America you can be Trump or You Can Be NWO. It’s Your Call.

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If you like your GMO’s you can keep them.  If you like your high costs and low medical benefits of Obama Care, you can keep them.  If you love breathing the chem trails, you can keep them too.  If you love being lied to, you can continue to be lied to if you vote for any one but Trump, it is your choice and yes you can.  If you like illegal immigrants invading the borders and lots of ISIS coming across, you can keep that too by voting for anyone but Trump.  If you like being lied to by the main stream media, you can keep that too.  If you like the failed foreign policy that topples sovereign regimes in the name of New World Order, you can love that too, and watch as your very own constitution gets shredded into tiny pieces.

If you want to keep what you believed America once stood for, and are not totally mind washed by Black Lives Matter and the evil Police Force that they replaced with Interpol for all who hate them (which brought about the Strong Cities run by INTERPOL)…..then awake and stand up now.  Or you will forever lose all you thought was sane and just.

If you want to have more hand outs and no real future, vote Democratic or GOP for their dockets who’s policies are the same.  For they both lead to a climate change, strangled environment, and new world governance. (All in the name of smart, green and land grabs, depopulation and total control over what you eat, think and crap.)  If you do not want that….guess you have to join Trump supporters and vote for Trump.  Just saying…it is what it is.

If you want ISIS in your street vote GOP, vote DEM, but if you don’t want that- VOTE TRUMP.

That is what it is.  Just saying.  If you think you have a lot of choice….think again.  It is really one guy against the entire establishment….and in this case it is not an evil guy, not a Hitler luring people away from a fair and balanced view….it is the entire establishment elite on fire to devour you and stamp you into their new world order mold….all against one man.  His name is Trump.

Trump believes America can be great again and he is out to do that.  The others scoff at that and desire to merge her into the UN Global Governance and TTP act that makes the Great Merchants of the earth even greater.  So …what does your Bible say of all of this….it is clear that by the sorceries of the great merchants of the earth were all the nations deceived.  Babylon falls and they weep and wail for no one buys their merchandise anymore and the world mourns  for her when they see her fall?  So …. what say you?  Will you not continue to read in Revelations where the nations who gave their crowns to this beast for one hour and do not receive any power get angry with her and hate her and burn her with fire?  Will you not read that and wonder? I will and do.  I see it happening before my very eyes.  So….it is what it is.  Where do you stand?  Who’s side are you on?

Strange, isn’t it that Putin seems to be riding in on a good horse to save the Christians from their beheadings and persecutions….all the while the western media yells he is evil.  More strange Trump is saying the same thing and they yell he is out of touch and wrong for America?  What say you?  I say…a Trump and Putin ally is a good thing.  That is what I see and I say.

Sound the Trumpet and sound the clarion call.  A lion approaches, yes it is at the gate.  Call out the leader whose name is the Trump and let him call the people together and discuss a great thing, a marvelous thing. Amen.

Sorry for all who are blind and do not see that the world is now a cauldron of evil and it needs the emergence of those who seek to end the itinerary of the evil ones behind the agenda.  That is what it is.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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