And The Oscar Goes To The Swamp!

The chaos has started to unravel and now we have various threads to analyze. False flags are a staple in the globalists bag of tricks so watch out for a slew of those that may be coming.  Evil has always performed very nasty deeds and blamed it on the innocent. Look at history. There is nothing new under the sun. So now we, the awakes, look and see all the signs. But what we don’t see are the details to the real events.


Stages of Deception:

The event is planned.

The event is carried out in real time.

People die. True body counts are unknown in real time. True wounded are unknown in real time.

All facts are skewed. Lies are repeated by power figures and accepted as true.


Media shows us what just came in. They are not lying – their new script just came in, along with their first film edits. It is shocking and people begin to watch. The “just came in” news continues to come in as the script is fine- tuned with the rewrite department. It is warped, inconsistent, it doesn’t match what was said earlier…. things get worse and then unbelievable. Raw footage is only shown of “eye witnesses” who barely know their lines and act as though they are at a rehearsal with no acting experience. They need to take an acting course on how to play a REAL LIVE PERSON experiencing a trauma zone event.


Survivors tell of their humble, yet heroic feats that sound inconsistent with how the human body works, healing times and death table frames. At times, they may even forget the names of their loved ones. But we are told to cut them some slack for they are in shock.

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Wide awakes watch and see the false flag crisis actors in full bloom. They start pointing out all the inconsistencies, matching crisis actor photos, comparing them and then it isn’t long and we see WHAT THEY ARE TELLING US AND SHOWING US IS NOT WHAT IS OR HAS TAKEN PLACE. (Or so we think?)


Now, here is where it is crucial to look behind the veil even further. What is really going on?

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Shootings did take place, people are wounded and some dead. But who did it? Who was the real shooter? It seems that in the media reporting it is always a lone wolf or a couple lone crazies and they shoot themselves after they have satisfied what ever blood thirst level they had at the crazy moment when they decided to slaughter a number of people. Then we see there is no real motive and we discover all kinds of staged photos of police, etc. So, the assumption is …. nothing real took place just a lot of acting and fake stuff and a few real things….no awake is for certain at this point.


And then….it dawned on me and for some reason it was a great epiphany.


False flags of this magnitude can only be successful with the cooperation of the press, key figures in the area and people who are rushed in to take over because now the feds are involved due to the massive scale of the massacre. INFILTRATED organizations like the F.B.I, C.I.A. and FEMA step in. People, like sheep, do what they are told to do and are bussed away, as hotel rooms are put in lock down, curfews are declared or some form of martial law enforcement to get sheep off the street and locked down in their home. The only information they will now receive is the script from the media who is not honestly reporting real time events. Instead, they are reading what their pay masters hand them.

So they read off the tweaked rewrite of what took place, adjust the trauma to be more dramatic or worse than we now believe, like escalating the reporting from “2 dead and 20 injured” to  “58 dead and 515 (or more)” injured. This throws grazing sheep who were not really paying much attention into an OMG tailspin.  This also confuses those sheep who are beginning to listen to the truth bearers (AKA- conspiracy theorists) in order to pull them back into their PRIME-TIME BROADCAST viewer audience.  The tug of war is on between the Oligarchy and the truth-seeking watchmen who now think they know how the puppets and their masters operate. What I am now seeing (my epiphany) is that things are bad, and it is by design that they report it in a nonsense manner.  By so doing, they purposely irritate those who are awake so they will COUNTER REPORT the media report by pointing out the inconsistencies and staged portions of the events, the parts that never really took place. In so doing, the evil oligarchy is never brought to light, the sheep argue, and the real killers are never held responsible.


In reality the event did take place but not at all how they are reporting it. False reporting is part of the cover up. During the false reporting process they can blame a false person; Even kill a random person and pin the entire carnage on an innocent man. As what appears to be taking place now.

The events become so scrambled that social media starts to expose lies and it is at this time those behind the entire mess laugh and give the cue to change the story once again.


Meanwhile, real people HAVE DIED, and others physically WOUNDED and REAL PEOPLE WERE THERE WHEN IT HAPPENED. Because of this fact, a majority are sucked into believing that all of what the liar media is saying is now true. This further discredits the awakes who are firm that what the liar media is saying are lies and twisted made up events and false explanations through terrible crisis actor eye witnesses whose body language tells us they are liars.


In reality – both things are taking place at the same time. It is a dynamic duo of a real event and reporting of a fake event. Crisis actors, and real people. Fake deaths and real deaths. Fake wounded people and real wounded people. Fake shooter suspects and real shooters.


This is the most amazing piece of work to confuse all but those with wise discernment.


What is really taking place is bloody murder by the hands of a shadow oligarchy who have infiltrated and gained access of major arms of the law and can bend those arms to take over and force what they are saying down the throats of all who are looking at the news. President Trump refers to these infiltrators as “The Swamp”. Like an Alfred Hitchcock movie, this dysfunctional ploy of action plays out as a masterpiece of deception in live theater that can be crowned with no better title than “The Art of Gaslighting”.

Gaslighting or gas-lighting is a form of mental abuse in which information is twisted or spun, selectively omitted to favor the abuser, or false information is presented with the intent of making victims doubt their own memory, perception, and sanity.


Drum roll please…..and this year’s Oscar presentation for ‘BEST MOTION PICTURE’ goes to “WORLD ORDER STUDIOS”  FOR  “THE ART OF GASLIGHTING”. (APPLAUSE FROM THE LEFT, Oscar presentation).

And this years Academy Award for ‘BEST PRODUCER’ in a reality film goes to “The Oligarchy” for “The Art of Gaslighting”. (APPLAUSE FROM THE LEFT, Oscar presentation).

And this years Academy Award for ‘BEST DIRECTOR’ in a reality film goes to, you guessed it – “The Oligarchy”  for “The Art of Gaslighting”.. (APPLAUSE FROM THE LEFT, Oscar presentation).

Last, but not least this year’s Oscar(s) for both “BEST ACTOR”  and  “BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR” in a LEADING ROLE goes to “The Media” for their outstanding performances in the major motion picture – “The Art of Gaslighting”! (APPLAUSE FROM THE LEFT, Oscar Presentation).

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom. We know the games, we know their weaknesses, and we can spot a liar. Press onward, press, press, press. Every lie will be revealed and the Oscar shall go to the true heroes – those brave, talented souls who starred in “The Remnant”!

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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