America's Leaders Are Drunk!

When a sanctuary state with the strictest gun laws has Islamists who are armed to the teeth, according to the news, with all manner of weapons and an arsenal of homemade bombs, there is a real problem and it is not gun control.
Look at immigration, legal and illegal.  Vetting seems to be a problem and welcoming all through the sanctuary states borders freely is a major concern for the safety of California residents and the entire nation.
We hear the likes of Barbara Boxer shout “We need gun control!” at the same time she says California has had success in gun control?  Is she aware of the killings?  Oakland’s crime rate? L.A.’s? Does she remember the illegal immigrant that within hours of being released in San Francisco shot down Kate with a gun belonging to the FBI? Is she looking at what is taking place in the Redlands? Are we supposed to listen to her and give their words any real credibility?
Then there is Hillary shouting gun control and she’s had enough or something like that to her audience of 72 people or so.  Isn’t she famous for gun running?  Isn’t she still under investigation for her part in Benghazi?  What ever happened to Fast and Furious?  That got swept under the progressive rug.  Is anyone talking about her Cackles at the toppling of Gaddafi in Libya?  Her part in the Arab Spring?
Meanwhile, Obama builds another mosque in America, right under our noses with the self declared head of the Neo Ottoman Empire – President Erdogan of Turkey.  In another bold blunder he goes to Paris an announces Climate change is the world’s number one concern.  Even the French press called him an ass – hole and a few other names that aren’t so politically correct.
Putin is and has been exposing the financers of ISIS to the world, which are Turkey and the west, mainly  the Obama regime and the past Bush administration.  Little to nothing is coming from it.  The question to ask is why?
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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