I saw this post and could not ignore it. With all we know and all that we try to share to help people wake up, photo’s like this make me think fast and hard.
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There is no justification for any soul to be malnourished in the world with all the resources available. This is a disgusting outrage designed by the globalists who desire depopulation, robbing third world countries of their natural minerals like oil, gold, silver, copper, and more and in return they vaccinate, keep impoverished, take their water from the aquifers and leave them with muddy wells and watch them die. They send a bit of GMO mash and ask churches to send missionaries. Satan has a hold on the world and God is watching all things.
The so called “Right to Abortion” crowd has filled their heads so full of fat free “Vegan” and sugary treats and grains – that few are looking at the rights to live with basic needs. They are too busy pushing an agenda that they think is their own, when ironically it is the Agenda 21 sponsored by the United Nations and controlled by the Global Elite who desire to depopulate the planet and control what amount of masses are left.
The mantras are painful on my ears, whether it is save the planet by banning plastic straws and bags or banning beef due to some fake carbon science, the same fat starved “Vegan” brains that hug trees and weave vagina hats, are the ones using the starving photos to push agenda 21 and the United Nations “Human Rights” bla, bla, bla.

The United Nations announced on Friday, July 27, 2018 – that it has verified more than 7,000 children were killed or injured in the Syrian conflict since 2013. Yet nothing is said about the 500,000 children killed in Iraq in 1996 under Pres. Clinton who ushered us into the UN’s sustainable development for the 21st Century Agenda 21.

The only way to stop starvation, and cruelty to humans is to stop the agenda that is pushing the BIG FOOD, BIG PHARMA, and EXPLOITING IMPOVERISHED NATIONS.  If the UN and the Globalists really cared about humanity, they would allow the poor nations to keep their resources and allow them to reap the monetary rewards of their land.  They would give them clean water instead of draining their aquifers, bottling it and selling it back to them.  Pepsi, Nestle, and others should be investigated for their water grabs both in the United States and world wide.
So as far as showing a shamefully pitiful photo and calling it – “Today’s reminder that your life really isn’t that rough”, I say, “This is what the United Nations and the Global Elites have allowed- human rights violations”.  What can the people do about it when the powers who control everything are the ones behind it all?

Your life really isn’t that rough, just eat your GMO’s, take your Toxic vaccines, drink your floride water, eat your hydrogenated seed oils, olio margarine, processed sugar and sodium filled canned, frozen and boxed diet, full of chemicals, pesticides and toxic preservatives and when you get ill, overweight, or acquire an autoimmune disorder, (because you will) let the same oligarchs give you their big Pharma solutions that complicate your condition with side effects. Death tolls continue to rise, and all the while you are comforted in knowing “YOUR LIFE REALLY ISN’T THAT ROUGH.”
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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