Kim Clement Prophesy

Breaking strongholds, who is called for such a time as this! Listen closely to Kim Clement and hear the truth. For the truth shall prevail. The evil stronghold cannot be pulled down by Joe Biden, nor the President, nor the politicians, it can only be pulled down by spiritual leaders that have set their hearts…Continue readingKim Clement Prophesy

America At The Crossroad

There are way too many crisis taking place and it’s hard to tell what is the THING that people need to know or even need to know. There are so many lies being floated and at the same time many truths are being exposed. No matter what takes place there is still the truth and…Continue readingAmerica At The Crossroad

Lin Wood – Stand Up Now!

And Strike Back For Freedom! LIVE LOCAL AND WIN – DON’T FEED THE ENEMY THAT CONTROLS YOU THROUGH THEIR ECONOMIC CONTROL! “Stop doing business with the enemy! It’s time to go on strike in America!” stated Lin Wood at the Audit South Carolina 2020 Vote Rally! Corporate giants and their policy threats to jab or…Continue readingLin Wood – Stand Up Now!

Last Days – Saving America!

Floods, Earthquakes, Demonic Human Hybrids, Fallen Angels, and Crazy Signs of These Last Days…IT’S BIBLICAL! Let’s take a walk back into the history of America, the same history the Cabal has tried so desperately to keep hidden from American eyes. If in watching how they have tried so hard to gaslight Americans during the day…Continue readingLast Days – Saving America!

Babylon’s RESET is Fallen

70 YEARS AS THE YEARS OF A KING PROPHECY….ENJOY THE SHOW! This is part I of a two part blog. The Cabal is fallen, is fallen…it is written and it shall be done. On December 6, 2017 President Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and stated that the American embassy would be…Continue readingBabylon’s RESET is Fallen

America In Prophecy…

LIFTING THE VEIL– What we are witnessing is prophecy being fulfilled. It will be a shaking and a gleaning and in the end, the birthright of God’s kingdom is about to be fulfilled. In all of the exposure of the Corporation of the UNITED STATES, INC., and the other corporate masses in London and in the…Continue readingAmerica In Prophecy…


Holy Radar – that’s the Kraken!!! Who knew it is a Department of Defense Cyber Warfare Program? It Tracks Systems and aquires evidence of nefarious activities and crimes committed by The Deep State! When Sidney Powell stated she HAS RELEASED THE KRAKEN, most of us thought of Clash of the Titans and cheered her on…Continue readingSIDNEY POWELL'S "KRAKEN" IS DOD CYBER WARFARE PROGRAM! WE ARE AT WAR!