America’s Backbone Walks!

750 General Electric Employees walk out in Ohio!

750 General Electric Contract Workers walk off their job in Protest against Vaccine Mandates. Workers have banned together in mass non-compliance to defeat the tyrannical COVID-19 unconstitutional mandates. This is the type of unity that cause systems to collapse. From the Southwest protest earlier, to the mass firing of those refusing in to take a potentially lethal jab in Seattle, workers across the nation are fighting against medical tryanny.

750 GE Federal Contract Workers Walk Out in Protest Against Vaccine  Mandates in Ohio - MUST SEE VIDEO - fampharmapro

So far fake news has turned a blind eye to the 750 General Electric federal contract workers in Ohio who all marched out together! Some are reporting that “dozens”…ahem…they reported DOZENS, that is dozens…have walked out. The TRUTH IS 750 MAKES A LOT OF DOZENS AND IS A HUGE NUMBER! One would think this big news would make the news story of the day, but they would rather show clips of before and after botox users, and what Markle is doing. I mean, why report on the mass exodus of united workers nation wide who have walked off the job and stood against Biden’s dictatorial edict? Each day hundreds more….we have millions that have left their jobs in order to stay healthy and live! Who would have ever thought America the land of the Free and the land with a bill of rights and constitution would be a nation that would have to decide if they wanted a job or to live?
Ohio: 750 GE Workers Walk Out in Protest Against Vax Mandate – UK Column  Community

It’s Biblical…the Bible tells of these days. And it also tells the end of the story….in the end THE MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH!

The back bone of America is walking off the clock in order to LIVE WITHOUT DISABILITIES, SICKNESS AND OR DIE BY THE DEATH JAB MANDATES!

Seattle Police, Firefighters, and medical professionals are saying I would rather live than die because of an employer mandate to kill myself with a jab shot that is now proven to be toxic and cripple and kill people. Now hundreds of General Electric workers walked off their jobs in protest for their choice to stay healthy and refuse the poison transhumanism jab.

Unvaccinated, Unmasked, and Unemployed: Firefighters Drop Their Boots After  a One-Off Community Breakfast to Show They “Still Care” - Slog - The  Stranger

Firefighters drop off their boots on city hall steps in an act of protesting in peace.
Seattle Police Officers hand in their badges and choose life over mandates that have a lethal death ratio.

An Opinion piece in the Washington Post said, “We should say good riddance to officers who refuse to be vaccinated for covid.” It’s a horribly disrespectful article written by a person who sounds like a Nazi and a paid Schwab puppet. It is definitely one sided and that side is dark and transhuman. I wonder if he’s gotten the jab yet. He’s walking about so I doubt it. I am sure he got the free pass like all the big pharma employees and big government and all the nice worker bees of the cabal. I won’t mention the arse’s name, he doesn’t even deserve negative recognition…but for any who choose to read the wretched stench…the link is below.

1 day agoThe Washington PostOpinion | We should say good riddance to officers who refuse to be vaccinated for covid – The Washington Post

The “NO JAB I CHOOSE TO LIVE” TIDAL WAVE is moving accross the nation and crashing down on big business!

It’s only a matter of time now and the entire BIDEN FAKE ADMINISTRATION WILL COME CRASHING DOWN, especially with all these strong, smart, patriots with more time on their hands to think and pray about the evil being done! I see big things organizing and big, huge backlash for all the puppets and the unnamed puppet masters who, by the way, Trump has all of their names so don’t let anyone tell you they need to get to Trump to tell him something he already knows more about than they ever will!

There is a huge increase in deaths and no body is talking about that. The NAZI style DENIAL of jab related deaths are getting harder to do, so the big pharma anwser is keep it a secret and don’t let anyone say a peep about it and by all means DO NOT discuss it. Why? Do the globalist cabal really think we are that stupid that we don’t see our neighbors and family members who took the jab are getting sick, disabled, clotted up and dying?

We are all watching healthy people and teens who are convulsing to the point they can’t walk, and others experiencing heart problems for the first time in their lives while many have died. How long do the Fauci supporters and fake news Jab pushers think they can keep doing this and no one will know? They are now beyond the gallos of punishment for breaking the Nuremberg Code and have reached the flames of Hades burning at their necks! It is beginning to appear that all who took part in this evil will be held to the fire!

Meanwhile, President Trump is officially launching his new Social Media Platform called TRUTH SOCIAL!

A 'non-cancellable' community: the 'truth' about Trump's social media  platform | Donald Trump | The Guardian

It’s time to FOLLOW THE TRUTH!

TRUTH Social is America’s “Big Tent” social media platform that encourages an open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology.

Pre-register for Truth Social here: TRUTH Social | Truth Social

Donald Trump launches his new social networking platform called TRUTH Social  | BetaNews


Trump Launches His Own Social Media App TRUTH Social -


Meanwhile, what the heck are they doing?


What do you think about this in a classroom? What was the lesson on? What was learned? Is this what you thought your tax dollars for education were going for? Are you ready to homeschool until this all gets corrected?

And now they unveil the outcome of the booster jabs…


It will be as in the song “In the year 2525” if the dark globalist were to have their desire. I am grateful the Lord has conquered all this evil!

Something is about to go boom and it will be an organized movement. Something tells me many of the bad players have already sung for the piper in dark rooms.

Keep on pressing forward…the Kingdom of God is in Sight!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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