.
Facts About Tardigrades | How Do Water Bears Survive in Space? (

Perhaps the unseen things are heavenly and the creator is God? To proclaim this would be to shame science and allow all mankind to question and search and proclaim the promises given to humanity if only they seek him? Perhaps it is the same mindset of the Papacy council who proclaimed that if all the people read the Bible for themselves, then they would be as the theologians and have no need of them? Perhaps this is the beginning of secrecy? For if all knew that they can call on God through his Son and have the protection of all the angelic heavenly realm, then the devils plans would fall to the pits from which they came.

Fr. Georges Lemaitre, the father of modern cosmology. | Georges lemaƮtre, Science, Space and astronomy

There would be no need of any of their lies, for the truth would be both seen and felt. All the lies would be exposed and no one would follow their evil plans. Indeed the Kingdom of God would come and come swiftly. The people would gather and shout for truth once they realized the truth had been hidden, twisted, and replaced with theories, weapons of war, and enslavement.

Ponder the marvels of man made science and the flaws in their logic. Richard Feynman, Physicist could do both very well. He lectured on how it boils down to asking questions. The biggest question being “WHY?”

The trouble with science is that if all of mankind asked questions…they would lose the arguement. As it has been set up, the average man is shamed and labled an idiot for questioning science. Do you see how it works yet?

It is time to ask “WHY!”

Stay Strong!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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