America Wants A Leader For All The People Not A Party! That's Why Trump Is The Frontrunner!

 We must remember we are holding an election to place someone into the highest office in the land. The one elected to hold this office will be the new commander in chief to protect the people – every one of them. Not just those who one deems holy or have conservative values defined by their own personal definition. There is no room to have a radical right extreme to replace Obama’s radical left Marxist views, nor come out swinging at the side you believe needs to be chastised.  It is a time to unite as one people. We have a much longed for opportunity to come together as Americans and allow our wounds of division to  finally have a chance to heal.
I believe God is  giving America a mercy seat and chance to return to him as one people indivisible with liberty and justice for all.  He has given us a man like Trump to run for office.  A man who looks at the heart and not a persons list of sins.  For this, he is attacked for liking those that many conservatives deem unlikeable.  He is scoffed at and called all manner of things that are not him.  He is a man that looks for the good and potential in a person in the same manner he looks at the good and potential in a run down building.  He sees what both can be, with a little help.  Not what they are now.  Trump is willing to invest in these strange run down things and make them great again.  Make them better than they ever were before.  My vote is for the builder.  I like carpenters that walk the walk.
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 Cruz has divided the nation before the first vote has ever been cast, and it was good for all to see that the man is not a leader of the people.
The world has now seen that Ted has issues with his personal prejudicial views. He has a judgmental mouth that just keeps flapping about the shortcomings of others, while at the same time he refuses to admit any of his own flubs. It’s always someone else’s fault.
If there ever was an example of the Pharisee stereo type Jesus spoke of who went about the market place for show and praise of men…..Cruz is the poster child for it.
Are their any other Christians, other than myself, that find this public condemnation of an entire state of people concerning?   It certainly is not presidential and shows a bias that is not comely for a leader of a nation of free people.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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